When Pop Stars Act: Harry Styles Edition

Christopher Nolan had never tried to tackle a true story until the story of the miracle at Dunkirk obsessed him enough to make the event the subject of a feature length film. But to tell the story, he enlisted Harry Styles, who, as a pop singer, would hardly seem like a “real” actor to audiences … Continued


Hollywood’s So-Called Feminist Blacklist

Is there a new “blacklist” in Hollywood? According to actress Rose McGowan, there is, and the way to get your name on it is to be a feminist. The actual story of what’s happening to McGowan’s rapidly fading career, though, is a little different. She thought she was taking aim at sexism in showbiz, but … Continued


No Fault in This Star

My wife almost never wants to see a movie in the theater. She’s perfectly content watching at home. Now, I say “almost never” only because of the existence of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. For some odd reason, the same films that Mrs. Moeller is interested in attending with her husband all seem to star the … Continued

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Paul Newman, Racing, and a Life Well Lived

Paul Newman was one of a kind. The late, great actor and philanthropist lived a life worth remembering. And a new documentary about his oft-forgotten second career as a successful professional racecar driver does an excellent job of reminding us all of that fact. Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman is an 83-minute behind-the-scenes … Continued

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Jeremy Renner, Action Dad

As the helplessly smitten father of two little girls (with a third on the way), I have a soft spot for stories about manly dads who freely confess to being wrapped around their daughter’s little finger. So I was touched when Fox News reported that tough guy action star Jeremy Renner recently gushed about his … Continued

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The Madness of Shia LaBeouf

With his latest film, Fury, doing extremely well at the box office, and his performance receiving high praise from critics, Shia LaBeouf should have spent the last month celebrating with friends, causing embarrassing scenes at red carpet premieres, or spitting on the shoes of police officers. Something wild and crazy and licentious, right? That was … Continued


Robin Williams’ Gift

Like everyone else, I was stunned yesterday to hear of the passing of comedian and actor Robin Williams, apparently by his own hand. A sad clown who brought gut-busting laughter to countless millions for over 35 years while simultaneously wrestling with dark personal demons, Williams was also an Oscar-caliber dramatic actor of such classics as … Continued


In Defense of James Franco

James Franco can’t catch a break. Despite his acting accolades, the would-be Renaissance man is often dismissed as more of a hipster dilettante, stumbling at everything he attempts outside of acting. The New York Times excoriated him for his “excruciatingly sophomoric poems,” “entitled narcissism,” and “confused desperation” in pursuit of the visual arts. Acculturated’s own … Continued


David Mamet Shuts Down a Gender-Bending ‘Oleanna’

The representatives of famed playwright David Mamet moved swiftly to shut down a production of his drama Oleanna recently after only one performance. Why? Because the company kept secret, until the curtain rose, its decision to cast a male actor in the lead female role. The 1992 play Oleanna centers on the violent tension between … Continued


Gary Oldman’s Freewheeling, Profane Honesty

Outrage is the lifeblood of the internet, and nothing fuels online outrage quite like a celebrity going off-script and passionately challenging the socially approved pieties of political correctness. Actor Gary Oldman is not a movie star who keeps playing himself over and over again. He’s an actual actor with a perfectionist’s work ethic and incredible … Continued