Should You Prepare for Divorce Before You’re Even Married?

Have you ever heard of a bride asking for a refund on her wedding if she gets divorced? No? Neither did the wedding photographer who received such a request, nor did I and the thousands of other photographers she shared it with in a Facebook group: This is obviously a ludicrous request because even if … Continued


Hallmark and the Marketing of the Happy Divorce

Hallmark has built a brand synonymous with love and family. The Hallmark Channel is famously filled with happy endings; its slogan is “the heart of TV.”  Even celebrations derided as “Hallmark holidays” are all about love nurtured and sustained against the odds. So it’s a little jarring to peruse Father’s Day and anniversary cards at the … Continued


To Understand Why Brad Pitt’s Marriage Failed, Consider its Origins

What do you do with a movie star, a stellar budget, and a cataclysmic divorce? Conduct a tell-all interview with said star in topographically diverse environments with him clad in very expensive couture, of course! GQ has published a veritable celebrity Gesamtkunstwerk out of the breakdown of Brad Pitt’s glamorous marriage by whisking him from … Continued


Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Good Divorce?’ Hollywood Thinks So.

Given the fact that everyone in Hollywood eventually gets divorced (or so it seems), celebrities like to think they’re getting quite good at it. Ever the trendsetters, there’s a new “best way” to get divorced for parents in Tinseltown, with every couple working to show just how cool they can be while dissolving their union. … Continued


How to Prevent the New Year Divorce

Tipped off by Elvis Presley that not everyone is merry at Christmas, churches are increasingly tending to those who are hurting over the holidays. Their “Blue Christmas” services acknowledge that pain rarely takes a day off and, in fact, can intensify at precisely the season when the whole world seems happy. But churches should also … Continued


Marriage Isn’t ‘Love Actually’. It’s ‘Braveheart’

Marriage is beautiful. And hard. My wife and I just celebrated our fifteen-year anniversary. We splurged and bought a king-size bed, a purchase I highly recommend. Some friends joked early on in our marriage that if we could make it to year seven, the odds were in our favor for staying together. It seemed a … Continued


Is There a Reality TV “Divorce Curse?”

Another reality television marriage flops. Specifically, the marriage of Tarek and Christina El Moussa of the house-flipping reality show, “Flip or Flop.” For the past week, the dramatic unraveling of their marriage, which apparently involved him chasing her out of their home with a gun and the oh-so-common nanny affair, has been splashed across both … Continued

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Brangelina’s End Shouldn’t Come as a Surprise

Another Hollywood marriage bites the dust. The Brangelina split, however, sideswiped those of us who track these things, because there were absolutely no hints. Usually we get a little clue here, or a whiff of trouble there. An Us Weekly story about a tense lunch or a People magazine report that somebody is looking for … Continued