My First Year as a Father

It’s hard to believe it, but my daughter just celebrated her first birthday. Twelve months ago—as the country reeled from a Trump election and her father reveled in a Chicago Cubs World Series victory—the world was introduced to Evelyn Inez Moeller in a boisterous Santa Monica hospital delivery room around 2 P.M. local time. Nothing … Continued


The Challenges of Being a Role Model

I had one of those parenting win/fail moments recently. I got up early to do my morning DVD workout in our basement. My eight-year-old son stumbled downstairs after his obligatory cereal fix and settled down on the couch to watch me go through my paces. Good, I thought between sets. He’s getting a lesson in … Continued


Dads Are Parents Too

Shortly after the birth of my third daughter I took all three girls into a supermarket where a woman observed me wearing one child on my chest in a baby harness and pushing the other two around in a shopping cart. “Wow, Dad doing the shopping and the babysitting!” she marveled. Sigh. She was well-meaning … Continued


Dads, Here’s What to Expect When Your Wife is Expecting

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, my lovely wife gave birth to our first child—a girl—whom we named Evelyn Inez Moeller. On the heels of a miscarriage last winter and nine eventful (albeit healthy) months of pregnancy this time around, to say that we were excited to welcome Little Evie into the world would be quite … Continued


Will ‘Rogue One’ Explore the Meaning of Fatherhood?

I’ll confess I’ve never not been excited about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Disney gained my trust, and Lucasfilm earned it back, with The Force Awakens. But after the final trailer came out for this prequel side-story, opening in December, I’m very, very excited, and my trust does not seem misplaced. While this Star … Continued

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Hollywood and Fatherhood

With a wife who is expecting our first child in November, the notion of actually being a father one day has quickly gone from “mind-bending concept for men much more mature than I am” to “Umm… this is really happening, guys!” I was fortunate enough to have been raised by a loving, thoughtful dad (and … Continued


Celebrating Perfectly Imperfect Dads on Father’s Day

Parenting in 21st century America can often feel like a full contact sport, complete with angry crowds on the sidelines constantly judging one’s performance. And although it’s mothers who often get the lion’s share of positive and negative attention in pop culture, fathers are subject to just as many pressures when it comes to living … Continued