Are Colleges Giving Good Career Advice?

Do U.S. colleges provide students what they need to build successful careers?  According to an article in a recent issue of The Atlantic, maybe not. Citing the results of a recent Gallup-Purdue Index study suggesting that just one in six college graduates in the U.S. found their Career Services office to be “very helpful,” the … Continued


Barefoot Contessa, Career Counselor?

Conventional wisdom on wise career decision-making is to start by setting some goals. We tend to imagine that the most successful people are extremely goal-directed, setting their sights on something and then doing everything in their power to achieve it. Why? Because “if you don’t know where you’re going,” says the book title by legendary … Continued

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Can “Executioner” Be a Calling?

As a vocational psychologist and author interested in people who pursue their work with passion and purpose, and especially who think of their work as a calling, I’ve collected many accounts of people talking about the work they love.  Paragons of meaningful work typically feel that that their jobs suit them extremely well, and provide … Continued


Will an Algorithm Land You Your Next Job?

Just about anyone who has looked long and hard for a job can tell you how painful the process can be.  Hours and hours are sunk into scouring job boards, circling endless employer displays at job fairs, revising that dreaded resumé, and making countless phone calls that will undoubtedly go unreturned. The process is hard … Continued