The Disneyfication of Everything

This year is the twentieth anniversary of the debut of Disney’s Broadway musical, The Lion King. The show is significant for its use of puppetry, movement, and beautiful costumes designed by visionary director Julie Taymor. To celebrate the occasion on November 5, the show’s composer, Elton John, treated the audience to a curtain-call performance. That … Continued


Why Disney is Trying to Teach its Child Stars “Life Skills”

The Coreys didn’t have access to Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter at the height of their fame. And yet, both Corey Haim and Corey Feldman struggled despite having all the trappings of success. The 1980s teen stars appeared in some of the decade’s biggest films, including Stand By Me (Feldman) and The Lost Boys (Haim, Feldman). … Continued


Cinderella’s C-Section

Just when you thought that it was safe to enjoy Disney Princesses without having to “problematize” their heteronormativity, or white privilege, or eagerness to curry favor with the patriarchy, or inability to be “woke”, here comes artist Isaiah Stephens with yet another way to ruin childhood by turning Disney princesses into stressed out parents. Yes, … Continued


How Disney Became the Most Vulgar Purveyor of Pop Culture

When Philo T. Farnsworth invented television back in the late 1920’s, it’s clear that neither he nor anyone else associated with this revolutionary technology could imagine a future where we would have hundreds of channels of programming at our fingertips, or homes where the television replaced the hearth as the gathering place for families. Television … Continued

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Princess Jasmine Gets a Modesty Make-Over

Princess Jasmine from the Disney movie Aladdin is entering a whole new world of fashion. After twenty-four years of baring their stomachs in harem pants and skimpy tops, the women who play Jasmine at Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California are getting a much more modest look: a shirt with long sleeves and … Continued


Identity Politics and the Disney Princess

There’s great news in the world of Disney Princesses: We’re finally getting a Hispanic (Latina?) princess, Elena of Avalor. She’ll be coming to a screen near you July 22 on the Disney Channel. I know what you’re thinking: It’s about time! Disney has had princesses for, like almost 80 years, and their diversity record is … Continued

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Will Disney kill ‘Star Wars’?

The two soldiers fled from the enemy into dense forest cover. Blasts exploded all around as they hugged the ground, racing away from the enemy as fast as they could. They climbed over tree stumps. They jumped over logs. The blasts continued to come closer. Closer. Until… They were hit. They toppled over, stunned from … Continued

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Only a PC Killjoy Could Hate the New ‘Jungle Book’

The Walt Disney Company has long been a creative institution with a penchant for telling family-friendly stories through the mouths of talking (and often, singing) animals. Generations of Americans have grown up with their favorite anthropomorphic characters from such classics as Bambi, The Rescuers, and Ratatouille. One of the most beloved musically driven titles in … Continued

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