The “Maker” Movement Finds Religion

Among the handful of magazines that reach my mailbox every month are Fast Company and Christianity Today. This month I opened up the latter and thought I was reading the former. I am referring to “The Makers,” the cover story for the July/August issue of CT, which highlights twenty Christian “business leaders, artists, and nonprofit … Continued


Why Questlove, Not Gwyneth, is my Lifestyle Guru

“I wasn’t a normal kid,” writes Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson in his 2013 memoir Mo’ Meta Blues. “It wasn’t that I was violent or temperamental. In fact, my Mom said it was a blessing because I never gave her trouble. It was the opposite. They knew how to sedate me, which was to sit me in … Continued


Who Said Creativity Was Dead?

Just when the cynicism spawned by an endless presidential election season threatens to swamp the country, here comes this jaunty foreigner to remind us of the value of human ingenuity (or something): This is Colin Furze, who built a homemade hover bike (or, as he dubbed the unstable, dangerous contraption, a “flying bike / human … Continued


Rembrandt’s Avatar and the Virtues of Creativity

Almost 350 years after the master artist’s death, a new Rembrandt painting has been unveiled in Amsterdam, and it’s creating quite a stir – because the painter this time was a group of art historians, software developers, scientists, engineers and data analysts, and instead of brush and canvas they used an extensive database and a … Continued


David Bowie: Last of the Literate Rock Stars

One of the most striking things about David Bowie is that he contributed an entire pillar to the Pantheon of Great Rock Songs, and almost none of the songs are about love, money, or self-empowerment—the go-to tropes for virtually all of today’s pop music. It’s impossible to imagine a superstar of Bowie’s magnitude accomplishing the … Continued

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What Your Kids Can Learn from Nikola Tesla

During a recent book club meeting with a bunch of third through sixth graders, I asked the girls to write down the three most useful traits if you were attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 45-foot sailboat alone. The girls were immersed in Sharon Creech’s award winning book, The Wanderer, a story about … Continued

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SXSW is Evidence of Hollywood Virtue

“I’m not weird; I’m limited edition.”—Unknown As a native Texan living in or around Austin for the majority of my life, I’ve always appreciated the rebellious sentiment behind the catch phrase, “Keep Austin weird.” I think it started as a rallying cry for the localization of business and quickly took on a life of its … Continued


The Death of Creativity

To look at the shelves of bookstores these days (if any still exist in your neighborhood), one might think that this is a time in which creativity is hot. Titles about creativity – explaining it, unleashing it, using it to galvanize artistic fulfillment and business success – abound. But is this trend evidence that we … Continued


Nostalgia Gone Wild: Hollywood and Its Abysmal Remakes

Starting most notably with the Baby Boomers, Americans have become a very nostalgic people. When it comes to pop culture we tell ourselves how progressive we are and then promptly lean back on the deceptively comforting arms of technological innovation (i.e. C.G.I. animation, new devices for consuming content, etc.) to “prove” this is so. But … Continued

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Five Rules for Writing Blog Posts by Hand

I took a few weeks to figure out how to fulfill the challenge of my fourth New Year’s resolution: “Start Developing Some New Hobbies Beyond Internet Trolling. Something New Each Season Sounds Like a Good Goal.” Surely there existed more productive, less frustrating ways for me to brainstorm writing ideas than just continuing the endless Facebook … Continued

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