Feminists Find ‘The Red Pill’ Hard to Swallow

Intellectual humility—the acknowledgement that the truth is more important than your version of it—requires you to be open-minded enough not only to listen to an opposing viewpoint but to be willing to change yours when you are wrong. It is a quality in short supply and sadly undervalued in our age of arrogance. Filmmaker and … Continued

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The Return of Carlos Danger (a.k.a. Anthony Weiner)

It’s been an ugly week for a certain politician who’s still lugging around the weight of past scandals and skeletons. No, I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton, or even Bill, but another entrenched establishment member: Anthony Weiner. Remember him? The infamous New York politician largely disappeared from the public eye after “Weinergate,” the sexting scandal … Continued

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Politics and Pirouettes in ‘Bolshoi Babylon’

“There aren’t many brands that represent Russia. One is the Bolshoi. The other is the Kalashnikov.” So intones the narrator at the beginning of Bolshoi Babylon, a new documentary airing on HBO that attempts to tell the story of how the artistic director of one of Russia’s most renowned ballet institutions came to have sulfuric … Continued


‘Best of Enemies’ and the Myth of a Nicer Media

It may be unavoidable given our sense of nostalgia, but contemporary Americans of all political stripes seem intent on believing that there was some “golden era” of journalism. We like to think that there was a time when political opponents, whether on a debate platform or in the pages of local newspapers, uniformly conducted their … Continued


The Cult of Lego – It’s creepy. And awesome.

Out there in the twee world of indie films is a new movie about Legos. As most Lego-themed projects do, it has an insipidly punny title—A LEGO Brickumentary.   Brickumentary is an attempt to explain the magical genius of Legos, to showcase the wonder the toys instill in people, and to normalize the culture’s adult … Continued


The Tragic Life of the Talented Amy Winehouse

In a modern world obsessed with being able to avoid “spoilers”—and seemingly unable to function if the end of a story is known to them ahead of time—the popular renaissance of documentary films is as surprising as it is refreshing. While such forms of informative entertainment will never be able to match marauding bands of … Continued

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