A Lesson in Graciously Turning Down a Man

In the past few weeks there has been a lot of coverage in the media about men and catcalling. It kicked off when Doree Lewak wrote a piece in the New York Post claiming that she finds catcalls from men flattering.  This was met with a forceful response by feminists, who argued that catcalls are … Continued


Overcoming the Attractiveness Bias

Bodies have been on people’s mind perhaps more than normal the past few weeks. Whether it be critiques about how we talk about Melissa McCarthy’s body or salivation over all those world cup studs or the surprise of bulky baseball player Prince Fielder being on the cover of ESPN the Magazine’s annual body issue, conversations … Continued


A Privilege of the Single Man

Last week a video went viral of Dustin Hoffman talking about his experience becoming a woman for his role in Tootsie. After spending hours transforming his face and figure, Hoffman looked himself in the mirror and asked to be made prettier. Unfortunately, there was nothing more the make-up artists could do. Later Hoffman would go … Continued

Love in the 21st Century