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Suffer for the Future?

Maybe, in baseball as in life, there has to be some suffering along the way. Consider Red Sox or White Sox fans, who waited decades to watch their teams finally capture World Series titles. Or Cubs fans. They’re still waiting, generations after their last title. Then there’s Washington. So far, 2013 hasn’t gone as planned. … Continued

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Post of the Week

R. J. Moeller’s post on C. S. Lewis’s double life as a Christian author and a complicated man.


There’s More to Life Than Being Successful

Listening to the Acculturated podcast with Rod Dreher, which we published yesterday, made me wonder about some of the cultural differences between the north and the south in this country. In an essay about the south for the New Criterion, the writer Barton Swaim notes that, unlike the south, the north is “more vulnerable to the cultural volatility and … Continued

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How Technology Is Killing Human Connections, Happy Hour Edition

Will everything one day be sacrificed on the altar of convenience and efficiency? When it comes to how we interact with each other, we certainly seem to be trending in that direction. E-mail, texting, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other innovations of the digital age have expanded our social networks in a breathtaking way while, at … Continued

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Post of the Week

Mark Tapson’s excellent piece on cooking merits our Post of the Week award. Check out his thoughts on what he calls “the joylessness of cooking.”

Post of the Week

The Benefits of Optimism

Have you seen or read Silver Linings Playbook and/or Life of Pi? If you haven’t, I couldn’t recommend them more. My latest piece was actually inspired by these two phenomenal books/movies. In the piece, titled “The Benefits of Optimism Are Real,” I argue that a positive outlook on life is the most important predictor of resilience–or how … Continued

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Tupac Shakur & Helping Men Become Men

I recently came across an old song by Tupac Shakur, “Keep Ya Head Up.” It was another reminder of a phenomenon that has become part of our culture in the last forty years: the absence of men, which has forced women to try and teach men how to be men. Here are some lyrics from “Keep … Continued

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Why Have Kids? They Make Life Meaningful

by Mark Tapson No sooner had I cleaned my seven-week-old daughter’s poop off my lap the other day (don’t ask) than my two-year-old tried and failed to empty a jug of milk into a teacup she had perched atop a stack of art books (you have to understand what a book fetish I have to … Continued

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Thou Shalt Not Work From Home

A fascinating thing occurred last week in the ever changing world of work. The CEO of Yahoo! ordered that working from home was no longer an option for the company’s employees. Citing a greater desire for communication and collaboration, the memo from HR was positive in nature but definitive in message: work in the office … Continued