What ‘A Christmas Carol’ Teaches Us About Happiness

Two copies of A Christmas Carol, both illustrated, and four different film adaptations, one animated and one featuring Muppets, sit in my parents’ living room. My father, the patron of this Christmas collection, always told his children A Christmas Carol wasn’t just a holiday narrative, it was a human one. A tale of redemption and … Continued


The ‘A Christmas Carol’ You Should Be Watching

As Christmas approaches, the choice of which Christmas movies to watch over the remaining days looms. One standard selection is Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, but which version? Because the story is in the public domain, there are over a dozen representations out there, from a silent film in 1910 to a Hallmark special in … Continued

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In Defense of Ebenezer Scrooge

In the opening sequences of A Christmas Carol—which in a way is a kind of secular gospel story for the secular Christmas—hardworking and thrifty Scrooge is bent over his desk delivering value to his clients. In addition, by restricting the use of coal in his office fireplace, he’s also doing his part to clean up … Continued


Why Does Everyone Love “The Goldfinch”?

The Goldfinch is having a moment. Published in October of last year, the novel by Donna Tartt has received wide acclaim from readers and critics. It’s become something of a pop culture phenomenon. Which prompts the question—why do people love it so much? The book is 771 pages long. It’s the story of a boy … Continued


Today’s Pop Culture Scene

Pop culture meets the virtues in these interesting stories from around the web . . . Handbags as Power (or What Margaret Thatcher Wore)—The Daily Beast A purse can impress and intimidate, bewilder, berate, or amuse. During Thatcher’s tenure as prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990, her handbags came to signify … Continued