What Caitlyn Jenner Gets Wrong About Happiness and Gay Marriage

Is happiness always worth chasing? In a surprising interview with Ellen DeGeneres last week, Caitlyn Jenner expressed some ambivalence about gay marriage. “I’m a traditionalist,” said Jenner, a former Olympian and member of the Kardashian clan, who has chronicled her transgender journey on her reality show, I Am Cait. But Jenner acknowledged she’d come around … Continued

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ESPN Steamrolls a Real Profile in Courage

Bob Costas is getting heat for daring to suggest that giving Caitlyn Jenner the ESPN Arthur Ashe award is preposterous. He’s right, of course. And not just because giving the award to Jenner is a publicity stunt, but because there was an obvious choice for 2015: Leah and Devon Still, whose story goes like this: … Continued

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The Cult of Caitlyn Jenner

The transformation is not about the victim. It’s about us, the watchers. That was one of the most poignant moments in the novel The Exorcist, William Blatty’s masterpiece of horror. The two priests who are performing the rite of exorcism are exhausted, and during a break one asks the other: Why? Why does the diabolical … Continued

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