Chris Pratt is Right About Selfies

Even celebrities are getting worried about technology and social media now. In a recent interview, Emma Watson explained, “It’s a minefield! Technology is moving so fast right now.” The Beauty and the Beast star added, “Everyone is scrambling around trying to understand what it means to have an avatar, how to live our lives on … Continued


Why the Best Actors Aren’t Americans

The timing was coincidental, but last week, just as I was finishing an in-depth biography of screen legend Jimmy Stewart I happened upon this interview Michael Douglas had given to The Independent on the current state of home-grown acting talent in Hollywood today. “There’s a crisis in young American actors right now. Everyone’s much more … Continued

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How Chris Pratt Became America’s Leading Man

Normally Hollywood is in little danger of under-hyping anything, but this month the suzerains of entertainment were caught completely off-guard by the success of Jurassic World, which has just broken the record for earning $1 billion at the global box office more quickly than any other film in history. It will end the summer at … Continued


The Greatness of ‘Jurassic Park’

Jurassic World comes out this Friday, the fourth installment in the semi-regular Jurassic Park series. As you’d expect, at this point the franchise is a pure cash-grab. How much so? Well, this movie has been in development for at least eight years and early versions of the script featured dinosaur commandos. Dinosaur. Commandos. But don’t … Continued

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Chris Pratt for President

Without a doubt, 2014 was the Year of Chris Pratt. The Parks and Recreation star took the well-earned opportunities Hollywood presented him and hit each and every one out of the proverbial ballpark. There was his vocal performance as the lead in The Lego Movie. There was his turn as a space hero in the … Continued


Chris Pratt and the Familial Obligations of a Movie Star

The biggest (and I would argue best) movie of the summer has been Guardians of the Galaxy. Leading man Chris Pratt brought a new and refreshing take on the whole “gun-slinging cowboy” action star motif, and consequently, he’ll be hammering some sizable paychecks for years to come. But with newly found wealth comes newly found … Continued