The P.C. Casting Call

From Shakespeare to James Bond to Nancy Drew, non-traditional casting choices in the film and stage worlds are in the news lately. Producers seem eager to play with the traditional gender and ethnicity of white and/or male characters – unfortunately not so much to further an artistic vision as to push for politically correct gender … Continued


Hollywood’s So-Called Feminist Blacklist

Is there a new “blacklist” in Hollywood? According to actress Rose McGowan, there is, and the way to get your name on it is to be a feminist. The actual story of what’s happening to McGowan’s rapidly fading career, though, is a little different. She thought she was taking aim at sexism in showbiz, but … Continued


Five Reasons to Love Blake Lively

Hollywood is notoriously bereft of positive female role models. Everywhere you turn, there are girls lacking class and character, or who are busy getting caught up in scandals, drugs, and DUIs. With frighteningly few exceptions, our modern starlets seem devoid of that which is worth emulating, and of the women who really are worth admiring, … Continued