Is it Time for Conservatives to Reconsider the 1960s?

For several decades, conservatives have been tilting our lances at the 1960s. The decade of street protests, psychedelica, kooky environmentalism, Eastern religious experimentation and rock-and-roll is, in many conservatives’ view, the lodestar of all things bad. What did the sixties give us? Addiction, promiscuity, social justice warriors and New Age bunk. Many of these arguments … Continued


Camille Paglia Calls Lena Dunham a “Big Pile of Pudding”

The Internet is full of people speaking their minds—about everything from that hair dryer they bought on to their reasons for preferring Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary race. But political correctness has also been making itself heard more vigorously online in recent years. In February, Twitter announced the creation … Continued


Taylor Swift: Modern Woman or “Nazi Barbie”?

If Taylor Swift ever believed she had bad blood before, boy does she have it now. Over her birthday weekend, the young queen of pop watched a bomb with her name on it explode after the famed feminist critic Camille Paglia published a shockingly scathing attack on Swift, calling her a blonde, elitist “Nazi Barbie.” … Continued


The Campus Minefield of Consensual Sex

Thanks to the increasing hysteria about a “rape culture” we don’t have and irrational definitions of what constitutes sexual assault, sex on American campuses is becoming so fraught with bureaucratic oversight and legal landmines that students—especially males—may end up settling for celibacy. Panicking about how to manage a rumored tsunami of on-campus sexual assault allegations, … Continued


Let’s End “The End of Men” Conversation

In its “Ideas” section online, Time recently posted “Men Are Obsolete,” adapted from Hanna Rosin’s opening statement at last November’s Munk Debate, itself entitled “Resolved: Men Are Obsolete.” Rosin is the author of The End of Men, a once-sensationalistic title which echoes those of other books in recent years like Manning Up: How the Rise … Continued


Sorry, Camille: It’s Time to Crush Misogynistic Porn Culture

UK Prime Minister David Cameron made some major waves last month when he announced a new plan that would require homes to opt in if they wanted access to online porn. If a home doesn’t opt-in, their Internet provider will automatically filter porn sites. He also announced plans to crack down on pedophiles searching for child … Continued


Has Rock and Roll Lost Its Poetry?

It’s not that today’s female pop stars are not feminists. It’s that, like today’s young male pop stars, they’re illiterate. Songwriters are supposed to be poets. But we now have at least one generation of digital-revolution songwriters who know nothing about symbolism, metaphor, word play, and writing about unexpected and diverse topics. That’s the point … Continued

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My Camille Paglia Interview: The Outtakes

Earlier this fall, I spent an afternoon with Camille Paglia at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to talk about her new book, Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art from Egypt to Star Wars. For Paglia, the art world is in spiritual crisis—it has not had a new idea in years. Why? Because it sneers at religion. Paglia thinks that the spiritual … Continued

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Welcome to the Acculturated-Ricochet Pop Culture Podcast!

Welcome to the inaugural Acculturated-Ricochet podcast on pop-culture! In our debut show, Acculturated contributor Ben Domenech and I interview art historian and literary critic Camille Paglia about her new book Glittering Images: A Journey Through Art From Egypt to Star Wars, which hits a bookstand near you on October 16. For those interested in why the art … Continued

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Bacchanalia & “No Church In the Wild”

There’s something haunting about “No Church in the Wild,” the hypnotic new song by Kanye West and Jay-Z. I first heard the song in the trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, and the more I listen to it, the more I realize how perfectly it captures the spirit of Gatsby’s decadent world and also … Continued

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