‘Fuller House’ and the Disappearance of Marriage

A year and a half ago, I reviewed the first season of Fuller House for this site. Despite enjoying the throwback, I was ultimately unimpressed with the fact that it was just a more adult version of the show I grew up watching. In my review I wrote, As an adult, I’m enjoying the series … Continued


Why Kids Benefit from Family Traditions

Helping my kids prepare for Christmas always makes me nostalgic for the holiday traditions of my own childhood. It also makes me realize just how important family traditions are to a child’s sense of happiness, continuity, and belonging. I’ve been thinking about family traditions more than usual this year, after reading Mary Eberstadt’s Weekly Standard … Continued


What ‘Stranger Things’ Teaches Us About Fatherhood and Family

The second season of Netflix’s hit series, Stranger Things, has some stranger things than the first season, but it continues to have a lot of the familiar, too. As strange as the monsters or the characters are, traditional themes that speak to most Americans continue to dominate the show’s narrative and drive its continued appeal. … Continued


Yes, You’re Responsible for Your Spouse’s Obnoxious Outfit

Getting off a plane from a day trip to Kentucky’s Fort Knox with her husband, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Louise Linton posted a picture of herself wearing Roland Mouret pants, an Hermès scarf, Valentino shoes, Tom Ford sunglasses and a Birkin bag, a look that totaled somewhere north of $13,000. Linton, a former model, made … Continued


In Defense of High-Tech Parenting

Summer presents a lot of challenges for parents. Finding (and paying for!) childcare, keeping kids at least a little engaged in academics, and helping kids learn to grapple with boredom and entertain themselves are all on the list. Many people would also add controlling their kids’ access to technology: We don’t want our kids wasting … Continued


The Moral Meaning of ‘The Sopranos,’ Ten Years Later

On the evening of June 10, 2007, untold numbers of Americans simultaneously wondered if their televisions or cable service had malfunctioned. They had been watching perhaps the most iconic final scene in TV history, which concluded perhaps the most celebrated show in TV history. In the decade since then, fans of The Sopranos have argued—and … Continued


The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Grapple with God

Marvel’s most charming crew of rogues and reprobates return in Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, and director James Gunn manages to make the sequel even better than the first volume. This comic space opera has style to spare, and tells an emotionally resonant story about the complexity and necessity of family. Despite the frequent … Continued