Iceland Needs the Lesson of ‘Atypical’

Netflix’s new show, Atypical, about the challenges of living as an autistic teenager, shows that disabled lives matter. People who live in Iceland might want to watch it—as an August CBS report about the country noted, Iceland has nearly killed off its Down Syndrome population through abortion. Here’s what Icelanders could learn from Atypical: people … Continued


Don’t Believe the Media. Arkansas is Not the Riyadh of the West

Is Arkansas the new Saudi Arabia? You’d think so from recent news accounts about the state’s new abortion restrictions. “In Arkansas, women will need permission from men to get abortions,” a headline on HuffPost said. Other publications, including The Independent in the UK, and Allure and Glamour magazines, used the same wording in headlines and … Continued


It’s Okay to Regret Your Abortion

In the last decade or so, as the number of abortions has slowly waned—they are at an historic low since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973—there’s been an increase in think pieces that promote not only abortion but also the idea that women shouldn’t regret having one. This is both morally disingenuous and psychologically … Continued


The New York Times’ Favorite Abortion Doctor

In order to lighten the mood, Willie J. Parker loves to talk about Alabama football while he is performing abortions. The board-certified obstetrician believes that “rather than allowing your fear to amplify any sensation you’re having, you’re having a conversation with me . . .” He calls it “verbicaine.” Parker’s folksy attitude was on full … Continued

Culture, Politics

Why Critics Ignored This Novel’s Approach to Abortion

The forty-fourth annual March for Life takes place in Washington, D.C., tomorrow, and many of the marchers will be in a celebratory mood. It’s not only that one of President Trump’s top advisers will be speaking at the march; it’s also that abortion rates are the lowest they have been since 1973, when the U.S. … Continued

Books, Culture

Lindy West and Nihilistic Feminism

“If you live today, you breathe in nihilism…it’s the gas you breathe,” Flannery O’Connor wrote in a letter in the mid-1950s. Such nihilism is now pervasive, inflicting enormous cultural destruction. For many people, those venerable notions of the good, the true, and the beautiful now seem nonsensical in the age of Snapchat and Tinder. Nevertheless, … Continued


“You Do You!” – Just Not When it Comes to Religious Belief?

Does “you do you” apply to individuals with deeply held religious convictions? That’s the question that, as a millennial, I’m eager to have answered as I follow the U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments today in Zubik v Burwell, a consolidated case involving several non-profits challenging the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate; one of the most … Continued