What the Theater Can Teach Us About Living in the Moment

A movie chain in southern California recently announced the opening of a new theater with an indoor jungle gym situated alongside stadium seating. The goal is to “exhaust” children ahead of the movie so parents can sit back and enjoy the flick. The kids, meanwhile, will “then sprawl out on beanbags and lounge seats and … Continued


Coding Isn’t Reading

Ivanka Trump recently announced that she will be attending a coding class this summer with her five-year-old daughter. “We’re excited to learn this incredibly important new language together,” Trump said, speaking at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. “Coding truly is the language of the future.” Like Ivanka, many tech gurus … Continued


How Churches Are Helping Foster Kids Find Homes

Last week, one-year-old Bianca Abdul was found dead in her crib in Staten Island, N.Y. Her mother told authorities the child had bumped her head on a coffee table. But Bianca’s family had previously been investigated seven times for abuse by the Administration for Child Services. This is one of several cases in recent years … Continued


Why Aren’t Schools Letting Kids Outside for Recess?

A mom in New York tells me she’s in a fight with her kid’s preschool. You might think she’s unhappy with the zero-tolerance policy for Kombucha? Too much enrichment? Not enough? In fact, it’s none of the above. Her fight is over the children playing outside. The mother wants her kid to be outside more … Continued


Why the Left Declared Open Season on Trump’s Children

No clear-thinking conservative attacked Barack and Michelle Obama’s children over the last eight years. Sasha and (until recently) Malia Obama are just teens, and no matter how nasty politics gets, for the most part decent people (and the media) go out of their way not to make the children of politicians the story. Or at … Continued


Lefty Parenting Blogs Finally Discover Boys Have Feelings Too

Over at the Disney-owned parenting site Babble, writer Adrian Wood asks a very good question: “Is it just me, or does it seem that boys are flying under the radar lately when it comes to conversations about self-worth, personal value, and body image?” The mom of four, who lives in North Carolina and regularly contributes … Continued


Signs That Your Kids Might Need Less Screen Time

Leave it to the olds to come up with the perfect experiment to shame their children about their technology use. Australian pasta sauce company Dolmios wanted to show how technology use was interrupting an important ritual (one in which the company obviously has a financial interest): family dinner time. With parents’ cooperation they filmed families … Continued


Why Kids Need Unstructured Play—And Why They’re Not Getting It

The arrival of summer always makes me feel a measure of nostalgia, but this year the feeling is particularly acute. My daughter just finished nursery school and is scheduled to start kindergarten in late August, which means the next few months represent a bridge between two very different chapters of her life. I realize this … Continued


Don’t be a Princess. Be a Hot Dog.

In a recent opinion piece in the New York Times, psychology professor Adam Grant argued that our era’s obsession with authenticity is misguided. “Nobody wants to see your true self,” he argued. “We all have thoughts or feelings that we believe are fundamental to our lives, but that are better left unspoken.” (Unless you’re Oprah, he … Continued