Why 2012 Was the Year of The Hunger Games

Though it came in third on the year’s earnings chart (behind The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises), for sheer cultural force the biggest film story of 2012 had to be The Hunger Games. Just a few of the records it racked up after its March 22 release: —Third highest opening weekend ever. —Highest debut … Continued


2012: The Collision of Politics and Pop Culture

by Mark Tapson 2012 was arguably the year that pop culture—of which Hollywood is the gravitational center—and politics intersected and fueled each other more than ever before. The stories that defined America in 2012 were the ones that revealed just to what degree society’s movers and shakers now recognize how crucial Hollywood’s messages and pop … Continued

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Punk Rock’s Moment

With the re-election of President Obama, punk rock (and perhaps the arts as a whole) has an opportunity to become relevant again. Liberalism has become a slow-moving target for a clever satirist, and some of the smartest satirists I’ve ever known have come out of punk rock. Punk is often considered an anarchic or at … Continued

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Who’s Cooler Than Madonna? Nearly Everyone!

From the Associated Press: NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Madonna drew boos and triggered a walkout by several concertgoers after she touted President Barack Obama on her “MDNA Tour” in New Orleans. The Material Girl asked during Saturday night’s performance: “Who’s registered to vote?” She added: “I don’t care who you vote for as long as … Continued

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A Proliferation of Lena Dunham Parodies

Poor Sarah Silverman, she’s been replaced this election season by another, younger Jewish comedic writer/performer. Whereas in 2008, the potty-mouthed Silverman had a YouTube hit with her Great Shlep videos urging young Jewish liberals to “visit their grandparents” living in Florida to convince them to vote for Barack Obama, she’s been replaced in 2012 by … Continued

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Paul Ryan’s High School Days: Do They Matter?

As we get into the final few months of 2012 election season, get ready for more and more stories about the youthful indiscretions of our various candidates. We already have had a handful of stories in this vein: Romney was a bully at the Cranbrook School; Obama wrote some really awful poetry in his younger … Continued

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