Thor Bakes a Cake. Internet Freaks Out.

What makes a good dad? There’s been an explosion of answers following the recent publication of an Instagram picture featuring Thor actor Chris Hemsworth baking a cake for his daughter. papa trabajando duro en la tarta de cumpleaños de India!! feliz cumple India! Te queremos más que nada en este mundo! / Papa working hard … Continued

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The Downside to Having Celebrity Parents

The children of celebrities are often the object of envy for their lavish lifestyles; seemingly from the moment they are born, celebrity kids find themselves on the covers of magazines or plastered all over Instagram. Not surprisingly, many children of celebrity parents grow up to become actors or celebrities themselves. But there are drawbacks to … Continued


Parenting Under a Microscope

Nobody puts baby in a corner. Especially not when that baby’s last name is Beckham. David Beckham found himself in the cross-hairs of the parenting mafia this week when his 4-year-old daughter was spotted sucking on a pacifier, or dummy as they are known in the UK. The so-called experts summoned by the Daily Mail … Continued

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In the Shadow of a Celebrity Dad

Being the child of a celebrity is a curse as well as a blessing. Being born into a life of wealth and glamour comes with obvious perks, and many children of celebrities inevitably become insufferable, spoiled brats, particularly if they aren’t blessed with a talent of their own that distinguishes them from their famous parents. … Continued


In Praise of Ashton Kutcher’s Pro-Father Message

Ashton Kutcher has a challenge for American bathrooms: Install changing tables in men’s rooms. He took to Facebook both to complain and to offer a carrot, writing: As of recent, I know a strangely large amount about the history of changing tables, after doing research on their advent for a separate article about ways that companies have helped families … Continued

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Chris Kyle and Rick Moranis: Fatherhood Is Job #1

Given our society’s division between the military and the civilian population, the connection between an American war hero and a comedic performer isn’t obvious. And yet, “legend” Chris Kyle and actor Rick Moranis sound very closely related when it comes to their assessment of the importance of fatherhood. A lot has been said and written … Continued


Jim Gaffigan: A Good Husband and Better Dad

“All I want to do is be a good dad, but I’m pretty bad at it.” – Jim Gaffigan Jim Gaffigan is one of the great comedians of our time and continues to gain popularity for his honest humor about life, family, and his love of food. Jim jokes a lot about his adventures in … Continued

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Celebs and What Money Can’t Buy

Celebrities don’t always get things wrong. From time to time, they even get things really, really right. A recent interview with the late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s accountant reveals that Hoffman repeatedly rejected the advice to share his fortune with his kids. Hoffman “did not want his children to be considered ‘trust fund’ kids,” and he … Continued