Are Smartphones Causing Spike in Depression Among Teen Girls?

What will it take for us to turn off our phones? A study published in the December issue of Pediatrics found that depression rates among adolescents and teens had increased significantly over the past decade. As one parenting magazine summarized the findings: “Using data from the National Surveys on Drug Use and Health, researchers found … Continued


I’m a Millennial and I Use a Dumb Phone

It’s been a tumultuous 2016 so far for tech giant Apple. Its not-so-great stock performance has led to some not-so-happy investors, and the FBI is dragging the company through court in an epic battle pitting privacy against national security (and dividing much of Apple’s customer base). Recent events even prompted Donald Trump to call for … Continued


Amy Poehler and How Cell Phones Want to Kill Us

The best comedians are those who notice reality as it is, and allow us to also see the absurdities that come with it. One of my favorite observers is Amy Poehler, whose deadpan delivery and comedic earnestness has been a central fixture of both SNL and Parks and Rec. But perhaps one of my favorite … Continued

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Grief in the Digital Age

At the beginning of July, Acculturated contributor Katrina Trinko expressed her frustration with those who complain about our cultural addiction to smartphones.  While I would not classify myself as a “cell phone hater,” there are some places where banning cell phones would create community where it is most lacking and most needed.  The 9/11 Memorial … Continued


How Smartphones Create Community

It’s trendy to hate smartphones. I often hear people lamenting how smart phones have changed society – and not for the better. They encourage us to work too much, and they discourage us from interacting with strangers. We neglect our loved ones and friends, and squander our time on games like Candy Crush and checking … Continued


Making a Smart Call

Jerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was recently caught on camera speaking on a flip phone. Quelle horreur! Even worse, Jones recently sold the naming rights to the massive football palace he built near Dallas. It’s now AT&T Stadium. The company paid $17 million a year; maybe it should have tossed in … Continued