Where Have All the Manly Journalists Gone?

Ernest Hemingway. Ernie Pyle. Jack London. Christopher Hitchens. Whatever happened to journalism as a manly profession? While newspapers and magazines have always attracted many types of writers, the most notable journalists often gained fame and recognition through their bravery in the face of extreme conditions. Hemingway and Pyle were war veterans. Hunter Thompson took on … Continued


Shia LaBeouf: Bad Boy, Interrupted

Shia LaBeouf is trying. He really is. From the bag-over-my-head routine (wherein he put a paper bag over his head announcing I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE), to his weird interruptions of live plays, to his silent hour-long interviews with the media, the young actor is doing his damnedest to cause trouble. But LaBeouf just can’t … Continued


Why We Read Poetry

Why did I stop reading poetry? I think a lot of it had to do with the death of Charles Bukowski in 1994. In college in the late 1980s and for several years afterward Bukowski had been my favorite poet, and his death made me lose interest in the art form. Bukowski represented the last … Continued

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What Peter O’Toole Taught Me About Drinking and Art

Peter O’Toole has died. The great Irish actor was eighty-one. O’Toole was, of course, known for his peerless acting ability, most notably in the 1962 classic Lawrence of Arabia. O’Toole was also a legendary drinker, and the fact that his dipsomania seemed to only enhance his career leaves us an interesting question: in our modern … Continued



Prescient philosopher of the media Marshall McLuhan once famously remarked that “the future of the book is the blurb.” Had he lived long enough to witness the ubiquity of the personal computer and social media, he might have said that “the future of the book is the tweet.” As both a longtime James Bond fan … Continued

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The Daily Pop Culture Scene

Has Lindsay Lohan Become High Art?–The Daily Beast Lohan stars in a new short film, First Point, by the popular contemporary artist Richard Phillips. Will Meeting Our Makers Be Man’s Unmaking?–Roger Ebert “Prometheus” is a magnificent science-fiction film, all the more intriguing because it raises questions about the origin of human life and doesn’t have the … Continued