Why Every Child Should Read ‘1984’ and ‘Brave New World’

As we head back to school, Acculturated is reevaluating some of the “classic” books routinely assigned to children to read during the school year.  Do they still deserve to be granted the label of “classics”?  Are there better books kids could be reading?  And what ideological and cultural messages are these books really sending our … Continued


Through the Google Glass

Modern culture can barely keep up with cutting-edge technology. Not surprisingly, Google has been at the center of all things tech, including last Monday’s arrival of the first pornographic app for Google Glass. The app, titled “T*ts & Glass,” was quickly thwarted the next day by limitations to Google’s Glass Platform Developer policies. Google Glass … Continued


Our Infinite Capacity for Distraction

H.G. Wells, often called the father of science fiction, was born this week in 1866. In his first novel, The Time Machine in 1895, Wells’s unnamed, time-traveling protagonist journeys into mankind’s distant evolutionary future. There he discovers the Eloi, a race of frail, childlike adults living amid the decaying remnants of civilization, enslaved to the … Continued

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