How I Escaped the Mommy Wars

With my first baby, motherhood came fairly easily. After a bit of a rough start breastfeeding, I got back on track with the help of a wonderful lactation consultant. My daughter was an easy eater, sleeper, teether, you name it. So naturally, I got a bit cocky. I thought about how much some of my … Continued


Why Subaru Thinks Puppies are the Same as Babies

Despite its perception as being the “progressive” car company alternative, Subaru’s latest television and online ads for its 2017 Impreza suggest the company has officially joined the ranks of businesses that are shamelessly willing to manipulate consumers by deploying puppies and babies in their advertisements:   While the ad might seem harmless at first glance, … Continued


It’s OK to Let Your Baby “Cry it Out”

A half-dozen friends posted news of a new study with some variation of the caption “Vindicated!” on social media recently. The research, released by the Journal of Pediatrics, indicates that in a small study of higher-income and well-educated parents, different methods of sleep training, including letting children “cry it out,” aren’t physically or psychologically harmful … Continued


Finally! The Babysitting Robot We’ve All Been Waiting For!

Does your baby cry and want to be held? Is this extremely annoying? Do you just want a break from your demanding infant? Then I have found the product for you: Introducing the Babocush, a gently rocking bouncy-style seat that looks like the love child of a miniature mechanical bull and a diaper changing table.   … Continued

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How Young is Too Young to Become a Viral Video Sensation?

In an age of reality TV, YouTube, and Kardashian global domination, it must seem natural for kids to start making their mark as celebrities at ever earlier ages (Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West has already been dubbed a “fashion force to be reckoned with” at the age of two). Consider this week’s most recent contender, a … Continued


Baby Mozart or Baby Adele?

Should parents expose young children to Adele or to Mozart? More broadly, should we try to form in our children an appreciation for worthy pop culture or for the classics of our civilization? The day Adele’s new single, “Hello” was released, I explained to our two-year-old daughter (as much as one can fruitfully explain anything … Continued

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Why Are These Children the Latest Social Media Sensation?

A newborn baby photo shoot is making the rounds on social media. At first glance, it appears to be no different than any other of the millions posted by new parents with their infants. The washed out pastels. The mother and father cradling and crooning. The sweet, soft swaddle. Only in this case, the baby … Continued


Mourning in America

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced the pregnancy of his wife Priscilla. He also surprised the public with this: the two had endured three previous miscarriages: We want to share one experience to start. We’ve been trying to have a child for a couple of years and have had three miscarriages along the way. You feel … Continued


We Need More Apology Parents

I’m an apology parent—the type that apologizes for nearly everything my child does. I often utter the words, “I’m so sorry” even before my child does anything wrong. I apologize the moment I enter an airplane, in church, in most public settings. In the grocery store, I often lock eyes with people and give them … Continued

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