What’s Funny About a Diversity Program for Comedy? Nothing!

Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars. On January 18, CBS is hosting its Annual Diversity Sketch Comedy Showcase in Los Angeles. They are looking for “Male or female, 18+, open ethnicity… focused on African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Latinx, Native American performers, performers with disabilities, and LGBTQ performers with an emphasis on individuals with extensive … Continued


Princeton’s Surreal “Diversity Training” for Students

We live in the age of inclusion where we are to be welcomed and treated equally, but, paradoxically, we are all to be labeled clearly so that everyone knows what status we may embody. Take college campuses, the incubator of liberalism gone amok. So-called “diversity training” has attempted to make students painfully aware of all … Continued


Geena Davis’ Bizarre Crusade for Gender Quotas on TV

I believe it was the late, great Audrey Hepburn who said, “Everything I learned, I learned from the movies.” After re-calibrating to factor in hyperbole, and given our cultural obsession with the movies, Ms. Hepburn’s remark isn’t too far off the mark. For better and for worse, the entertainment mediums of film and television have … Continued


Will Diversity Crusades Lead to More Banned Books?

The last week of September was National Banned Book Week in America, a celebratory campaign the American Library Association sponsors every year to highlight the freedom we have to read. The event also includes an unveiling of the list of most challenged books for the year. The good news is that Americans seek to ban … Continued

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Hey You Guys – You Can’t Say “You Guys” Anymore

On campus, political correctness has become the Santa Claus who offers no presents. It sees you when you’re sleeping. It knows when you’re awake. It’s definitely making lists and checking them twice, and you’d better be correct for correctness’ sake. Otherwise you won’t even get a lump of coal, just a letter informing you how … Continued


The Diversity Police and the ‘Black-ish’ Conundrum

The creator of the ABC comedy series Black-ish, Kenya Barris, is tired of us asking him questions about race and entertainment. Let that sink in for a minute. From Variety: ABC’s Black-ish has been praised for its portrayal of an African-American family. But series creator Kenya Barris worries that the focus on that family’s race has overshadowed … Continued

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Political Correctness Shuts Down ‘Prince of Egypt’

If you’re a denizen of Sag Harbor, NY (in the Hamptons), you might have been looking forward to the free, one-night performance of the new musical adaptation of Prince of Egypt, the popular animated DreamWorks movie that tells the story of the life of Moses (based on the book of Exodus), which the Bay Street … Continued


We’re a Long Way from the Hollywood Blacklist

Hollywood’s relationship with the federal government has always been a bit dysfunctional. Although celebrities are happy to fete presidents whose liberal politics mirror their own, they take a dimmer view of agencies such as the IRS, which tend to hold celebrities to the same standards as the rest of us when it comes to paying … Continued


Why Calls for “Inclusion” Backfire

Editor’s Note:  Acculturated occasionally features pieces by younger writers interested in the virtues and pop culture; Mr. Smith attends Groton, a high school in Massachusetts. This spring I stumbled upon my new favorite TV show: Planet Earth. If you’ve seen it, you know it’s breathtaking. What other show can take you to the four corners of the … Continued


In the Name of Diversity, You Must Conform!

Huffington Post Women has a new cause du jour, complete with a catchy twitter hashtag: ridding the globe of conference panels that fail to feature female speakers (#allmalepanels). A United Nation’s affiliate, the U.N Global Compact, has announced that its employees will not take part in any all-male events and is urging member companies (which … Continued