Why Campus Ministries Don’t Appeal to College Students

College is, in general, a time of challenges, but it is even more so for Christians than their secular peers. Without parents to hold them accountable, and with the broadly accepted view that college is the time to sow wild oats, even the goodiest of goody-two-shoes can fall prey to the Bacchanalian social life that … Continued


Oh, the Places You’ll Go (to Church)!

Unlike some with similar backgrounds, I found the experience of growing up in suburban Chicago, attending public schools, and observing weekly church functions to be, on the whole, pleasant and instructive. My father was a Protestant pastor and spent different stints serving in some of the poorest and some of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the … Continued


Hot Wives, Bitter Bloggers, and Social Media Faux Pas

Socrates said that the unexamined life was not worth living. If I can piggy-back on my boy ‘Crates for just one second, I would add to that pearl of wisdom the following: the over-examined TwitPic serving as fodder for an indulgent Huffington Post blog entry is not worth reading (brevity was never my thing). Thanks … Continued