Astronaut Peggy Whitson is What a Real Role Model Looks Like

It’s hard to believe you can be a role model today without a massive Twitter following or reality TV show to your credit. After all, that’s the measuring stick most often used in pop culture. And it doesn’t matter how flippantly you use that social media soapbox (see: Kardashians, all of them). No one told … Continued


Do Millennials Really Think Feminism Has Changed Dating for the Better?

Millennials. We might not vote in elections, but at least we have “woke” attitudes toward social conventions such as dating. Or do we? There’s a new survey circulating which, according to USA Today, shows most single people today believe “feminism has changed dating for the better.” But I’m not sure that’s what the survey, conducted … Continued


Feminism’s Problems are Bigger Than One Bad Teacher

In the popular ‘80s movie The Goonies, the character Chunk is taken prisoner by the bank-robbing Fratelli gang, who are on the lam and hiding in an abandoned seaside restaurant. When Francis Fratelli (brilliantly played by Joe Pantoliano), the more sociopathic of the two Fratelli brothers, holds Chunk’s hand over a running blender’s blades and says, … Continued


Emma Watson Reveals Her Breasts – and the Problem with Feminism

Emma Watson is confused. Specifically, she’s confused as to why people are confused by her. She recently bared her breasts for Vanity Fair magazine, promptly sparking a firestorm of debate and heated accusations of hypocrisy. And poor Watson just doesn’t get it. As she said, “I’m confused . . . just kind of quietly stunned.” … Continued


Why I’m Not a Feminist

I live in liberal Boulder, Colorado. No, that’s not right, because that understates just how liberal it is here in my little college town just thirty minutes from Denver. We’re actually ranked one of the five most liberal-friendly cities in the United States. To be fair, I consider myself mostly a liberal Democrat and am … Continued


A Conservative Woman’s Unusual Online Dating Experiment

Despite being married with two children (and another on the way), I’m not the person most friends come to for dating advice. I married the best friend of a guy I met in a bar right out of college and mercifully escaped the modern dating scene. While all of my friends were joining dating apps, … Continued


The Women’s March and the March of Time

For many, the unthinkable has happened: Donald Trump is officially the President of the United States. If you took seriously the doomsday predictions from many celebrities and leftist activists, you might have expected your world to be profoundly different today with President Trump at the helm instead of President Obama. This sense of fear and … Continued


The Real Motivation Behind the Left’s “Niceness”

It might be difficult to believe in the wake of the recent election, but if there is a guiding principle to today’s left-leaning bourgeoisie, it is niceness. The votes of this group depend largely on which party is seen as being nicer to those most in need. Being nice to minorities, women, the disabled, gay … Continued


The Problem with Pussyhats

As if I didn’t have enough reasons to be irritated with Donald Trump, there is now the fact that half the people in my Facebook feed are using the word “pussy” with reckless abandon. In their efforts to “take back” this word from the Donald and sexist pigs everywhere, they have decided that we all … Continued