Dancing with the Protesters

In the midst of an election season, when political protesters are regularly out in full force at Trump and Clinton campaign rallies (and often behaving badly) it takes something extra special for a protest to make headlines. That’s why last night’s protest, which unfolded during the TV show, Dancing with the Stars, did. The protesters … Continued


Has Robert Herjavec Completely Changed His Brand?

As a budding entrepreneur, I am proud to be a devoted member of Robert Herjavec’s fan club. I have watched nearly every episode of Shark Tank—some twice—and I have greatly enjoyed witnessing the evolution of Herjavec’s reputation as the “nice shark.” In the Tank’s first year, he entertained a pitch by a couple of investors … Continued

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Do Women Really Want Girly Men?

If you want to know what women want, you may need to spend an hour watching the hit television series, Dancing with the Stars. There may be no other show ever created that is so beloved by women, and yet so despised by men. The competitive reality show features sort-of famous stars paired up with … Continued

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Hollywood’s Disposable Women

Why in the world would Dancing With the Stars fire their best female co-host ever, Brooke Burke-Charvet, just weeks before its season premiere? Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is trying to improve its ratings. So they recently joined the list of TV shows that cut corners on quality in hopes of reaching more viewers. The … Continued

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Time for Bristol Palin to Grow Up

In yesterday’s Washington Times, I had a review of the new reality show starring Bristol Palin, 21, called Life’s a Tripp. The show is supposed to be about how Bristol matures in adulthood as the single mom of a toddler, but it struck me as typical reality show fare, complete with manufactured drama, rehearsed camera talk, … Continued

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