In Defense of Overprotective Dads

  Recently 15-year-old Ricarra Schock in Bangor, Wisconsin posed with her equally young date for a homecoming dance photo taken by her mom Sharee. Ricarra’s father Benjamin then jokingly stepped in and clasped his arms around the boy in a similar pose for a pic which they later captioned, “Whatever you do to my daughter, … Continued

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A Touch of Class from Sydney Seau

When The New York Times team hit the play button in a nondescript hotel room in Canton, Ohio, I wonder if they had any idea what was coming. They were there to record Sydney Seau, the 21-year-old daughter of Junior Seau, the legendary linebacker for the San Diego Chargers (he also played for the Miami … Continued

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Why Kris Jenner (or any Mom) Shouldn’t Dress Like Her Daughter

Kris Jenner was recently spotted wearing a black, bondage-inspired Givenchy bodysuit paired with peep-toe, thigh-high boots—a combination that might have been considered standard style for the sultry “momager”—except that the same outfit was worn by daughter, Kim Kardashian West, several months earlier. Jenner added a black blazer to tone it down slightly, but she was … Continued