Women’s Basketball Has a Dirty Little Secret: Bullying

There are certain narratives about discrimination and prejudice in our culture that do not lend themselves to any form of deviation. Rich people mistreat poor people. White people aren’t comfortable with “people of color” moving into their neighborhoods. Straight kids bully the gay kids. These formulas become easily recognizable to those who regularly follow the … Continued

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For the Williams Sisters, Sibling Rivalry Yields to Sisterly Love

For tennis fans, this past weekend’s Australian Open finals offered two dream matchups: throwback pairings between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in the men’s final, and between Venus and Serena Williams in the women’s final. It was the women’s match that really captured my attention. I can’t say that I’ve ever been a hard-core tennis … Continued

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No, Simone and Aly, Stripping Isn’t a Sign of “Strength”

How did Simone Biles and Aly Raisman go from America’s sweethearts to America’s sexpots in less than six months? It seems like just yesterday these young women—Biles is ninteen and Raisman is twenty-two—were back flipping across balance beams and swinging around uneven bars, sporting patriotic leotards and adorable hair bows. Now they’re acting in what … Continued


The Exploitation of Ronda Rousey

This past Friday, the world saw popular mixed martial artist, author, and actress Ronda Rousey compete in her latest fight—if you can even call it a fight, that is. I saw it as a brazen act of exploitation. At the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 207, viewers did not see the return of a former champion … Continued

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‘The Bad News Bears’ and Female Empowerment

A kick-ass female lead in a genre usually thought of as male; a desert setting; speeding and reckless driving; bad language. Mad Max: Fury Road? Nope: The Bad News Bears, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary next year. Decades before critics praised Fury Road as a groundbreaking feminist film, The Bad News Bears was celebrating a … Continued

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Should Women Coach Professional Male Athletes?

For all of the young girls out there who daydreamed of one day being screamed at by Gregg Popovich, this USA Today story is for you! There’s a reason the San Antonio Spurs are one of best organizations in the NBA. Tuesday, the team named Becky Hammon an assistant coach, making her the first female … Continued

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Sexism and Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is supposed to be the periodical for sports. The latest in content on athletics, fitness, and physical excellence since 1954. But for many, Sports Illustrated is also the mainstream media’s more acceptable outlet to see nude or nearly nude women featured on its covers. It’s the Swimsuit Issue. Otherwise known as the constantly-blurring-the-lines-between-what’s-acceptable-on-newsstands … Continued

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Wonder Women: Team USA’s Female Olympic Athletes–Vogue With divine grace and unmatched drive, these elite athletes are ready to swim, kick, tumble, and sprint their way to the summer Olympic games. Arianna Huffington and Dalai Lama Talk Holiness, Compassion–Huff Post What do you hope to achieve through this collaboration between science and spirituality? Carry it … Continued