Social Justice Warriors Want Women to Ditch Their High Heels

First they came for the stilettos…. Just before Christmas the media were agog with an allegedly brand-new trend: women throwing away their high heels in the wake of the flurry of revelations of entertainment-industry sexual harassment. The idea wasn’t simply that women can run faster to escape from Hollywood predators if they’re wearing Allbirds Wool … Continued


Feminism is in Fashion, but It’s a Questionable Style

When I visited New York City a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t turn around without seeing someone my age wearing clothing promoting feminist messages. It’s fashionable to be a feminist these days: Just throw on a pink p***y hat or a $710 Dior “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS” T-shirt (only available in boutiques, alas) … Continued


Are Ariel Winter’s Revealing Outfits a Cry for Help?

Actress Ariel Winter of the hit television show Modern Family would like everyone to stop talking about her breasts—and the rest of her body, too. It seems like a simple enough request, and one that she shouldn’t have to make. As is often the case, however, there’s more to the story than that. Recently, Ms. … Continued


Nordstrom Guilty of Blue-Collar Class Appropriation

If you’re a blue collar worker, or just part of the manual labor force getting your hands dirty every day, Nordstrom department store wants to market your look – specifically, they want the rest of the world to buy blue jeans that look like they spent the day at a construction site. Rich urban yuppies … Continued


Drake, Rihanna, and the Curse of the Celebrity Couple Tattoo

Hollywood’s on-again-off-again “it” couple, Rihanna and Drake, have apparently gotten matching tattoos. New celebrity couples sealing the deal with a tattoo is hardly new; rather, it seems like the expected romantic course of action is as follows: (1) Be seen in public and stir up a media frenzy, followed by (2), get some sort of … Continued


Why Social Justice Warriors Can’t Leave Women’s Magazines Alone

“Thousands of marketing specialists are paid ungodly amounts of money to brainwash you, sell you an illusion and destroy your self esteem. These magazines should be illegal. They’re fundamentally anti-woman and anti-you and you’ve given them the power with your wallet.” That’s the conclusion of Oskar T. Brand, a social commentator who recently created a … Continued


Fifty Lashes for the Vice-Presidential Debate Moderator

Tuesday’s vice-presidential debate was mesmerizing, not because of the candidates’ positions or demeanor, but because of the extraordinary balancing act performed by the moderator. For ninety minutes, the nation watched, entranced, as Elaine Quijano managed to remain upright despite the weight of false eyelashes that, had the laws of gravity held, should have caused her … Continued


Why Tim Gunn is Right About The Fashion Industry

At the opening of New York Fashion Week earlier this month, Tim Gunn went on a rant about how designers ignore women over a size 12. “Despite the huge financial potential of this market,” Gunn declared, “many designers don’t want to address it. It’s not in their vocabulary.” As if on cue, Lane Bryant has … Continued

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The Latest Elite Fashion Trend? “Trashion”

“One day, he was swimming in the ocean off Ibiza and a plastic bag brushed his arm. At first he thought it was a jellyfish; then he realized it was trash. He began thinking about the Earth, ‘and it all kind of clicked.’” Apparently this was the inspirational moment behind Heron Preston’s new fashion of … Continued

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