Kayla Mueller’s Extremist Calling

As a university professor, I consider my job a calling. It is a job that is both highly personally meaningful and one in which I get to help others on a regular basis. It is something that both I and Kayla Mueller—the most recent victim of terrorist group ISIS—have in common. In a recent New … Continued


Dear American Workers: Get a Life

Forget striving to achieve a work-life balance. Maybe it’s time for our culture to consider whether we even have “lives” to incorporate with work. This week, the Wall Street Journal highlighted a new trend among a handful of companies: All employees not just working together in the same place, but also living there, sometimes permanently, … Continued


Does Having Money Make You a Better Mom?

Over at the Atlantic, Jean Twenge hit a nerve with her piece entitled “How Long Can You Wait to Have a Baby?” in which she argues that when you look at all the available evidence, research and statistics, it isn’t true that women in their 30s should fear they’ve missed their chance to have children … Continued

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Is 30 the New 20?

My older sister is a 30ish, single, professional woman who lives in Chicago with two roommates fitting the same description. Whenever I visit, I am struck by a large sign above the front door. It says “Make Good Choices.” Its size and prominence in their apartment is an indication of how important that simple slogan … Continued


Finding Joy at Work and Maximizing Your Time

Spring cleaning usually brings up images of bleach and dust rags, but this spring, I’m cleaning up how I spend my time with the help of time-management author Laura Vanderkam. A few years back, Vanderkam wrote 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think, a terrific guide to figuring out where your time really … Continued


A Superhero’s Calling

In two earlier posts, I described how Spider-Man and Batman can offer some career development life lessons to nonsuperheroes like us. The superhero-as-career-development-role-model progression culminates in understanding how superheroes approach their jobs as a calling. Many superheroes have a strong desire to help others, even when doing so involves great personal risk. Typically, superheroes are … Continued

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Career Yay! Princess Nay!

 Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor showed up on Sesame Street the other day. Not to discuss the allegations of sexual misconduct against the puppeteer who does Elmo, mind you. No, Sotomayor was there to explain the word “career” to Abby Cadabby and to educate Abby that her career aspirations weren’t any good. “A career is … Continued

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