“Sheep View 360” and the Virtue of Ingenuity

When your homeland doesn’t show up on most maps, it can be hard to feel respected. But when Google Earth doesn’t show a street view of your homeland, it might be time to take action—which is what some young sheep owners of the Faroe Islands have done. Faroe is a small island country located roughly … Continued


How Grumpy Cat Feels About Brexit

As people in the U.K. go to the polls today to decide whether or not to leave the European Union, social media has erupted with. . . cat memes? That’s right. Pet owners who feel strongly about the issue have taken to Twitter and other platforms to declare their loyalties. According to the New York … Continued


Naps are Not a Human Right

When did sleep become such a big deal? From The Daily Mail: “Even though we spend approximately a third of our lives sleeping, one Australian expert says that we’re doing it all wrong. According to Ms. Fiona Kerr, the neural specialist from the University of Adelaide, we should all indulge in an ‘afternoon nap’ in … Continued


Why European Children Are So Much Quieter Than Yours

The playgrounds weren’t just beautiful. They were quiet. That was what struck me when I first moved to Vienna, Austria. Children there played and laughed, but rarely yelled across the park. Naturally, we Americans stood out. It wasn’t just my young daughter yelling, “Hey Mom, look at me!” from atop the climbing gym. I was … Continued

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