Are Horror Movies Actually Conservative?

Many years ago, Stephen King wrote an essay declaring,  “The horror movie is innately conservative, even reactionary.” He did not mean that horror movies promote conservative or reactionary political ideas, but rather that they “re-establish our feelings of essential normality.” In other words, watching ghastly or gory cinema makes us feel grateful for the real-world … Continued

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Brad Thor and Conservatives in Pop Culture

“Our side has better ideas, but it needs better storytellers.” These are the words of the bestselling conservative author Brad Thor, whose latest thriller, Code of Conduct, has just been released. Thor made the observation in an interview in The American Spectator. Thor, whose books can be found in any airport, is especially popular among … Continued


Last Man Standing and the Manly Virtues

Just last week, an NBC article described Olympic gold medalist David Wise as living an “alternative lifestyle” for training for the Olympics as a young, married father. Not long ago, being a married 20-something father wasn’t an “alternative lifestyle.” Turn on the TV in the evening and you will find a number of shows with men … Continued

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Why Conservatives Should Cheer On HBO’s Girls

With apologies to RJ Moeller, I’m going to have to side with Ashley E. McGuire on this one. Conservatives can do much better than Phil Robertson. Otherwise, as Ashley observes, he’ll join a long line of conservative cultural warriors like Carrie Prejean who fall short of the standards they try to uphold leaving their erstwhile … Continued

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Building a Duck Dynasty on Cable TV

Editor’s Note: With “Duck Dynasty” Season 4 in full swing, we’re re-posting RJ Moeller’s January piece on why this Reality TV family is so appealing. If you hear something worthwhile calling out to you among the bogs, toils, and snares of the suffocating swamp that is “reality television,” chances are it’s coming from the Robertson … Continued

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What Is Sexy and What Is Crude?

In response to Ashley McGuire’s post about Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl and the question of whether traditionally minded women can be sexy: of course they can. Traditional women can be, and are, sexy. So are liberal women and anarchist women (although there’s fewer of those). Women are sexy. It’s just kinda how God … Continued

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Beyoncé’s Soulful Feminism

I happened to like Beyoncé’s halftime show at the Superbowl. But I also happen to like Beyoncé. Perhaps it’s because Beyoncé, whether she means to or not, promotes a pro-family version of feminism. She more or less said in an interview that her husband, Jay-Z, is the only man that she has ever slept with. … Continued

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Promised Land’s Shallow Depiction of Small-Town America

What ever happened to the salt-of-the-earth, small-town, country bumpkin, family farmer that used to populate popular movies? I ask this question after having slogged through the Matt Damon/John Krasinski antifracking debacle called Promised Land. As someone who has written quite a lot about natural gas development and the process of extraction known as hydraulic fracturing … Continued

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“Gotcha” Journalism Is Ruining the NFL

The National Football League is an economic and entertainment juggernaut, providing the most competitive, exciting product in the sports world today. It’s a big deal. And although I’m fully aware that it is essentially grown men playing a child’s game for millions of dollars, I love every second of every game of every season. But … Continued

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