Making It Last: What Happens After the Honeymoon’s Over?

What happens after the honeymoon is over? That question has gotten short shrift in culture generally. From Jane Austen to You’ve Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally screenwriter Nora Ephron, there’s been a tendency to look at the beginning of a couple’s relationship, to what led them to the altar – and then end … Continued


There’s More to Life Than Being Successful

Listening to the Acculturated podcast with Rod Dreher, which we published yesterday, made me wonder about some of the cultural differences between the north and the south in this country. In an essay about the south for the New Criterion, the writer Barton Swaim notes that, unlike the south, the north is “more vulnerable to the cultural volatility and … Continued

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Bobos 2.0: The New Cool is a Hand-Crank Grain Mill

Twelve years ago, David Brooks coined a term for the new educated elite. He called them Bobos, short for bourgeois bohemians.  In his bestselling book Bobos in Paradise, Brooks identified, analyzed, and ridiculed the people (himself included), who make up the new establishment. “These Bobos define our age,” Brooks said. Mixing bourgeois morals and mores … Continued


How Awe Can Change Your Life

Awe is a beautiful little emotion, but one that is not very well understood. In the field of psychology, where emotions are academically studied, awe has received very little attention. In a way, it makes sense. Awe, which Harvard psychiatrist George Vaillant calls, “the most ‘spiritual’ of the positive emotions,” is not exactly suited to … Continued