TV Parents and the Problem of Infertility

New Republic science editor Judith Shulevitz caused something of a firestorm with her cover story “How Older Parenthood Will Upend American Society” in which she argues that all the folks like herself who started having kids in their late thirties and early forties are messing up the country in myriad ways. Shulevitz focuses on some … Continued

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Career Yay! Princess Nay!

 Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor showed up on Sesame Street the other day. Not to discuss the allegations of sexual misconduct against the puppeteer who does Elmo, mind you. No, Sotomayor was there to explain the word “career” to Abby Cadabby and to educate Abby that her career aspirations weren’t any good. “A career is … Continued

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Bobos 2.0: The New Cool is a Hand-Crank Grain Mill

Twelve years ago, David Brooks coined a term for the new educated elite. He called them Bobos, short for bourgeois bohemians.  In his bestselling book Bobos in Paradise, Brooks identified, analyzed, and ridiculed the people (himself included), who make up the new establishment. “These Bobos define our age,” Brooks said. Mixing bourgeois morals and mores … Continued


A Proliferation of Lena Dunham Parodies

Poor Sarah Silverman, she’s been replaced this election season by another, younger Jewish comedic writer/performer. Whereas in 2008, the potty-mouthed Silverman had a YouTube hit with her Great Shlep videos urging young Jewish liberals to “visit their grandparents” living in Florida to convince them to vote for Barack Obama, she’s been replaced in 2012 by … Continued

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TV Review: Ben and Kate

Your relationship with your siblings is most often the longest of your life. So what happens if the people you grew up with make choices that you can’t support? You can go your separate ways–and sometimes siblings do grow apart as they get older and move away. Forgiveness, love, and support are much more complicated … Continued


TV Review: Shark Tank

ABC’s Friday night show Shark Tank is a guilty pleasure according to one business reporter. But you don’t have to be in business to love the show. It’s a reality show that blends terrific entertainment with a one-hour microcosm of the American capitalist system and the American Dream. “The segments on the show are bite-sized, … Continued