In the Trump Era, Will Businesses Have to Virtue-Signal to Survive?

Ever since November, a significant number of Americans have assumed that President-elect Donald Trump’s victory heralds a return to unequal treatment of people of different ethnicities and gender orientations. If you’re LGBTQ, the story goes, you’re in big trouble, not to mention Muslims, undocumented workers, women, and just about everyone else who isn’t a rich … Continued


Women Are Making Progress… Let’s Not Allow Government to Get in Their Way

Women frustrated by workplace challenges are sometimes invited to imagine how much better it would be if women held the reins of corporate power. Female bosses would treat employees better, providing higher wages and superior benefit packages with greater flexibility. These generous policies would improve the bottom-line, as satisfied employees perform better, bolstering profitability. Of … Continued


Modern Tupperware Parties

Remember the famous pink Cadillac that successful Mary Kay sales women used to receive? Well, these days, the Cadillac has been supplanted by a sleek, black BMW for top reps, and direct selling—as the type of merchandising pioneered by Mary Kay is officially called—has become, as the Washington Post describes it, “hipper and higher end.” … Continued


The Left’s Illiberal Coercion Strategy Targets Businesses

What do Anheuser-Busch InBev, Grubhub, New Balance, Kellogg’s, and the HGTV show Fixer Upper have in common? On the surface, not a whole lot—except that, over the past several weeks, each one has been the subject of a political controversy. On October 28th, Adweek reported that Anheuser-Busch InBev was ending its parodic “Bud Light Party” … Continued


How Silicon Valley Punishes Innovators Who Don’t Embrace the Liberal Agenda

You would think that your political views wouldn’t affect your ability to invent and innovate, to create something new and potentially revolutionize the world. But increasingly, the liberal bias that pervades the celebrity-powered clime of Hollywood is migrating north to Silicon Valley. There’s plenty of innovation happening outside of Google, Facebook, Apple and the rest … Continued


Does Reality TV Encourage Entrepreneurship?

Where is capitalism and entrepreneurship shown off in the best light? Just where one would expect – on reality TV. According to the New York Post, the monstrous success of Shark Tank has led to an explosion of similarly-themed business entrepreneur shows. The two latest entries in this genre are Adventure Capitalists and Cleveland Hustles, … Continued

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Former Banker Blames Wall Street “Excess” for Personal Failings

Remember that time your mother slugged you in the face? Not slapped. Punched. Repeatedly. While you were driving? No? It happened to Sam Polk, who has had an interesting life. He’s an ex-drug fiend, compulsive masturbator, bulimic, dog-killer, and brawler who once participated in a passable imitation of an Ultimate Fighting match right in his … Continued