Why the Mainstream Media Can’t Quit Obsessing About the 2016 Election

Earlier this week, CNN aired a debate between far-left Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and conservative Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on the topic of healthcare. During a dead timeslot for the network, the ratings proved to be a nice boost, especially considering the drop that most news networks are experiencing now that the election … Continued


What “Black-ish” Gets Right About Trump Voters

Just a week before the inauguration, the country is still raw with post-election angst. While non-Trump-supporting Republicans have had since the summer to reach a point of acceptance, Hillary voters have had far less time. While losing a primary race is different than losing a general election, non-Trump-voting Republicans were forced to face the fact … Continued

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The Revenge of “Poshlost”

In a 1967 interview with Paris Review, Vladimir Nabokov was asked to elaborate on the Russian concept of “Poshlost”—a kind of smug philistinism that he had first discussed in his collected Lectures In Russian Literature. “Now if we want to pin down poshlost in contemporary writing,” Nabokov observed, “we must look for it in Freudian … Continued


The Left’s Illiberal Coercion Strategy Targets Businesses

What do Anheuser-Busch InBev, Grubhub, New Balance, Kellogg’s, and the HGTV show Fixer Upper have in common? On the surface, not a whole lot—except that, over the past several weeks, each one has been the subject of a political controversy. On October 28th, Adweek reported that Anheuser-Busch InBev was ending its parodic “Bud Light Party” … Continued


The NY Times Guide to Ruining Your Family Thanksgiving

Donald Trump’s recent election victory came as an unexpected shock to much of the country, leaving befuddled Hillary Clinton supporters without closure. Like the Civil War, this contentious election often pitted friends and family against each other, and in the aftermath many who can’t let it go want to keep debating politics, even—or perhaps especially—at … Continued


The Silver Lining of a Brutal Election Campaign

The past year and a half has been a moment of polarization, acrimony, and downright viciousness in American politics. Sadly, these trends have continued in the days since November 8. We’ve seen throngs of people marching or rioting in the streets to protest a free and fair election outcome, while others rally behind the hashtag … Continued


The Great Celebrity Freak-Out Over Trump

Take a deep breath, celebrities. When oxygen returns to your brains, you’ll realize a few things. You want to sell tickets to the 52 percent of Americans who didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton. You want your shows to be watched by people who live between the coasts. Maybe (and this is going out on a … Continued


Safety Pin Virtue-Signaling

Imagine the scene: On the subway, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab is sitting, minding her own business. A man approaches, full of hatred in his heart. He wants that seat; she doesn’t deserve to sit. He approaches and spews epithets and seems prepared to strike her. He feels emboldened to do so because the … Continued


Republicans Should Be Magnanimous …. But So Should Democrats

After such a bitter election, it’s a welcome relief to see our political leaders—particularly President-Elect Trump, Secretary Hillary Clinton, and President Obama—be magnanimous and encourage the country to come together. It’s an important message: As Americans, we are all on the same team and want what is best for the country. The election’s winners, Donald … Continued


Parents: Stop Scaring Your Kids About the Election

The morning after the election, I vowed not to go on Facebook . . . and then promptly logged on. As I predicted, my feed was filled with emotional posts from my liberal friends, who were somewhere along the five stages of grief. I saw denial (Vermont hasn’t reported yet! There’s still a chance!), anger … Continued