The Media’s Hypocritical ‘Concern’ for Trump’s Health

It’s sweet, really. USA Today’s healthcare policy reporter Jayne O’Donnell is very concerned about President Donald Trump’s wellbeing. In an article entitled, “Will Trump’s Exercise and Eating Habits Catch Up to Him as Stress Mounts,” she writes: He’s 71, holds down an incredibly stressful job, and is overweight. He doesn’t exercise. His eating habits are … Continued


When Will Liberals Learn that Women Know How to Vote for Themselves?

One would think that after losing not one, not two, but four special elections since Donald Trump won the White House in November, Democrats would begin to consider the fact that their strategy needs work. Before the latest race, a special House election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district to replace Tom Price, who was tapped … Continued


Was Kathy Griffin’s Anti-Trump Photo ‘Art?’

Artists (whether you like them or not) push boundaries. Sometimes this goes unnoticed, and other times it creates such a stir that a tidal wave of reaction hits as a result. Kathy Griffin learned the hard way that art can provoke in a way that comes with consequences. On Tuesday, Griffin posted a photo of … Continued


The Left is Now Attacking Trump’s Unborn Grandchildren

A thought experiment that doesn’t even have to be a thought experiment: What would the press and public response be to an open attack on one of the Obama daughters or Clinton grandchildren look like? Thanks to the media feeding frenzy over the former and a total lack of any public figure ever taking aim … Continued


How Trump Became Public Radio’s Favorite Fundraising Tool

“Don’t let them destroy us!” That was the plea from Brian Lehrer, a morning host on New York’s public radio station, WNYC, last week. It was pledge drive week and the rhetoric on air always gets a little dramatic. It was ramped up this time because the station wanted to raise the same amount of … Continued


Why Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary is Trolling Trump

Once upon a time, the dictionary was a dusty old tome that sat on a shelf and served one simple purpose: to define words. It was a noble book, neutral by nature, uncontroversial, and therefore trusted and respected by everyone. But all of that is changing. Thanks to Twitter and Trump, America’s dictionary, Merriam-Webster, has … Continued


Why We Need a Trump Sabbath

If you’ve been on Twitter or at a dinner party over the last year, you’ve noticed a pattern. Inevitably, the conversation comes back to a certain topic: Donald J. Trump. Donald Trump’s political rise has dominated our national attention since he announced his run for president. His comments about women, Mexicans, and his political opponents … Continued


Is There a Cure for Trump Social Media Syndrome?

Social media in the age of Trump presents us with two opposite dangers: a quantum increase in our political anxiety, and a gradual numbing of our political attention. The paranoia problem seems clear. The greatest aggravation from our Facebook feeds used to be the unwanted pictures of faux reunions with high school frenemies-turned-mommy-experts, and the … Continued