Don’t Ask a Supermodel What Feminism Means

It’s terribly difficult to be a woman in modern America. Just ask former supermodel Paulina Porizkova. After immigrating to the U.S. as a young woman, she pursued a lucrative modeling career, married and had children, and even wrote a few books. Nevertheless, the oppressive mores of American society recently compelled her publicly to adopt the … Continued


The Importance of Fathers in an Age of GirlPower

Granted, Father’s Day is a silly holiday—a commercialized, homogenized Hallmark-fest of grills, BBQ, and “Best Dad Ever” coffee mugs. If it’s good for anything though, it’s good for reminding us how important fathers are in an era obsessed with whether or not feminism will finally smash the patriarchy. While not all fathers do a bang-up … Continued


Beware the Villain that Tries—And Fails—To Be Feminist

“Why aren’t monsters being played by women?” actress Sofia Boutella asked in an LA Times interview this week. “If you piss off a woman she’s far more brutal than a man. How come they didn’t think about that before?” (Warning: spoilers ahead). Of course, we have had female villains on screen before; Medusa, Maleficent, or … Continued


The War on Pronouns

When was the last time you encountered someone who was offended by the pronoun you used to refer to them? If you are like most people, the answer is probably never. In part that’s because the number of transgender people in the United States is only 0.3 percent, according to the Williams Institute on Sexual … Continued


A ‘Washington Post’ Columnist Thinks ‘Manworld’ is Reason for Manchester Terrorist Attack

Until last week, I had never seen “manworld” used as a feminist pejorative. Then I read Petula Dvorak’s May 26th column in the Washington Post, which holds “manworld” collectively responsible for, among other things, the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, England. Really. Here’s how the column begins: What’s that you’re saying, manworld? You don’t want women … Continued


Telling Women Not to Drink During Pregnancy is Now Considered Sexist

In a world where free tampons are placed in men’s bathrooms in the name of “menstrual equality,” perhaps it is hardly surprising that a group of academics would conclude that telling women not to drink while pregnant is sexist. At a conference last week, according to the Daily Telegraph, Dr. Ellie Lee, Director of the … Continued


Why Are Feminists So Angry With Miss USA?

This year’s Miss USA has been raising eyebrows—not for ignorance of English grammar or basic geography—but for her strong opinions on social and political issues. Twitter erupted last week after Miss D.C., Kára McCullough, dared to speak her mind on national television. When asked during a final round of the Miss USA competition whether she … Continued


Dove’s Latest Ad Campaign Takes Body Positivity Too Far

Thank goodness for Dove’s latest body positivity campaign: After years of searching, I finally have a soap bottle specifically made for my body type! I feel so much better about my body now. Said no woman ever. In case you haven’t seen all the ridiculous articles about Dove’s latest advertising campaign, the company came out … Continued


Is Porn OK If It’s Made by Women?

Women probably make better porn than men. But that doesn’t mean that anyone should embrace it. Erika Lust disagrees. The feminist filmmaker featured in the first episode of the new Netflix series, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, wants everyone to believe that if a woman is in charge, porn is suddenly a powerful, positive force … Continued