Why Social Justice Warriors Think It’s OK to Be Racist Towards Asians

It happens all too often to Americans of Asian ancestry. They are walking home on a crowded street, and someone bumps into them and shouts, “Go back to China!” When it happened last year to Michael Luo, a New York Times journalist, he started the hashtag #ThisIs2016, and Asian-Americans shared their stories.

It happened to Jeff Sessions’ granddaughter at his confirmation hearing on January 10th. When MTV News writer Ira Madison III saw an Asian-American girl, the child of John Walk and Ruth Sessions Walk, sitting in her grandfather’s lap, his first thought was to write, “Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys ‘R’ Us you stole her from.” This is 2017, and yet MTV News writers are dehumanizing Asian-Americans and playing into common racist tropes.

The same self-proclaimed liberals who tweet #BlackLivesMatter and #ChangeTheName, who work for a social media network that fills its YouTube page with explainers telling you all you need to know about racism, have revealed a shocking blind spot when it comes to racism against Asian-Americans. Madison finally apologized (after digging himself an even deeper hole), but the failure of social justice liberals to take seriously racism against people of all races is a much broader phenomenon. As the New York Times’ Luo told CNN about his Twitter campaign, “It’s resonating because Asian Americans have this feeling that racism against them is not taken as seriously as other groups.”

The dominant narrative promoted by SJWs almost always divides everyone into two camps—black and white—and makes no allowance for individualism, to say nothing of ignoring the fastest growing race in the nation: Asians. In MTV News’ video, “5 Things You Should Know About Racism,” for example, there is no reference to any specific examples of racism against Asian-Americans.

In another MTV video,“If You Farted Every Time You Were Racist,” the Asian-American character is the subject of racism by a white character, but she was also shown dishing out racism to a black character. The black character, of course, wasn’t racist to any other character, because, according to MTV News, she can’t be. As Franchesca Ramsey, host of MTV News’ “Decoded,” said in another video, racism is defined in entirely leftist terms. For example, sounding like a college freshman who has recently been indoctrinated by her lefty Sociology 101 reading, she claims, “Reverse racism is not a thing.” And yet, as we’ve seen, it is indeed a thing.

Asian-Americans don’t fit in neatly to the hierarchy of racial oppression created by the left. “They’re basically white,” one woman who tweeted on #ThisIs2016 recalled hearing. White women who wanted to march on Washington D.C. during inauguration weekend in January were told they can’t claim to be scared, because they haven’t suffered like black women. Democratic candidates for president are shouted down at Netroots Nation if they voice solidarity with “all lives.”

Activists of the left tell others they must embrace “intersectional” concerns, but those concerns always happen to be exclusively left-wing ideals. That’s why no one wants to talk about the fact that Asian-Americans with similar qualifications have a much harder time getting into college—with an effect that would equal losing 140 points on the SAT and 3.4 on the ACT than students of other races. There’s no movement against violence that has a disproportionate affect on destroying Asian-American-owned businesses. Asian-Americans are shouted down at college safe spaces when they try to discuss their experience of racism directed at them from African-Americans. Even the wokest liberal-cultural sites employ few Asian-Americans.

The problem is social justice liberals view the world entirely through a prism of identity. To them, no one is an individual, but rather an amalgamation of stereotypes associated with their race, gender, or group. Thus, simply because many Asian-Americans have overcome hardship and prejudice and become relatively successful in the United States, liberals think they aren’t as entitled to our concern.

MTV’s Ramsay says this explicitly in the video, “10 Excuses Used to Deny Racism DEBUNKED!” Accompanying an image of a nameless “Asian Lesbian,” a chart shows the woman to have a very high “degree of privilege” based on her race, almost as high as MTV News attributed to whites. The idea that anyone can be successful through hard work, education, and values is alien to the liberal world view, where all success must be attributable to “privilege.” Asian-Americans destroy the liberal hierarchy of oppression.



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  1. If memory serves me correctly, there are official statistics about college in which Asians are quietly lumped with whites, no doubt to make the more ordinary whites look a bit better or, to use the SJW term, more privileged. As some have put it, show success, and you become an “honorary white.”

    And keep in mind that many Asians came here fleeing the turmoil of war in Vietnam or the horrible Pol Pot genocide in Cambodia. It’s not like they’ve had it easy in life.

    1. Harvard actually post the differentials, perhaps because they are currently being sued, and accepted asian students typically score just over 100 points higher than their white counterparts and about 200 more than their black ones. Even though diversity is explicitly an excluded ground

      1. yes, Asians are effectively discriminated against because they are required higher scores than students of other races

  2. Asians are effectively Jews, so are Indians, or even Cuban . Any Minority group that actually outperforms whites is stigmatized as privileged because SJWs simply do not recognize merit or success. That is If I am a millionaire, it’s not because I did something of merit or provided a good or service that benefitted others–I must have stolen it from countless deserving victims. If I get into an Ivy league college, it must be because I stole the spot of a more deserving victimized minority, despite the fact that I have higher grades and scores, those too stem from privilege and are not earned, but are another unjust benefit. So these groups, which give the lie to the notion that hard work and brains are not the primary drivers of success are sullied to preserve the tawdry myth that these groups and by extension others get ahead by achievement and effort. The grievance culture can not let this stand. If hard work and actual ability count, then there whole approach is largely irrelevant and misguided. Difference in race need to be remedied not by shaming and blaming those who actually do well, but by doing the hard work of doing what they do. If I’m in a math class with smart Asian kids, I have to work just as hard… or I could say that the tests are racist and sexist– yeah that’s the ticket. Calculus and probability are Indo- Asian systems of patriarchy!!! That’s the ticket, and lets make sure that I as a non cis gendered woman get represented in Stem for diversity– specifically including the under represented innumerate.

      1. That’s another can of worms, as Hispanic qua Hispanic is now a quasi race. Nearly 40 percent of Cuban’s are black or mixed, btw. Though, there is still a huge racial stigma against blacks. Che Guevara, for example, had a view very much aligned w white nationalists regarding black people.

        1. 40%. That still leaves a bare majority that are white. The Castros and Che were white. Most of the people who fled Castro in the 60s were white. And we’re not even including other groups, like the Chinese Cubans. Pushing Hispanic as a race (which means only mestizos and Indios as far as the media, government and schools are concerned) when Central/South America and the Caribbean are as polyglot as it gets, is stupid. ‘Hispanic’ is as meaningless as ‘Asian’.

          If you really need a catch-all term, “Hispanosphere” (all countries and peoples that speak Spanish) might be better, just as we have “Anglosphere” for English-speaking countries or any place using British forms of government and education. Francosphere, Lusosphere, Sinosphere, etc.

          1. As I hope was clear, I was not pushing the designation, only referencing it. The use of Hispanic in actually far broader than you state, and does not constitute the use i the vast majority of cases. “White” Puerto Ricans and Dominicans can claim minority status so can Cubans– U Mich. being among the few exceptions.

            My stated point is whether white or not they are an example of a distinct minority group who like the Chinese have been singled out as privileged based on their success, as have the Jews and so on…

  3. The whole subtext of this article, hopefully unintentionally, is that IS okay to be racist towards white people.

  4. Americans have the freedom of thought, speech, religion, assembly, press and every

    other, conceivable freedom per the 9th amendment.

    Discrimination is the first step of freedom.

    Etiquette, manners and morality are not law.

    Americans absolutely have the right to be racist.

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