Martha Stewart Snoops to A New Low

Moments into the new VH1 Martha and Snoop Dogg cooking/freak show, viewers are treated to jokes about pot, porn and profanity. What fun! The show hardly mirrors the much-talked-about trailer, which went viral almost immediately after VH1 released it last month. In that trailer, Martha and Snoop look relaxed as they dance and flirt. They … Continued

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Hey Michael Bublé: I Cook Like an Angel Cooks

If you haven’t heard of Michael Bublé, you have nevertheless likely heard his voice. As one Elle magazine writer correctly described, he is “an award-winning crooner whose voice I know best from movie trailers.” He’s also now (like every other celebrity on the planet) a purveyor of fine perfumes. Bublé’s new “fine fragrance,” called “By … Continued


Home Cooked Meals Aren’t Killing Mother Earth

According to Food and Wine magazine, when I cook a big meal for my family, I’m not just offering nourishment and fostering important domestic traditions (and, according to studies on childhood obesity, improving my child’s chances of staying at a healthy weight), I’m “wasting money and destroying the environment.” That’s rather rich commentary coming from … Continued


Facebook Food Porn

Spend just five minutes on social media and you’re bound to see at least three things: pictures of cats, articles on Donald Trump, and videos of food. The cat pictures have been there forever, the Trump rants for what feels like forever, but the food videos are relatively new. What we share on social media … Continued


Why Millennials Should Learn to Cook

Why do so few Millennials know how to cook? I think we are seeing basic cooking skills—knowledge that used to be passed in the kitchen from parent to child—combust before our eyes. It’s been going on for a while and is part of a larger trend toward relying on processed foods that began in the … Continued


The Food Network: Feeding the Celebrity Culture

Tune in to “The Food Network” or its hipper spinoff “The Cooking Channel” and you might think you’re watching Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, or E! The Entertainment Channel. That’s because today, entertainers—movie and television stars, supermodels, and pop singers—trump trained chefs on these popular cable networks. (Speaking of Trump, how is it possible that he … Continued

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Have Yourself a (French-Canadian) Christmas

My family likes to eat. So when we gather for the holidays, food is an important element of the celebration. According to New York Magazine, cooking for friends and family is the ultimate feminist act, but I don’t overthink or intellectualize such things. For me, it’s just what’s done at the holidays. Starting Christmas Eve, … Continued


The Narcissism of Foodie Culture

For as long as people have been taking pictures of their food and posting them to Instagram, we’ve had no lack of critics of the practice. And the critics are still right: It’s annoying to scroll through endless images of your friend’s brilliant salad or your girlfriend’s organic chicken triumph. It often feels like Instagram … Continued

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The Joy of Home Cooking

Over this past holiday break, I spent a snowy afternoon pouring over The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook with my sister. Just looking through the book was a feast for the eyes. There are usually a lot of recipes in any given cookbook that don’t appeal, but in this instance I wanted to make, and sample, every … Continued


In Defense of Home-Cooked Meals recently posted a curiously useless, sour article with the hyperbolic title The Tyranny of the Home-Cooked Meal. That’s right, tyranny. So cooking is the new Communism, and mothers, your family are the new Stalins.* Columnist Amanda Marcotte asserts that the home-cooked meal has become “the hallmark of good mothering, stable families, and the ideal … Continued