Why Ramona Quimby Still Matters

Even though she’s turning 100 years old today, Beverly Cleary still has the same fiery spirit as when she wrote her famous Ramona books, starting back in 1955. Although she’s sold over 91 million copies of her children’s books, one of which was made into a Ramona and Beezus movie starring Selena Gomez and Josh … Continued


Fear and Friendship in ‘Goosebumps’

As a young girl, I devoured the bags of Goosebumps stories my mother brought home from the used bookstore as one would devour bags of buttered popcorn at the movies. To my young mind, R. L. Stine’s books were genuinely horrifying, captivating my imagination in a way that many contemporary writers don’t seem to have … Continued

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Why Parents Aren’t Making Their Kids Read This Summer

All over the country, libraries and towns are rolling out summer reading programs that have a singular objective: encouraging kids to keep reading between late June and September when they won’t be landlocked in a classroom all day, anchored by a teacher. Libraries and educators have one major impediment to these annual campaigns: parents. A … Continued


C. S. Lewis’s Narnia: Mouthwash for the Imagination

When a former Archbishop of Canterbury sits down to write a book that delves into the theology of your literary career, one would not expect the primary texts analyzed to be the series of children’s stories you penned during the Eisenhower administration. Rowan Williams’s newly released The Lion’s World: A Journey into the Heart of … Continued

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Post of the Week

  Check out Mark Tapson’s post about how technology draws his child away from herself, while the moon and stars in the children’s classic book Goodnight Moon bring her home.

Post of the Week

Goodnight Stars

by Mark Tapson The other night my two-year-old daughter insisted that I read the classic children’s bedtime story Goodnight Moon to her before bed–five times in a row. Considering how many times I’ve been tempted to read my rowdy child the modern bedtime parody for adults called Go the F__ to Sleep, I was happy … Continued

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Footprintz in the Sands of Time

Very few people these days are trying to raise their children as good New England Transcendentalists. And so one might expect the market for a Transcendentalist children’s novel to be vanishingly small. Yet fantasist (and mystery novelist) Jane Langton managed to create novels which are didactic, yet light and charming. The Diamond in the Window, … Continued


In Review: Eve Tushnet on Classic Children’s Lit

Blogger Eve Tushnet has contributed several posts in the last month on classic children’s literature. If you are looking for virtue-based summer reading for youth, Tushnet’s provided a great list of books: The Spell of the Satirist’s Skill I don’t know why anyone would ever want to rule a fantasy kingdom, or become an evil … Continued