No One Saw ‘Moonlight.’ Why Did it Win the Oscar?

The hilarious fiasco that ended the 89th annual Academy Awards may have given us all something to talk about, but Oscar’s real problem isn’t that he tripped over his own shoelaces. It’s that he has turned his back on us. For decades, the top honors from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences went … Continued

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Why the Best Oscar Speeches are About Gratitude, Not Politics

We are at peak Award Show hype right now, with the Oscars airing live this Sunday night. Every year, we dissect acceptance speeches to assess the good, the bad, and the ugly—whether the content is political or simply a little cringe-worthy. Why do we bother? Recent changes to the speech format at awards shows aim … Continued


Don’t Give Nate Parker an Academy Award

Is there a morals clause to anything anymore? The question is relevant when it comes to the upcoming Oscar campaign for Nate Parker, the writer/director/star of The Birth of a Nation, which instantly became a frontrunner in the Oscars race in January and will be released nationwide with great fanfare in October. Parker, it turns … Continued


The Oscars Aren’t Racist – They’re Stuck in the Past

#OscarsSoWhite is the hashtag – activists claim that the Academy Awards, America’s favorite evening of self-indulgence wrapped in designer gowns, are biased against artists of color.  The New York Times recently featured a symposium that claimed to describe “what it’s really like to work in Hollywood if you’re not a straight white man.” It is … Continued

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Hollywood Plays “Who’s the Biggest Victim?” Game

Actress Julie Delpy should have known she was doomed to defeat in her artless attempt to displace African-Americans as bigger victims of discrimination in Hollywood. Given the highly publicized outrage about the upcoming Oscar’s lack of non-white nominees, Delpy’s comments that “sometimes I wish I were African American,” and “nothing worse than being a woman … Continued


Are the Academy Awards Racist?

With robots set to take over our jobs, the threat of further race riots in the streets of American cities, and ISIS expanding its caliphate in the most volatile regions of the world, the moral heroes in Hollywood are taking to Instagram to vent their anger at faceless, nameless Oscar voters who have perpetrated an … Continued

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Why ‘The Revenant’ is Really About Fatherhood

On Christmas Day here in Los Angeles, I saw the best film of 2015—The Revenant. Directed by the Academy Award-winning Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman), and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, The Revenant is based on the life of an American fur-trapping guide in the 1820s named Hugh Glass who embarked on an epic journey … Continued

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‘Suffragette’: A Lesson in Contemporary Smugness

At this time of year, nearly every week brings to the cinemas an Oscar hopeful that intends to use history to teach us a lesson about ourselves. Unfortunately, most of these movies fall into the same trap: They aren’t very curious about history. They are more like acts of self-congratulation. The new film Suffragette, starring … Continued

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Giuliana’s Grievous Mistake

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”— Lao Tzu Fashion Police veterans Giuliana Rancic and Kelly Osbourne were engaged in crossfire last week when Rancic disparaged Zendaya Coleman for her choice in hairstyle—worn in traditionally African style “locks”—at the Oscars. Despite Osbourne’s plea to spare her friend from Rancic’s … Continued

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