Instead of ‘Confederate’, HBO Should Make a Miniseries about Communism

HBO is planning a series, Confederate, whose premise is a dystopian America in which the South won the Civil War. Despite having not yet begun production, Confederate has been widely criticized, with critics such as Roxanne Gray calling the show “slavery fan fiction.” The problem isn’t the show’s premise, however, it’s the historical period the … Continued


Hollywood’s Shameful Hero-Worship of Fidel Castro, Dictator

Hollywood romanticizes revolutionaries, seeing them as noble, rugged individuals with towering passion and idealism who fight and risk their lives to make the world a better place. Sometimes that view is deserved. But more often than not, given Hollywood’s left-leaning partisanship, it elevates brutal dictators to the status of misunderstood heroes. Thus it’s no surprise … Continued


Is Contemporary Liberalism Creating a Soulless Monoculture?

I was once called a “cracker” by a member of the Nation of Islam. It was in the mid-1980s and I was driving through Washington, D.C., in the kind of neighborhood that conservatives call dangerous and liberals call “transitioning.” I saw a member of the Nation of Islam, bow tie and all, on the corner … Continued


Fashion World Hypocrisy in Havana

Last week marked the first time a major fashion house sent their models down a catwalk in Cuba. Chanel hosted a runway show in Havana, drawing celebrities from Gisele Bündchen to Tilda Swinton. Oh, and dictator Fidel Castro’s grandson. Because, as many of the celebrities who attended the event failed to note, Cuba is still … Continued


Marx vs. Faith on ‘The Americans’

Study the history of civilizations, open your fridge, look in the mirror: everywhere you will see the unmistakable signs of decay. Entropy is as inescapable in the realm of culture as in nature, which is why so much of what we see on screen seems so familiar—or so I believed until I began watching The … Continued

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‘Red One’: Dumb, Sexy, Communist Comic

Retroactive repression is the phenomenon in which pop culture goes back in time to address the problems of evil old America. When battling the racism, sexism, and homophobia that lurks around every corner in the modern world isn’t enough, good liberals make TV shows (Mad Men), write novels (The Help) and make films (Mississippi Burning, … Continued


The New Homeland?

A lot of spies, check. A dysfunctional marriage, check. Extramarital sex, check. An older sister, younger brother combination who each are annoying in their own right, check. A great female lead, check. A plot where we care just as much for the bad guys as the good guys, check. This checklist of commonalties link two … Continued

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Communism and the Fantastic Four Reboot

Can the Hollywood reboot of The Fantastic Four, now in the works, succeed where the original movies failed?  It all depends on whether producer Matthew Vaughn and director Josh Trank have the guts to do one thing: To make The Fantastic Four about the family versus communism. The Fantastic Four was the comic that launched the Marvel Comics revolution … Continued

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The “Hollywood Holocaust” and Other Cold War Myths

Howard Kurtz calls our attention to the Hollywood Reporter where the current publisher issued an apology for what he termed the “Hollywood Holocaust,” in which the industry magazine, “Hollywood Reporter,” led by his father, Billy Wilkerson, led a “crusade” against the Communist Party in Hollywood. Kurtz describes the effort as “odious” and an “appalling chapter of … Continued

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