Could ‘Fatal Attraction’ Get Made in 2017?

This month marks the thirtieth anniversary of a film that unleashed a torrent of feminist criticism, scared untold numbers of husbands into avoiding marital infidelity, and became the world’s highest-grossing movie of the year. Three decades later, Fatal Attraction remains a cultural touchstone. Back in February, for example, Saturday Night Live parodied the 1987 thriller … Continued


What American Feminists Could Learn from the UK’s Misguided Effort to Stop ‘Gender Stereotyping’ in Advertising

Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini once said, “Censorship is advertising paid by the government.” In an ironic twist, one government has now taken to censoring—you guessed it—actual advertising. I’m not talking about requiring ads to meet basic standards for decency by not showing lewd images or crude language, but demanding that they conform to current sensibilities … Continued


How Liberals Became the New Cultural Conservatives

Boy have we come a long way since the 1960s. When Lou Reed was growing up, rock ‘n roll was under attack by culturally conservative critics who believed his music was immoral and a bad influence on the youth who loved it. Even the FBI got involved in investigating the lyrics of “Louie Louie” in … Continued


Is Emory University Creating More Trump Supporters?

You have to wonder whether Trump supporters at Emory University feel “safe” now that their political preference is considered hate speech. On Monday morning, students at Emory woke up to find “Trump 2016” scrawled in chalk across their campus. Outraged, a group of 40 to 50 students barged into the administration building while chanting “We … Continued


‘The Producers,’ the Swastika, and the Tyranny of Feelings

I found it encouraging to learn that students at Tappan Zee High School in Orangetown, New York recently chose to put on Mel Brooks’ hilarious satire The Producers as a school play. An excellent, bold choice. If you are tragically unfamiliar with it, the comedy centers on two theater producers who stage an intentional flop … Continued


Why is Hollywood Pandering to Chinese Censors?

Watching The Dark Knight Rises in Shanghai in 2012, I wondered how the film had gotten past the censors. A leftist was running around a city decrying the rich, inciting a mindless mob to take over and steal individuals’ property, and convicting people without trial in kangaroo courts. It was as if Mao Zedong had … Continued

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The Community Cost of Reading ‘Huck Finn’

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported recently that school administrators at a Quaker school in Pennsylvania removed The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from the curriculum to placate students who complained that racial elements in the book made them feel uncomfortable. The administrators concluded that the “costs” to the community of assigning the book outweighed its literary value. On the contrary, … Continued


Seven Books that Should Be Banned

Every fall the publishing industry—excuse me, the “national books community”—engages in the self-promotional frenzy known as “Banned Books Week.” It comes complete with #BannedBooksWeek hashtags, events at public libraries, and high-minded declarations from authors. This may help book sales, but it only harms our ability to take books seriously. The first dishonest thing about “Banned … Continued