‘Rogue One’ Makes White Guys the Enemy of the Future

Wait a minute, after thirty-nine years, it turns out that Star Wars is about race?

Sort of. You may not notice at first (I didn’t, until the second half of the movie), but in Rogue One there isn’t a single non-Hispanic white male among the large cast of heroes. The rebel band seeking to steal the plans for the Death Star from the Empire is led by a white woman (Felicity Jones), a Latino man (Diego Luna) and three ethnic Asians (Riz Ahmed, Donnie Yen, Wen Jiang), with advice from a black man (Forest Whitaker) and a droid (voice of Alan Tudyk). Among the rebels, non-Hispanic white dudes (for convenience, I’ll just call them white from now on) are relegated to the background, while the Empire is represented by brigades of sinister white men, led by Ben Mendelsohn and (the digital reincarnation of) Peter Cushing as Imperial officers. It’s as if the cast was meant to echo a Hillary Clinton speech in which she described her coalition as everybody but white males.

The casting was not accidental. The Empire is (now) a “white supremacist (human) organization,” Rogue One co-writer Chris Weitz Tweeted the Friday after Clinton was defeated in the election. Another writer for the film, Gary Whitta, replied with his own Tweet, “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women”—then deleted it.

That little spasm of Trump-induced liberal anger led to what might well be the weirdest and most pathetic boycott in the history of boycotts: Malik Obama, the Kenyan gadfly, Donald Trump supporter and half-brother to our president, Tweeted out, “Boycott Star Wars people! #DumpStarWars.” Star Wars will do fine without you, Malik.

True, pale-male bean-counting, along with white identity politics in general, are as boring and silly as any other kind of identity politics. Who cares if the rebels are a gorgeous mosaic? White guys have plenty of other heroes at the multiplex this year, and every year.

Still, the movie is obviously trolling to make a lame political point, dragging in a fashionable left-wing trope where it once again does not belong. Not only is it tiresome to imply that being white and male is something vaguely shameful, the white-supremacist angle makes no sense in the context of the other chapters in the Star Wars story.

If the rebels are some sort of coalition of minorities, women, and sarcastic robots, specifically opposed to white supremacy, why did they subsequently turn to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo to lead them? Weitz and Whitta (both white males) are injecting dumb liberal talking points into the franchise just as George Lucas infamously did in Revenge of the Sith in which (as Jonah Goldberg first pointed out) he jettisoned three decades of mythology in order to make a cheap fist-waving gesture in the general direction of George W. Bush. In the movie, the future Darth Vader, Anakin Skywalker, says, “If you’re not with me, you’re my enemy,” which prompts Obi-Wan’s riposte, “Only a Sith lord deals in absolutes.” Huh? The whole basis of Star Wars is that there is a good side and a dark side to the Force and you have to pick one. If you’re not with Darth Vader (or radical Islamists) you certainly are his enemy. Darth isn’t interested in multilateral peace negotiations.

Moreover, the decision to leave white males out of the rebel crew is indefensible from a marketing perspective. Like any Star Wars movie, Rogue One hopes to sell a lot of action figures. Little kids presumably like to buy action figures they can identify with, and though I don’t have any marketing data to back it up, it seems likely that white males are the single biggest market for Star Wars swag. Why would you turn your back on your best customers? It’s yet another example of how Hollywood’s incessant need to prove it is on the progressive side of the political Force sabotages Hollywood’s own best interests. Certainly these days Hollywood is more concerned with appeasing the Chinese government than with the reaction of the conservative half of its own country. Multiculturalism has a strong justification in marketing: if you want to sell to girls, boys, and every ethnicity and race, you’ll give everybody a hero that looks like them. So why leave out white males? The only white guy in Rogue One who has much value to the rebel force is an Imperial scientist played by Mads Mikkelsen who has misgivings about his work for the bad guys. But fifty-one-year-old Danish guys best known for playing Hannibal Lecter are probably not great models for action figures.

The irony is that, a long time ago, in a film industry far, far away, Star Wars was born in left-wing politics. Lucas dreamed up American Graffiti, Apocalypse Now (a project he subsequently passed off to Francis Ford Coppola) and Star Wars as a trilogy—one film about the carefree days just before the Vietnam War, one about the war itself, and one a dystopian sci-fi look at the ramifications of the aftermath—with plucky guerillas Luke and Co. representing the Viet Cong and the technologically awesome Empire meant to stand in for the United States.

Oh, you didn’t know that? That’s because makers of Hollywood fantasy films used to have the good sense to keep their politics to themselves.

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323 responses to “‘Rogue One’ Makes White Guys the Enemy of the Future

  1. Hollywood has been attempting to shove their Leftist views down our throat for at least 15-20 years, if not more, so Rogue One is nothing new to us. For me, the solution is simply not to consume their culture and to be honest it’s really not tough to do these days. 🙂 In my opinion, white men have more of a tendency to be nonconformist and individualists (aka, we don’t follow the trends as much) and we hate being marketed to, so please continue what you are doing! 🙂

    1. It began with the Frankfurt School coming to Columbia in 1935. The fruition of this indoctrination began in earnest about 50 years ago with 2nd generation Marxist taking over academia. 15-20 years ago was around the 3rd or 4th gen Marxists. The result is the dogmatic ilLiberal left we see today.

      If you’re interested in why these indoctrinated leftwits act this way then watch this video:

  2. I predicted something like this when Disney bought the Star Wars franchise. They didn’t need Hillary’s defeat as an excuse for something they were already going to do.

  3. You know how many movies I’ve watched with only White dudes front and center? Now 1, one, One, ONE fricking movie comes out and the freak out begins.

  4. Disney chose the cast in order to appeal the markets WORLDWIDE. Yes, Star Wars has has had a following among young white males in this country, but that’s nothing to compared to the HUGE Asian market and how many Latin countries are there? Like, 40? Disney is about $$ not about diversity or leftist ideals.

    1. In that case, they did it wrong. Many Asian countries don’t like to see black people in their movies. Having a female lead is also a problem if they were trying to appeal to Muslim countries with the Pakistani guy because Muslims can’t stand a woman leading anything. China and Japan aren’t fans of that either. Latin countries might enjoy the movie, but many of the more rural Hispanics don’t like Asians, which would pose a problem here.

        1. You should stream Blazing Saddles when you have time. I think you will really like it. FYI, it does poke fun at people who don’t want black people in their movies but if we can’t laugh at our selves…

        2. They’re the market. If you’re making movies, it’s kind of important that you make ones that the market of consumers will be interested in consuming. You can’t run a successful business based on principles when it means you’re losing opportunities for profit.

      1. Hollywood feels loftier saying it is about diversity than what it is really about – money Money MONEY.

    1. Nor were they effective. It was the US Democrats who handed the Communists a victory by cutting Saigon off at the knees in 1975 in petty revenge against Nixon. In the field, the North Vietnamese regulars lost every engagement against the Americans they ever fought and were literally crapping themselves after the bombing campaigns.

      As for the much vaunted Viet Cong, the Americans obliterated them during the Tet Offensive and they never came back.

      1. And for their victory over the VC, they were rewarded with an stab in the back by Walter Cronkite who went on national TV to tell us we’re losing the war.

  5. The empire in the original trilogy was all white, Mostly English sounding males. That they’d continue the theme is nothing new.

    And while I get your point, the characters in the new film are part of an alliance that is lead by a white woman and white man, plus a majority of high ranking officers whom are also white.

      1. I’d go with Some Guy here, since the writers are idiots. General Dodonna set up the attack on the Death Star. The pilots over Yavin? All white men. This is a whiny SJW stunt, but it means nothing in the overall Star Wars universe.

    1. Except the rebels were white guys as well. It was a French resistance v. Nazis kind of film, or, if you prefer, American revolutionaries v. British Empire. No, not accurate, but in propaganda terms.

      Now it’s just Democrats v. Trump-voters.

      1. Well sure, at least as far as humanoids were concerned. The general understanding is that with the Empire, the representation by other things other than humans was eliminated. The rebels always included aliens, or the other, into their mix as they were forced to by necessity, and because the alien worlds were subjected the same way as the humanoid ones.

        In the end though, I kinda figured the all white casting of the original came down to the fact that a lot of the set-driven scenes in the original were filmed in London, and as a result used a lot of English casting for those scenes due to union laws. Granted they aren’t all english, but it was enough to set the tone.

        But by ROTJ, it’s clear that there are more races involved in the alliance. There’s a black x-wing pilot and an Asian y-wing pilot, both of whom die attacking the second death star.

        1. By ROTJ, Lucas was fast-track affirmative actioning as many parts as he could. He’d shoved Billy Dee Williams in (to good effect) in Empire Strikes Back, but by ROTJ he was sticking even more in.

          This is similar to how this period of time in horror films saw the emergence of the Black Horror Character trope. Before, horror movies had been content to be all-white (e.g. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Blob, even the original Nightmare on Elm Street). Then in 80s there was an addition of one or two black characters as diversity initiatives. It became a trope because the Black Horror Characters always died pretty early in the victim order of any film, and never survived; it was clear once the filmmakers gave the black actor just enough screen time to avoid racism charges, they offed them.

  6. I’d say the original Star Wars movies, whether or not a Viet Nam protest, say a lot about the psycho- sexual dysfunction of that generation of liberals, whose daddies apparently just did not love them enough.

    1. The Left used to take the absence of fathers much more seriously. Now it’s supposed to be perfectly ok.

  7. “The Empire is (now) a ‘white supremacist (human) organization,’ Rogue One co-writer Chris Weitz Tweeted the Friday after Clinton was defeated in the election.”

    The movie is intended as propaganda, it should be treated as propaganda. I’d rather see the Ghostbusters Gynoquel.

      1. You’re not using the word “projecting” correctly either. At least not in the sense it is meant to by used as a psychological term. Read up on your Jung, young man.

        1. lmao. now now, little projecting one; your worship of non-whites and hatred of whites is showing.

          and it’s hilarious that you would argue otherwise.


          1. Carl Jung was a Swiss Psychiatrist who helped coin the term you keep getting wrong dummy. Tonight just is not your night. Are you going to blame the browns?

          2. lmao. now now little projecting one; are you still blaming whitey for everyone’s problems?


          3. I assume you went to see the movie this weekend. Did you enjoy it? It looks like it was a success at the box office!

          4. lol. You’re an adorable little studio cuck. How much are they paying you? And is it per post or per hour?


          5. All I’m saying is that if you want to make your culture proud, don’t blame a kids movie for your failure. If you do, maybe you can be more than a beta-man. Good luck bro!

          6. lol. now now , wittle studio cuck, you’re being a try-hard. That’s not a good way to waste your masters’ money!


          7. lmao. Is that all you got, little studio hack? Surely your corporate masters have some better lines to spew to hide their poison!


          8. You sound like a lib. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are on welfare too. I guess that makes sense since you display a lot of beta traits. Maybe you never had a daddy to show you how to be a man and that’s why you can’t stop with the feminine giggles. Good luck with that bro!

          9. lol. now now, wittle studio hack. You still haven’t told us all how much they’re paying you to tout this anti-white garbage.

            Is it paying for your screen elocution lessons?


          10. Im not ant-white dummy but you are proving my point. I assume you use the library’s computer. I am 2 jobs into the day already. What are you doing? You’re playing a victim and acting feminine! Good luck with that bro!

          11. lmao. Now now wittle white-hating studio troll, fess up. How much is the studio paying you per hour?


        2. You’re not coming off as educated as you think. Only sound like a pompous twit with nothing of substance to say.

          1. Lol, this article was posted on a Star Wars review and I am just accepting the invitation for dialog. As a fellow Trump supporter, I am disappointed in how everyone is so thinned skinned and sensitive. If I sound like a “pompous twit”, I must fit right in with all this beta-men nonsense you guys are spewing. Instead of crying about brown people being in Star Wars, go out and be productive. Why be miserable bro?

  8. A few years ago, if you told me I’d have no interest in the latest:

    1. Star Trek
    2. Ghostbusters
    3. Star Wars

    I wouldn’t have believed you. Hollywood ruins everything, these days.

    1. It is quite amazing how the Left took the beloved franchises of yesterday and turned them into crap.

      For the much older generations, I’d add to your list the p.c. Lone Ranger movie from a few years back.

    2. Star Wars has always been about Islamists. A dude in arab garb living in a cave in the desert radicalizes a young boy and sends him on a mission to blow up a government military intallation and all the thousands of employees and soldiers who live there; an installation built to keep the peace (just like the atom bomb). Would you tolerate someone flying planes into a US nuke base to blow up silos along with all the surrounding countryside?

      And Star Trek has always been uber liberal. It’s about nuetered imperialists who sail the galaxy like explorers in the age of discovery but who never have the gumption to conquer anybody or anything. Where would America be if our ancestors were all mild and self-effacing like that?

      And Ghost busters is and always has been just brain-fart.

  9. “Moreover, the decision to leave white males out of the rebel crew is indefensible from a marketing perspective.” Tell that to Tony the Tiger and Kellogg cereals management.

  10. Our cultural opinion makers wants to make white guys an enemy and they’ve done an excellent job of it. It’s why Trump’s the new president.

    1. I’m with you, avatovarisch. They were guaranteed at least three ticket sales Christmas day until this stupidity. Now I will wait to check out a library copy for free.

  11. The casting was not accidental. The Empire is (now) a “white supremacist
    (human) organization,” Rogue One co-writer Chris Weitz Tweeted the
    Friday after Clinton was defeated in the election. Another writer for
    the film, Gary Whitta, replied with his own Tweet, “Opposed by a
    multi-cultural group led by brave women”—then deleted it.

    Brave women. Wise Latina. Don’t these folks ever learn? I thought with the feedback from the last election, there might have been some progress.

    And deleting inconvenient Tweets. That is simply childish, like putting your hands over your eyes because you are scared.

    Disney will make a bundle off of this movie, because they know how to put butts in seats. The overseas market may exceed the US market for this one, but I don’t think they care. It’s the reason why there are “three ethnic asians” in this crew. This, ladies and germs, is what Hollywood has come to.

    1. “Don’t these folks ever learn?”

      No. No, they don’t. The second law of the SJW is SJWs always double down.

    2. Nothing is accidental about any of this. No one spends 100s of millions of dollars on something for it not to be deliberate. Monetarily, it doesn’t make sense for Disney to do these things because the demographic and sales target are primarily white middleclass males. In the theatre, right now the Star Wars movies are doing great, but if you go into Target and Toys R Us the products are staying on the shelves. So it appears that their business model is something other than profit and there are so few entertainment companies more often than not we are forced to either read or view their product.

  12. If the Empire is a “white supremacist (human) organization,” then why is it the Rebels and common people who blithely treat ‘droids like chattel slaves? The ‘droids even refer to their human owners as “master.”

  13. “gorgeous mosaic”.

    *groans* Stopped reading right there….

    Identity politics is boring but i’m going to compose an entire click-bait piece around to show just how boring it is.

  14. Pale and male? I’m sorry but when did bigotry towards white men become so normaliized and acceptable?

    1. I didn’t see the last one, I won’t see this one, and I will never see another one as LONG AS I LIVE.

          1. Lol, that’s what I think about all these beta-men complaining that the reason they suck in life is because brown people are in a Star Wars movie. These loser need to get a job and stop blaming make believe movies for their problems. Am I right?

          2. lol. You can deny the propaganda exists, little one….

            but no one believes you.

            But it’s adorable that you’re trying.


          3. I think it’s dumb to cry over brown people being cast in a movie. FYI, Rogue One is an incredible movie. I bet you’ll break down and see it before it leaves the theater. The last part is incredible. I’m getting ready to see it again.

          4. rofl. now now, stop projecting, little cuck-boy. Go be a good little obedient, transparent servant for your Hollywood masters and promote their anti-white propaganda.

            There there, don’t cry.


          5. There it is! Old Obi-Warren is getting under your skin. You’re going to break down and see the movie. See it while the theater is still having full showings. The energy from the other Star War fans kicks it up another level. It’s okay to smile at some of the more thrilling scenes.

          6. lmao. it’s cute how you little cucks wish you could control others. I guess it stems from your fundamental weakness at life, bowing and scraping before others. What is it like, being the servant of Hollywood and hating white males so much?


          7. You are red in the face bro! And you are using “cuck” wrong too. I’m a Trump supporter. You just can’t get it right tonight. Maybe you should go see a movie.

          8. lol. I’m sorry I’m getting you so upset, wittle cuck. Perhaps you should take a deep breath? Maybe call up Mr. Brock, and ask him for advice when those evil Trump supporters get under your skin? Or perhaps play with your tough grrrrl action figures?

            There there. *pat pat*


          9. I agree with Trump, I just like making fun of betas while I wait to get into the next Rogue One showing. We can agree on him bro!

          10. I agree with Trump, I just like making fun of betas while I wait to get into the next Rogue One showing. We can agree on him bro!

          11. lol. It’s cute how you’re trying to hide your butthurtness, wittle cuck. But no, being a paid shill for Hollywood trash won’t make you a big boy.

            but it will make us all laugh at you, wittle cuck.


          12. lol. It’s so cute how you flail when exposed.

            Typical cuck: always panicking, always in denial.


          13. You’re not even trying to be witty anymore! When something doesn’t go your way, do you shake your fist in the air and curse the brown people cast in Star Wars? Do you blame the secret conspiracy against midwest guys rather than examine your own inadequacies or lack of resilience? If you do, I think I found your problem!

          14. Dammit, I have to go. I’ll try to remember your handle because you are an easy target! Let me know what you think of Rogue One. It’s the best Star Wars since Empire! Take it easy bro.

          15. lol. Note now how the cuck shill—desperate to drum up support for the movie he’s paid to tout—has lost the plot in his butthurtness, flailing about in professing his love for a movie that denigrates white patriarchal culture and celebrates diversity, androgynous female behavior, and anti-Western values.

            Sorry, those words are too big for our little cuck to understand.


          16. Honestly, if you cant manage to write one paragraph without blatantly insulting the person who even bothers to have a discussion with you, then you’re proving that you cannot accept the opinions and views of others on this article. Also, you’re assuming you know how butthurt a person is despite them being far more levelheaded than you, and judging the discrimination of the film industry based off one film.

          17. lol. Aww, what’s the matter, wittle butthurt one? Feeling a bit too much sting?

            There, there, run to your safe space.


          18. Beta men are the ones going to gt diversity shoved down their throats in the form of entertainment and paying for it.
            I used to be a SW fan but I absolutely loathe this diverity drive by hollyweird and am now boycotting all major movies now it is getting beyond a joke and I won’t give them another shekel.

          19. Beta-men blame other things for their lack of security and to explain why they are failures in life. Real men do. It’s that simple bro. If you want to miss out on the best Star Wars since Empire because you are insecure, that’s your business.

          20. Consumer choice, I choose not to consume this sh i te propaganda any more – got my Kindle that does me fine these days and screw Hollyweird and their morally and originality deprived crapfests.

    2. Then the leftists have won, since their intent was to make people who differed from them ideologically not enjoy a fun movie. Don’t you get it? That’s what they do, spread hate a fear and sadness. Why are you letting them do that?

  15. Man, it looks like Hollyweird is doubling down on the anti-white male bigotry…..right after their hate-male campaign to sell Girlbusters created one of the biggest flops of the 21st Century, and after their Mad Max feminism caused the movie to underperform.

    Not a good plan from a marketing perspective.

  16. Second Star Wars movie IN A ROW to feature ‘girl power’ lead with all non-white hero’s.

    Do you see the ads on tv with the ‘plucky girl hero and her non-white buddies’? From Target (of course), Wal-Mart, Duracell.

    Sorry, little white boys. No Science fiction for you.

    The new Star Trek tv show the only white male is gay, the other characters are women, non-white women, none-white men.

    It’s a race and gender war and it’s for real. This is a race and culture war and it is about white genocide.

    1. Little kids don’t play identity politics. If a movie has enough action, blaster fire and space ships young boys will flock to it, if it helps bring young girls into the fold as sci fi fans than having a female lead is fine with me.

    2. Poe Dameron was white and so was Han Solo. Are you trolling these fools or just myopic when putting together thoughts?

      1. Oscar Isaac born in Guatemala. If he had been born in Ohio and didn’t look hispanic no way he would have been cast.

        You had to have someone from the original trilogy or it would have been leaving money on the table. Luke? Nope, Han Solo, 72 years old and killed by his Emo Darth Vader wannabee EVIL WHITE SON.

        1. I didn’t know that Jesus. Thanks for the info. It sounds like you think that because he wasn’t born in Ohio, he is inferior to someone who was. Is that what you are saying?

          1. Good God no. He’s a fine actor, I have nothing against him personally. And it’s not one actor and it’s not one movie. IT’S THE CONSTANT DRUM OF ‘DIVERSITY’, which is just ‘hate white men and white culture’.

            Look, here’s a good introduction to this, and yes, you’ll see a Star Wars reference at the end.

    3. This movie is very anti girl-power. The main woman (Jyn) is in fact pretty directionless and all of her actions are determined by men… yes she can fight but she’s not even a leader, just a source of inspiration but even that is because of her father.

  17. The new live Hair Spray too must have been rewritten. I don’t remember lines like Martin Short saying all white people are bad in the original.

  18. I joined the Empire’s side the other day when I found out they don’t treat their Droids as slaves. Feels good to be once again on the good side. The Empire was probably always the good side until Vader took it over…kinda like what Hillary wanted to do with the USA.

  19. I saw Rogue One yesterday, I don’t agree with many of these points… especially at the very end, well there were a lot of white men dying for the rebels. Even if the writers tried to inject that as an undertone I don’t think the movie delivers that message at all, indeed as you noted it really cannot since it is so tied to Star Wars itself.. I thought Rogue One was a really good prequel.

    Also this is very much not a “girl power” movie in the way Force Awakens was. Jyn Enso is just one of the rebel group, and really her presence is a lot more about her father than her or abilities she has. If anything the feminists should be up in arms about this movie…

    1. I agree! There was so much that worked well in the movie. I loved that they let characters die for the story without trying to create a franchise within a franchise.

      1. That was something I liked as well, I was really happy they didn’t try to build up sexual material, and in fact left zero room for a sequel (though there could be a prequel to this prequel I suppose!!).

      1. Not at all, may rebel pilots that did not die and escaped to go on to be seen in Star Wars were white. Some of the rebel leaders are white men (and women) also. Or did you forget Mon Mothma?

    2. So the white guys were only good enough to die in this movie? like the red shirts from Startrek? Even worse than I thought.

      1. Nope, not even close. You have NO IDEA about the last half of the movie, ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!! I mean you are SO WRONG.

      2. Nobody wants to give up spoilers about the movie, but your post is so ignorant, so 180 degrees off course, I have to say this. Damn near ALL the rebels (black, white, brown, with or without tentacles) in the final battle DIE in order to get a data card onto the little ship we all saw at the beginning of STAR WARS.

        The writers and director may have MEANT to make a white male-bashing movie, but what they DID make was a movie about duty. Duty to a cause, Duty to friends and family, And perhaps, above all, duty to one’s own moral standards.

        Movies are expensive. This one is worth the money.

      3. I had posted a rebuttal citing the high casualties the rebels suffered trying to get the Death Star plans out, including the Rogue One force, and suggesting the theme of the movie was actually about duty. It was removed. I guess this site doesn’t care to see posts that cite FACTS to dispute its narrative.

    3. I love when people are such fanboys that they can’t see the forest for all the trees. Even the writers admit this is what they are doing but you don’t want to see it so you don’t.

      1. What I am is someone who has seen the movie. What you are not is someone who has seen the movie. You choose to believe people who lie all the time about what things are to push a narrative – currently the master narrative they are trying to push everywhere is a message that white supremacists are all over. So they claim that’s what the movie is about, even though writing was done about two years ago and they would have had no reason to make the movie about that.

        I’m not a fanboy, I wouldn’t have argued one way or the other before I actually saw the movie. Apparently you are not as keen to make an argument based on facts, just what you read on Twitter from leftists!

    4. Right! You see? Because you are being programmed to see that good white men DIE FOR DIVERSITY and bad white men don’t. White men as a class are old and fading and if they are GOOD they are passing the baton off to the brave women and minorities to whom the future BELONGS. Meanwhile, those who REFUSE to be consigned to the dustbin of history and practice basic self-preservation are implicitly supremacists.

      1. “you are being programmed to see that good white men DIE FOR DIVERSITY”

        You really, really need to see the movie or stop posting because what happens in the movie is literally the opposite of what you are saying here. Trying not to give too much away, lets just say that all of diversity literally dies for Luke.

        ‘White men as a class are old and fading”

        He dies triumphant and not that old.

        “they are passing the baton off to the brave women and minorities”

        Not even close to what happens.

        1. Fair enough. I will see it before posting more. I have to say, whatever my thoughts on the movie end up being, it’s cool that you like the film enough to defend it as you are and I appreciate that you do so without being nasty as is often the case on these boards.

          1. Thanks, I would not say the movie is perfect by any means but I did like it a lot and just want to set the record straight as to what it is… also not helpful is I think the trailers for Rogue One were much more misleading than for most other films. Do be aware it may seem slow the first half as they bring in and introduce characters but I think it got really good in the second, with a great end.

  20. If you cannot support your ideas with dialog with others who disagree, your ideals must not be strong. Rogue One is an amazing film. The last 30 minutes are worth the price of the ticket. The cast clicked well together. It’s a great film.

  21. This is a foolish article. I’d say the villain in 95% of all films with such a character has been a white guy. So this movie is no different. And if you want to make the argument, the original Darth Vader was voiced by a black guy, wore blacking clothing and except for the last five minutes of Return we had no idea what color he was.

    1. I’d say the villain in 95% of all films with
      such a character has been a white guy

      You’re missing the point: not one white guy is one of the good guys, AND not one non-white is a bad guy (the lone black member of the Empire became a good guy in that last movie). And the filmmakers themselves are claiming the movies are about the Diversity Rebels v. White Supremacy Empire.

      nd if you want to make the argument, the original Darth Vader was
      voiced by a black guy, wore blacking clothing and except for the last
      five minutes of Return we had no idea what color he was.

      lol. Haven’t you ever seen Chasing Amy? Don’t you know that every black guy, deep inside, wants to be white: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0VZj-85E5o

      1. That is just wrong. Jyn’s father was white and the ultimate good guy because of what he did, sacrificing everything for rebel success. Every single stormtrooper under the armor was Jengo Fett at this point (Force Awakens troopers were that way after the empire fell, until then they were clones). Many rebel pilots prominently featured in the movie were white guys also, many rebel solders were white…

        1. Jyn’s father=old weak man who raises an hilariously tough grrrrrrlll.

          Storm Troopers=dehumanized faceless bad guys. No one thought of them as some Jengo Fett clones.

          You’ve lost when the very filmmakers agree with me: the Empire is made to be an Evil White Supremacist organization.

          Now go take your wife’s sons to the movies, cuck.

          1. “Jyn’s father=old weak man who raises an hilariously tough grrrrrrlll.”

            Didn’t see the movie did you? I mean you obviously didn’t even see the first five minutes because what you said is just dead wrong. Jyn’s dad did not raise her much at all, nor did the part he have in her life bring about her toughness,,, he was not weak at all but strong to do what he did despite losing his family forever. What you are saying in nothing like what Rogue One is. I think you must be thinking about what the trailer makes the movie look like. No wonder you are so confused.

            “You’ve lost when the very filmmakers agree with me:”

            Sorry but I don’t believe any leftist troll, including you. If you put any thought into it you’d know this is a lie; they are claiming the move is about white supremacy. Yet the writing would have had to be pretty much done two years ago, shooting a year or more ago… it’s absurd to think that the movie just HAPPENS to be about a narrative the left is choosing to push THIS MONTH. Come on! Did you also believe the leftist tweeters when they said Hillaries’ emails were no big deal? No? Well then why start now when they are trying to claim a movie is about something it is not!

          2. dude ended his comment with the word “cuck” which is a code word that said commentator can be safely ignored. Also that makes him part of the retarded-right, not to be confused with the rest of us.

          3. lmao. No self-respecting white man would see such anti-white, anti-masculine garbage. Which is probably why you saw it, eh, boy?

            The filmmakers THEMSELVES have said their theme is Evil White Empire versus Plucky Diversity Crew. You’ve lost, son. Move on.

            Or don’t. It’s very, VERY fun to laugh at your flailing.


      2. Ha, yeah. I did see that movie, pretty funny. The best line, if I remember correctly, was about what even nuns like….

  22. “If the rebels are some sort of coalition of minorities, women, and sarcastic robots, specifically opposed to white supremacy, why did they subsequently turn to Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo to lead them?”

    because black guys and women always F* things up

  23. The effect of this is they are socialising the younger generation of white males to be Nazi’s. A win for the alt-right? Maybe the alt-right are just playing the roles the culture has cast them in?

    1. Right?? They are pathologizing white group solidarity while at the same time making said solidarity increasingly necessary just to survive — useful idiot sjws don’t seem to notice this, but whoever is lurking in the background playing all the groups off one another certainly does…

  24. “Aug 3, 2015 – 21 sports stars who’ve gone bankrupt. According to Sports Illustrated, 78 percent of National Football League (NFL) and an estimated 60 percent of National Basketball Association (NBA) players go bankrupt or are under financial stress in just two years and five years, respectively, after their retirement.”

    1. That may be all true but what has that have to do with Rogue One. Unless you are saying Disney had something to do with it.

  25. Enjoy your diversity enriched propaganda movie, embrace the stronk womyn and hero people of colour, down with the nasty evil white Empire booo hissss etc.

  26. I am so over Star Wars. The plots are recycled, the uniqueness is gone and it is now no more than propaganda with explosions and spaceships.

    1. Yeah, Star Wars was so much more original when it was just Flash Gordon with the serial numbers filed off featuring entire sequences lifted from Kurosawa films.

        1. If you didn’t notice that the original Star Wars was not a completely original work of creative output, you probably haven’t noticed that most movies aren’t. What I’m sure sounded like a brilliant rebuttal in your head just reveals what an ignorant dumbass you are.

          1. I’ll try in future retorts to use language like “ignorant dumbass” to show how smart I am. It is an honor to converse with someone who is as brilliant in their own mind as you are.

          2. Or you could try just, you know, not being an ignorant dumbass. See, my retort may have been shorter than yours, but yours was ridiculously inaccurate and betrayed a staggering ignorance of the culture that produced you; you seem to imagine yourself knowledgeable but your inexplicable myopia and unforgivable incuriousity have produced a dearth of understanding or appreciation for even the most accessible of popular culture beyond your own narrow perception of its relevance and impact beyond your own dreary existence.

            Is that better, you ignorant dumbass?

          3. Your treatment of popular culture as something profound makes me smile. Soon you’ll be telling me how Bloodborne is derived from Bram Stoker.
            I expect you need to get back to your mom’s basement though. She probably has dinner ready for you.

          4. No, but I will tell you that, like Bram Stoker, the plays of William Shakespeare were popular culture when he was writing them, as were the writings of Mark Twain, Jane Austen, and pretty much anything you apparently decided you were too smart to read in literature classes. Any anthropologist will tell you popular culture is significant and from time to time profound and has been since “popular culture” meant paintings, epic poetry, and stories about the gods and their foibles. People are affected by the entertainment they consume, and the entertainment produced by a culture says things about that culture, whether it’s our grandest mythology or some goofy little cartoon.

            Look at you; your whining about how a movie

          5. Of course, I didn’t say popular culture was profound. I said you are so narrow-minded that even the most inane popcorn entertainment is too much for you to grasp. Try to keep up, you ignorant dumbass.

          6. Of course you did. You treated it as if it is great art worthy of intellectual dissection, when in fact, it is not, any more than the Monkees were great musicians worthy of comparison to Bach.

          7. I treated it as worthy of intellectual discussion, because everything is, but you’re both putting words in my mouth and vastly underselling The Monkees.

            They may have been the original boy band, but between the extensive network of songwriters who created their tone – insightful and socially conscious but frustrated with their generation being shunned by the world that made heavy demands on them but denied their input – and the group’s more experimental work with different musical genres and subjects – they never reached the greatness of the groups that inspired them such as the Beatles and the Mothers of Invention, but they made their names as serious musicians – they were far more than their crass, mercenary origin would suggest.

            Again, in trying to sound intelligent, you betray your powerful ignorance. You are a singularly ignorant dumbass.

  27. What we’ve learned over the Star Wars franchise life: 1) George Lucas is really weird; 2) Disney will make lousy movies infused with their PC narrative; 3) these movies are a means of selling toys. The PC nonsense was on display in the last movie- none of the “bad” characters are women/minorities, none of the alpha characters are white males. I’ve been done with Star Wars since they introduced the Ewoks so they could sell toys to a younger demographic.

    A final note. This is Disney, remember? The all-American company that fired their U.S. IT workers and forced them to train their H-1B foreign replacements.

  28. Why is Malik’s call to boycott SJWars pathetic? He’s the smartest Obama on the planet. He’s also smarter than 52% of Americans, who fell for his brother’s lies in 2008.

      1. Agreed; amen. Remember when Trump told the truth about prosecuting Hillary? Or when he told the truth about draining the swamp? Yeah, you guys are probably feeling really smart right about now.

    1. Not falling for lies is the sign of intelligence? Malik supported Trump, who has maybe once heard of honesty somewhere, so he must be a genius.

  29. White guys are the bad guys in fantasy. But white males have been the vanguard of progress for the last 500 years

    1. If by “Star Wars” you mean “white supremacists whining about movies,” you are absolutely right.

        1. Maybe trying to shut me up isn’t the way to make the case that I’m an obdurate racist. And to demonstrate that you have no clue what you’re talking about, I’ll engage. Would you care to make a case that Star Wars is, in fact, a “cultural virus?” Because I will makey case for saying this is white supremacism.

          In the context of this comments page, what I see is white people complaining that one out of eight Star Wars movies doesn’t have a white protagonist, and that the white people working with the heroes in the background are inadequate. Calling that anti-white only makes sense if you believe white people must always be front and center, which is basically the baseline literal definition of white supremacy.

          Care to rebut? Or is “pathetic racist idiot” the start and end of your contribution to intelligent discourse?

  30. I took note when the trailers hit the theaters last year.

    Welcome to the party pal.

    My question is……did the white guys have to, in the Disney tradition, train their replacements?

      1. Original character for the film? Coulda sworn they created hans solo back in the 70s. And coulda sworn he died.

          1. Biiiiiig streeeetch comparing the presence and role and creation of hans solo of past to present reboot glorified cameo for boomer marketing as he figures in star wars world

          2. Cameo? A cameo is one scene or less. Han Solo is in well over half the movie and he wasn’t just in it, he drove the plot. Also, his name is Han, not Hans.

            Your butthurt over not having a white male lead in one Star Wars movie out of 8 is embarrassing.

      2. AND HE DIED. He and by extension white men are implicitly old relics of the past whose only function now resides in sacrificing himself fighting for women and minorities. White men who refuse to do so are EVIIIIIIL.

        Of course, you could argue that Finn was originally conceptualized as a white male, but even that has vestigial echoes in the final product of Episode 7, with Finn continually playing the klutzy oaf to Rey’s flawless Wonder Woman. Had he been WRITTEN as a minority, he and Rey would have been in a constant contest to out-perfect the other with their endless demonstrations of prowess.

        1. His death negates his contribution to the story? Good to know; Obi-Wan’s contribution to the original must not have been very important, either, then, since, you know, he died. And obviously Darth Vader and the Emperor didn’t really influence the story at all, since they died at the end of it.

          Or maybe his death, a pivotal moment in the plot, was the end of a longer story arc that nevertheless guided the new characters’ stories to their next chapter, as a well-established character took on the role of mentor. Actually yeah; probably that.

          You could also argue that maybe Finn could have been the same person regardless of race. That multiple actors all auditioned for the same role and John Boyega simply had the performance the producers liked the best; that his race only matters to you, the special snowflake who can’t handle having a single movie made without white men driving the plot you can look up to.

          Also, you sound ridiculous arguing that Finn would have been a different character if a writer you don’t know had hypothetically envisioned the character differently than you for no particular reason assume they did. You really can’t handle non-whites in leading roles, can you?

          1. Change your handle to Strawman or mix up your rhetorical devices. Seriously. I loved John Boyega, he was great in the role regardless of race (though Abrams has specifically said he wanted to cast a person of color and not just the best actor). I don’t know how to make this any clearer, although clearly clarity is not the issue for you. I don’t care the race of the protagonist. I care that the forces behind these films are programming anti-whiteness. I am equally sensitive to media that promotes hatred of any group, it just so happens at the moment the subliminal messaging is against white males, and by design — Brookings Institute. Tavistock Institute. Etc.

          2. Even though you know they deliberately cast a non-white actor, you assert that the character had been written white, despite Abrams’s involvement throughout the process? I’ll mix up my rhetoric when yours stops contradicting itself, deal?

            Also, learn your damn logical fallacies. Pointing out that death doesn’t negate a character’s contribution to a sorry it’s a direct response to what you said. Neither is accusing you of a mindset based on inferences from your flimsy rhetoric.

            I stand by my stance; advocating for non-whites to play a greater role is not anti-white. THAT is a straw man.

          3. So, instead of demonstrating he was written as white, you show me he was drawn as white. Ok. That proves something, I guess, although not your weird conspiracy about non-white Mary Sues.

  31. Take a look at nearly everything you see and touch each day. You will see the product of primarily white men.

    I suppose that might explain the flaccid egos on the non-white male population.

    1. How many movies had white protagonists this year? One of them even had Matt Damon saving all of China, and yet you’re focused on one of the small handful of movies without a white male lead.

      Whose ego is flaccid, again?

      1. It takes a special kind of stupid to miss my point so spectacularly, in that I wasn’t talking about actors, I was talking about messaging.

        But then again, it takes a special kind of stupid to be a regular Mary Sue and Rolling Stone reader.

        Thanks for stopping by.

        1. So you came tout an article about a movie and made a random, laughably false claim about everything everywhere in the world? You’re right; it does take a special kind of stupid to think that a racist imbecile might have anything relevant or useful to contribute, but I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll never make that mistake again. Thank you; This has been a wonderful teaching moment.

          1. Here’s another “teaching moment”. Tossing around the racism charge is WHY YOU LOST. Keep it up. Please.

            And it’s “teachable”. You fu*king idiot.

          2. Ur pathetic. Just label someone racist yet whine about generalizations…also 65% of u.s. is white…just deal with it

          3. You’re pathetic. 65% of Americans are white and it seems that’s not enough for you. Also, “ur” is not an accepted abbreviation of “you’re,” which is already a contraction, a form of abbreviation.

            I dont know what generalizations you’re talking about.

      2. It’s not an issue of the lead being a minority or not, it’s about the MESSAGE of the film being that white males are bad, which you couldn’t possibly not understand.

        1. So the white males “relegated to the background” of the rebellion as it prepares for the Battle of Yavin just… don’t count? The villains were white, sure – they always were, incidentally – but the protagonists work for and with the white men in the Rebellion. That they aren’t the focus of this movie doesn’t eliminate their contribution.

          If this movie has a message of “white males are bad,” then doesn’t the absence of any non-whites in the original therefore have a message that non-whites are bad?

          No. The answer is no. And the “messaging” you complain about is nothing more than an admission on your part that representation in media actually does matter. Without a white man in this movie, despite all the other white men in other movies, you just fall to pieces.

          Who’s a snowflake, again?

  32. I find it interesting that the white men “relegated to the background” of the rebellion are somehow not part of the rebellion. Apparently they don’t count if they’re not the stars of the movie.

    But representation doesn’t matter.

    1. Bollywood films are almost exclusively brown. Telenovelas are almost exclusively Hispanic. Why is representation not an issue there but a desperate necessity in majority white films?

      1. Who says it isn’t? Are you following the cultural criticism of Bollywood and Telemundo? I sincerely doubt it. Even assuming that neither of those face this criticism, what portion of their audience isn’the represented by their output? I couldn’t say. What I can say is that Hollywood makes movies for Americans, and whatever the racial makeup Bollywood’s audience is, Hollywood’s is diverse.

        It’s silly enough that Hollywood caters to white men over everyone else – we’re a quarter of the population but over 80% of movie protagonists – but when you dismiss the calls for diverse casting you’re ignoring the preposterous ongoing trend of casting white people to play explicitly non-white characters. Hollywood went along for a very long time without addressing race almost at all. There’s over a century of movies that don’t have anything other than white folks, including a fairly long period where non-whites actively couldn’t get hired to play characters whose race they actually matched, like Elizabeth Taylor and now Gerard Butler playing Egyptians, John Wayne playing a Mongol, Mickey Rooney and now Tilda Swinton as Chinese, and Scarlett Johansen as Japanese.

        You dismiss the importance of it, but as a white man you’re covered. Of course you don’t think it’s a big deal, the media made for you for your entire life has never left you out. Are you really so devoid of empathy that you can’t see why it might matter to somebody who doesn’t have that? Twitter exploded when Luke Cage premiered on Netflix, because a lot of white viewers didn’t like that a show about a black superhero in Harlem didn’t have enough white people. Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics and everyone else are all expected to quietly enjoy media that doesn’t include them, sometimes even telling the stories of their own cultures with white men front and center, playing roles that could easily have been cast with actors of the race portrayed, and you question the need for representation, but you make one Star Wars movie without a white, male hero and suddenly It’s a message that white men are evil. This is inconceivably stupid.

        1. You are either lying or stupid. But you do not sound stupid, so I assume you are lying. Your issue is not racial, it is nationalist vs. globalist, and clearly you are an advocate of the latter. Whites played other races because until the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 changed immigration patterns, America was a “white” country. As Hollywood was an American institution, whites portrayed all the characters.

          The nationalist, capitalist view on increasing representation would be to support efforts by non-white majority countries to build their own film industries and to recognize quality films that come out of those industries monetarily on the free market. This would have led to true diversity and multiculturalism. The globalist, socialist view on increasing representation is to punish whites for their ingenuity in creating Hollywood in the first place through infiltration, quotas, and punitive defunding for art that doesn’t tow the multicultural party line.

          Yet the RESULT of the spurious multiculturalism is that it will DESTROY DIVERSITY and turn us all into a UNICULTURE. It’s like replacing every single store in the mall with a United Colors of Bennetton and then bragging about all the great options at said mall. I’m not going to speculate what your real values are, but whatever they are they are certainly not diversity and inclusion.

          1. “You are either lying or stupid.”

            You demonstrated neither.

            “Your issue is not racial, it is nationalist vs. globalist, and clearly you are an advocate of the latter.”

            I am, but no, that’s not my issue. I live in the United States and I speak only of the United States. That’s why I keep talking about Hollywood and not Bollywood, Telenor elastic, Hong Kong Cinema, etc. I’m speaking of entertainment created for the culture to which I belong only.

            “Whites played other races because until the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 changed immigration patterns, America was a “white” country. As Hollywood was an American institution, whites portrayed all the characters.”

            First, no. Gerard Butler played an Egyptian this year. Scarlett Johansson is playing a Japanese woman next year. These are not casting choices affected by anything that happened in the ’60s.

            Second, so? The fact that you can name a reason for it doesn’t change anything I said. Seriously; I don’t even see why you’re bringing this up.

            “The nationalist, capitalist view on increasing representation would be to support efforts by non-white majority countries to build their own film industries and to recognize quality films that come out of those industries monetarily on the free market. This would have led to true diversity and multiculturalism.”

            This would be true if our film industry weren’t flooding foreign markets with our own product.

            “The globalist, socialist view on increasing representation is to punish whites for their ingenuity in creating Hollywood in the first place through infiltration, quotas, and punitive defunding for art that doesn’t tow the multicultural party line.”

            And this is idiocy. First, whites didn’t create Hollywood; it was a combined, multicultural effort. They don’t get credit for it but black people especially were instrumental in both the performance aspect and the technical development that led to the film being a viable art form or industry. Second, again you conflate wanting to include non-white Americans in the spotlight as punishing white people, but that’s absurd, both because this is basically arguing that Channing Tatum deserves to be a movie star more than Dwayne Johnson because Tom Cruise, Errol Flynn, and the bulk of other actors who filled his role were white, and second because it isn’t a punishment to not give someone something they didn’t personally earn. You’re arguing the free market, but insist that non-whites and women ought not be allowed to succeed in numbers roughly equivalent to their relative population density in a purely meritocratic system? Please. It isn’t anti-white to say that non-whites deserve a seat at the table, too; again I say that is a straw man argument, and you’re still trying to make it.

            “Yet the RESULT of the spurious multiculturalism is that it will DESTROY DIVERSITY and turn us all into a UNICULTURE.”

            Demonstrate that this is even remotely true in any way.

            “It’s like replacing every single store in the mall with a United Colors of Bennetton and then bragging about all the great options at said mall.”

            No, you dunce; it’s the exact opposite. Did you even think about this for a second before hitting send?

            If every store in the mall is a clothing store, there’s no diversity. Clothing stores are white people. Maybe there’s a lot of call for clothing stores, but if you don’t put some game stores and jewelry stores and massage chair kiosks, you don’t have a mall; you have a clothing store.

          2. Huh; ok.

            I’ll say one in which people are given a fair shake; one in which honesty is actually valued instead of given lip service, earnestness is valued over cynicism and nobody placed others’ misery over their own joy.

            Look, I won’t pretend there aren’t also liberals who lose sight of the big picture. There are misandrists, anti-white racists, hard-line communists, and so on. They aren’t the majority, and by conflating anyone to the left of what you believe with the furthest extremes, you do yourself the disservice of shutting out people who are intelligent but disagree with you. I have many conservative friends; I’m deliberately not in a social media bubble. I listen and engage and I call things stupid when they are and I get the same from them. Sometimes we’re persuaded and sometimes not, but we maintain enough respect for one another not to assume the worst of one another’s motivations.

            So here you are; I say “diversity” and you read “globalist socialist anti-white conspiracy.” That’s bullshit and somewhere in your head you know it is; it’s an absurd proposition. I won’t say nobody is chasing that dream but unless you can actually attach that motivation to someone’s behavior and not just the words they use you’re not having an honest conversation.

            So look at me: I’m saying Hollywood should be more diverse. Growing up I saw in the m

          3. Are you a white guy? You make some amazing points. I’m a minority living in the US and your posts speak directly to my heart.

            Thank you.

          4. I confess, I hoped someone calling himself “Reason” might have had a response after I answered his question in earnest.

  33. Leftists had better pray to gia that we white guys do not live up to their expectations.

    Minorities destroy cities, white guys destroy continents.

    1. You should be happy then. The movie perfectly reflects reality. Everyone involved in building the Death Star seems to have been a white guy. The guy clever and patient enough to secretly sabotage the thing was the whitest guy in the story. The peak of ingenuity for the rainbow coalition/rebels consists of figuring out how to turn on a radio. And the effort literally kills most of them. The rest are then defeated almost effortlessly by the superior technology produced, deployed and manned by white guys.

      And while its true the main villain of the piece was a white guy, he’s the worst sort of villain white guys face off against in real life. Orson Krennic is a social climbing, brown nosed middle manager, hoping to take credit for a subordinates else’s work. A total hypocrite, he turns indignant when someone further up the food chain decides to steal the credit instead. He’s terrible at his actual job: keeping track of what his subordinates are actually doing. His incompetence and self-centered office politicking ultimately lead to disaster for the project, and defeat and death for a lot of the hard-working white guys who counted on him.

      Admit it, guys like Krennic are the biggest problem white guys face. Scheming twerps who can not or will not do their jobs both honestly and competently are everywhere. You know who they are: greedy wall street bankers, crooked politicians, lazy government bureaucrats, that guy who always happens to be hanging out in the breakroom just before someone’s lunch goes missing. They’re still mostly white guys, but the ladies and non-white sorts are doing their level best to contribute.

      And this is why Trump will make America Great Again. If there is anything the Apprentice, a production exactly as well grounded in reality as Star Wars, teaches us, it is that Trump knows how to tell the Krennic’s of the world, “You’re Fired!”

  34. Rogue One portrays the events leading up to Episode IV. Those of us with working eyeballs and memories will recall that everyone in the empire in those movies was also a white male. What were they supposed to do? Retcon the empire to be racially diverse so that special snowflakes wouldn’t get their feelings hurt?

    1. And as u recall the heroes and leaders of rebels were white males–skywalker, hans, obewon…its pretty obvious change especially now done twice in a row with seperate storylines using a white girl leading rag tag group of minorities to get some data lol. Lame.

        1. Yes. The main heroes were leia and lando….. skywalker and hans solo and obewon were clearly secondary figures of no consequence or importance with barely any screen time in the world of star wars…and real stretch there including chewbacca and a droid into a group of “minorities”…i am unfamiliar with “Chewy Lives Matter” and the appluaded gender transition of caitlyn jenner into a droid lol…u really got me on that one genius

    2. No. Just make the heroes non-white.

      Oh wait, they did that already. I guess no special snowflakes got their feelings hurt then.

  35. “The whole basis of Star Wars is that there is a good side and a dark side to the Force and you have to pick one. If you’re not with Darth Vader (or radical Islamists), you certainly are his enemy”

    Darth Vader an Islamist? You Obviously are totally ignorant of what star wars is all about: A Small faction of insurgent terrorist rebels who like to blow things up claim the authority to kill because they are uniquely in touch with God, (ahem, sorry- “The Force”), and they liberally break the law and kill soldiers and law officers as they see fit in order to overthrow the constitutional rule of law of an empire of (yes, mainly white male people and european-attitude aliens). The Rebels are f-ing Isis. Vader is America. He’s bringing all the intelligence, technology, and progress of an advanced race to the rest of the backwards universe. Why do you think Vader is an Islamist? He’s your Daddy!

  36. I’m no fan of the Social Justice narrative but this strikes me as silly complaint.

    The Empire has always been a “white supremacist organization” they’re literally Space Nazis. I would have expected the modified SS Uniforms in A New Hope and the fact that they call their infantry “Stormtroopers” to make that pretty clear, but I guess that was too subtle for Weitz.

    1. When the rebels are everyone BUT white guys, it’s a big change.

      The original Rebels were white good guys. Now it’s everyone who’s not a white straight male versus the white Evil Empire.

      The original trilogy was Nazis v. plucky, underfunded Allies. Now the movies are the Left’s vision of Republicans v. Democrats.

      1. Having seen the actual movie, Red Leader and Gold Leader from the original Star Wars appear. There are plenty of white people in the Rebellion. Even Mads Mikkelsen is white, and his character is who set up the weakness that allowed Luke to blow up the Death Star.

        What we were told was simply idiotic virtue signalling/trolling from the left. Ignore the ramblings of the trolls.

        The movie was majorly cool.

        1. lol. who are the ragtag guys doing all the main action?….oh wait, all the hate-whitey crew. Including a (laughable) tough grrrllll.

          and who is the empire? That’s right, all Evil Whiteys!

          Face it, little studio shill: everyone sees through your lies. Even the filmmakers themselves.

          Your paycheck’s going to get docked from your failures, little cuck.


          1. The main guy is Jyn’s father, white… one of the main people of the group is Jyn, also white… kind of odd to claim that she’s part of a hate whitey crew!… it’s so sad that liberals are pulling your strings and making you see something that is not there. It’s even MORE funny that you speak for what the movie is about when you have not even seen it, and the trailers are utterly misleading… *laugh* I think that in reality you are probably just a liberal trying to troll, but showing the world how ignorant you really are in the process.

            I’ll let you have the last word since puppets think having the final word means they won the argument, instead of digging themselves a deeper Hole Of Fool…

          2. lmao. poor wittle studio cuck. The filmmakers themselves said it was the Evil White Empire versus Diversity Inc (led by a tough grrrl). The only whites in the rebels are old and dying off. This is how the Left sees it: Evil Whitey as the enemy, Diversity Inc. as the great ones, with a few old token whiteys around who will soon die off.

            But you’re not *smart* enough to see that, wittle cuck.


          3. I would get into a battle of wits with you but I refuse to fight an unarmed man. The film was finished a limg time before Trump won, so the writers (who got extensively rewritten) are irrelevant. And I am sure Disney is sooooo unhappy with their $155 million dollar opening weekend.

            /rolls eyes

          4. lmao. It was always about being anti-white and pro-diversity (which means everyone BUT white straight men) with a laughable tough grrrlll lead.

            You can live in denial, but I won’t be swimming in it.


    2. Ummm skywalker and hans solo and princess and obewon were allllll white…theres no more white male heroes…women and minorities have stolen it from white men

      1. Jyn’s father was the primary hero of Rogue One and was white. I think you are trolling though, pretty weak.

    3. FTR, I enjoyed Rogue One. And I always understood the Nazi/Empire parallel.

      But the movie creators imply that multi-cultural collaboration is proof of moral superiority. Such BS. The real-life, white supremacist Nazis were allies with the non-white Japanese Empire.

      Ethnic chauvinism doesn’t preclude multi-cultural relations of convenience. It can even be a catalyst for those alliances.

  37. 100% accurate…im fed up being slammed as straight white male and the tokenism…we are 65% white so 1/3 of u.s. are white males. Deal with it. Keep this bs up and maybe white guys might turn into vaders. Im especially tired of feminist bs. A white woman is not the great hope of all peoples and isnt a “minority”. White women are privileged. Twice in a row some great white girl is the smartest strongest hero…for absolutely no reason other than identity politics and selling a movie to female audiences to make more money.

    1. The movie is not at all against white males. The ultimate hero of the story (Jyn’s father) is a white male. A white male/female lead the rebellion… this movie is zero percent about race. What is going on is people who DO hate white males, are trying to pretend this movie is about race in order to spoil your fun, they seek to drain all humor and fun away from those they disagree with.

      1. U can continue repeating yourself but does little to change facts….forrest gumps mother isnt the protagonist hero of forrest gump

        1. You can continue repeating yourself (and ignoring rules of spelling and grammar) but it does little to change the facts…. Jyn’s father is in fact the co-protagonist hero of Rogue One, without him Star Wars literally could not have happened. He dedicated his whole life and lost his family to stop the Death Star. You are ignoring what Rogue One is all about at the core…

          1. Hahhaha such an idiot. U need a comma after your poor grammar before using ‘but’…youre now blocked for hopeless idiocy so u can keep respinding but i wont see any of it…u been schooled on facts and have no argument so give up the desperate reaching and put down the shovel cuz the grave is deep enough…

          2. You really think I need a comma there, don’t you? I mean, you actually said that where people could see… *Sigh*

            It doesn’t matter what you can see. It matters what everyone else can see, and they can see your original post and once they see the movie, determine the truth of what you are saying and what I am saying. I personally leave judgment not to myself but to the viewers.

        1. May you live to see the next 8 years of our lord and saviour President Donald J Trump clean house of all you America hating communist.

    1. I don’t understand your point — socially engineering hatred against a group based on their race and gender is fine if it’s lucrative?

    1. You really should see Rogue One if you feel that way… Rogue one is I think more appreciated by those that liked Empire Strikes Back.

    1. Davy Crockett,
      You may wonder how it is that Leftist thugs always accuse their enemy of what they are doing. It is because they are following their Marxist mentor: “Call your enemy what you are, and always tell the exact opposite of the truth.” ~Lenin

      No need to wonder any more. 🙂 Every time I see one of these Leftist thugs and they open their mouth it is absolutely reveals just what and who they are …and who they follow!

  38. The Death Star scenes are an allegory to what Trump will do to the Earth with his climate denial. In fact, Trump will do more damage to the Earth than the Death Star did to Alderaan.

    1. The Death Star scenes refer to what Hillary would have done to the U.S. had Trump’s rebel alliance not defeated her invincible war machine. A thermal port looks just as insignificant as an unsecured email server… 🙂

    2. Yo, john! ‘Zup, mah man?

      Say, when are you going to give up the warm, gas/electric heat in your mom’s basement? You know, to prove the strength of your convictions? LOL

  39. This is the core philosophy of Disney. It’s also in the Marvel Comic books too. It is as simple as they believe all white men are evil. If you are a white man that does not have self loathing then you are either a white supremacist or whatever. Money doesn’t matter to this corporation either as long as they push their racial propaganda onto our kids.

    1. All of the white men in the movie on the rebels side (and there are many) have no self-loathing and do quite well.

      1. Rogue One has not done nearly as well as the Force Awakens. Considering the sales figures of the Finn figures, they must be absolutely desperate and terrified of the Christmas toy sales figures to bring out the online shills.

        1. I’m just someone who actually saw the movie. You are not. Your wording is telling because when someone is obviously losing an argument the first thing the weak-minded do is to bring out the word “shill”, as if Star Wars needed to hire people online when they have a rabid fanbase of millions!

          As for “not making as much money as Force Awakens” – come on. FA was a monster. I don’t think any standalone can expect to surpass the core movies, especially the first Star Wars in some time. I’m pretty sure instead of being “desperate” they ill sleep rather soundly with the $155 MILLION dollars they earned just in the last weekend alone, never mind the remainder of the Christmas season…

          I’m not sure if the toys are selling well but they have some decent ones; again I’ve actually been to the store and looked, you probably have no idea what they are even offering. What you do not realize is Disney finally woke up to the massive cash cow Star Wars merchandise is and now it is EVERYWHERE, not just the toy isle.

          I’ll let you have the last response since a snooty know-nothing armchair critic such as yourself thinks they have won an argument when they post last, never mind needing to know what you are even talking about whatsoever!

    2. Agreed.

      But Marvel Comics and Disney studios didn’t start out this way. The half Jewish creator of the best Marvel Comics Jack Kirby did not hate White America or hate America – he was patriotic and a good man.

      Disney Studios was started and rose to success by the genius that was Walt Disney – a Midwestern White guy. Unfortunately Disney Studios is now just another Jewish run Hollywood studios and it falls down in to typical, same old, same old hatred of all things White American male.

      Who Runs Hollywood – C’mon by Joel Stein.


    3. They don’t think white men are evil, they just think white men are in the way. They then agitate useful idiots into believing that white men are “evil.” For those at the top, though, it’s just business.

  40. “though I don’t have any marketing data to back it up, it seems likely that white males are the single biggest market for Star Wars swag. Why would you turn your back on your best customers?”

    Why does something have to be white for white males to actually want to partake in it? If I as a black man had to wait on major black representation in media, I’d be abstaining from a helluva lot of media. The real issue is the notion of white males being always so butthurt with not being the default in every setting? You only had that for about 100 years of movies and TV.

    1. They’re not butthurt. They’re just pointing out the hypocrisy.

      Furthermore, the people who purposely exclude whites do it to be hateful, just like the racists of yesterday. They are hypocrites because they’re doing the same damn thing they denounce day in and day out.

      Not that you’re intelligent enough to understand such advanced concepts.

    2. LOL… Sure, sure…. the Ghostbusters movie failed because white guys were butthurt about it… it had nothing to do with the huge amount of SUCK surrounding the move’s obviously sexist, racist casting decisions.!

      If you can find enough retards to keep that crap floating, feel free.

  41. Jesus, all the silly Star Wars fanbois are out in force, defending their hatred of whitey. I don’t think I’ve seen so many comments on an Acculturated post before.

    Whitey is evil, women are funny get over it, blah blah blah. Have I got that right?

  42. What’s with White Feminist Women giving themselves a pass on all the White Supremacy? Because they popped out angry and female their ancestors didn’t own slaves?

  43. Ohh
    boo hoo hoo. After decades of villainous Indians, criminal blacks,
    depraved homosexuals, stupid women, and psychotic transgender people,
    the white cishet male is upset at being depicted as a fascist bad guy.
    Doesn’t feel so good having the shoe on the other foot does it?

    1. Back in the real world the white males are overwhelming the movie villain, for every one of your examples I and can provide a hundred counter examples.

    2. LOL… Laura, you reek of feminist angst and ire.

      Blacks DO create the fast majority of violent crimes in the USA — that’s according to Obama’s FBI Crime statistics.

      Homosexuals ARE depraved to a large extent. It’s just the nature of the beast. Ask them… they’ll be happy to describe in great details.

      “Transgender” people ARE known for violent, psychotic behavior… which is why most woment don’t want them in their bathrooms and most fathers don’t want them in the bathroom with their daughters.

      “The white cishet male?” Is that what your sort calls normal folks now? LOL

      Look, it’s obvious you have some serious “Daddy issues,” so I feel sorry for you. Men are generally forgiving of their daughters and it’s Christmas, maybe you should call your father, tell him you’re sorry and get a hug.

      Merry Christmas!

    3. We keep hearing this from the left. Other than the depictions of Indians in old Westerns. Name the TV show or movie that was made depicting only black people as criminals. Or only women were portrayed as stupid. A movie where the that pointed out that a murder was psychopathic purely because he was transgender. Name just one movie or TV show. Clearly and by the admission of the writers of the studio, the Empire in Rogue One are space Nazis.

    1. actually it’s a movie based on politics you imbecile. One of the writers was open to this fact. IDIOT!

  44. White guys are the enemies now. Just ask the diversities. Go to any college campus sociology or history class. Take a look at the election of 2016. Whites were demonized by the Communists with a (D) behind their names, as they have been doing for decades. Hollywood is filled with commies, so this should not surprise anyone.

    1. It’s not “commies”. Youre just saying things u dont understand. It’s “neoliberals”. “Commies” dont even exist anymore. It’s all based on the central tenets of ‘neoliberalism’: multiculturalism, identity politics, and free market of economy and ideas. The last part is fine. The first two parts are what has messed up things especially identity politics through this mass hysteria of “white privilege,” particularly spewing out of academia. The things that bother u are a result of neoliberalism, which is a product of democratic capitalism. Communism doesnt exist even in supposedly communist countries like russia and china. Or, otherwise any trump supporter is a “commie,” which i dont believe. The real solutions are a mixture of capitalism but instead of focusing on identity politics we need to be discussing seriously how we are letting the super rich get away with robbery when literally 62 richest ppl in the world have as much money as half the worlds population. When literally 0.1% of americans have as much wealth as 90% of thecrest of america. Thats just insane. The problem and criticism of economic inequality impacts the mass majority, including the semi-rich too lol. Its no longer an ideological position to take. Its factual and mathematical maxims and common sense. Drop the old school labels and try thinking about reality and the issues. If u voted trump and u arent rich youre a moron. You all are an idiotic herd babbling about nonsense as the robbers continue robbing you and raping you…yet u smile about it. Get sent to wars. Get paid crap. Get more lies and more lies. Everyone from hillarys side to trumps side are blinded by identity politics when ppl should be joining up against the 0.1% and only putting average americans in powerful political positions instead of elites. Cant believe u all bought into the idea that trump isnt elite. Idiots. Look at his appointments…allll rich ppl in it for themselves. They dont care about u. He didnt drain the swamp…he took a giant turd in it. If both hillary and trump.morons just talked about economics and how messed up it is that the super rich play u all like herded sheep thered be a chance to improve your lives.

      Yes. What im saying is sanders….hes the only guy with the balls and honesty to do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said without relying on identity politics bs.

      1. “I mean, where I come from, communism is not a terrible word.” — Seth Rogen

        Yes. There are communists in Hollywood.

          1. Charming. And I don’t know what you’re actual intent is, but denying the influence of literal communists in every major American institution, be it sports, academia, movies, politics, etc. is patently ludicrous. You’re probably aware of that, though, eh comrade?

          2. Lol u make absolutely no sense. U really dont understabd what the meaning of communism is in theory, practice, or linguistically speaking. If u mean the broad term “liberal” or “neoliberal” is at play various aspwcts then yes. But y lack the basic understanding to see or know otherwise. “Communisim” is not in any way involved in american society and culture and politics.

          3. No. I mean Communist Party USA, and their endorsement of our president, and his connections to highly visible members of their party such as Bill Ayers, and self-proclaimed communists with tenured positions in academia and media and in Obama’s cabinet, such as avowed communist Van Jones, and and and…

          4. such pathetic reaching…both leftists and right-wingers are such idiots that think so narrowly and binary

    2. Its the jews. Communism is a Jewish weapon. Multiculturalism is a jewish weapon. Hollywood is a Jewish weapon, the media companies are a jewish weapon, the banks are a jewish weapon of jewish usury. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are ALL ultimately Jewish subversions of the human spirit. It is the jews whom promote the destruction of freedom of speech and our right to bear arms are jewish led. The holocaust is a jewish weapon based on lies of fictitious gas chambers that no one can question for fear of imprisonment. Homosexuality is a jewish weapon, feminism is a jewish weapon run by jews ar the top. When are you people ever going to learn.

  45. Wait… white women never contributed to chattel slavery in the United States? Nor are any white women racists? LOLOOLOLOLOL. This is why Trump won, you morons (directed at talent behind the new Star Wars films). People are getting sick of this regressive left bullshit. Currently, the majority of racism and sexism is created by the left and it’s directed at white men (in the west).

    1. You are right. I went to Target today and saw that the toy shelves were pretty much swept except of one thing. The Star Wars Rouge One toys had hardly been touched. They can make any movie they want and fudge box office figures by talking about Global Ticket sales. The brass tax is the merchandizing and the kids whose parents have the money aren’t buying.

  46. “The casting was not accidental. The Empire is (now) a “white supremacist (human) organization,” Rogue One co-writer Chris Weitz ”

    I respond:

    I’m shocked – SHOCKED that Star Wars Rogue One Jewish writer Chris Weitz is making English speaking White men the bad guys.

    Who would have thought it?

    As opposed to virtually every other Jewish written, directed and produced movie in Jewish run Hollywood:


    1. This is more of a leftist fascists thing, China influences Hollywood, don’t label all Jewish people as bad.

      1. more of a Jesuit thing.

        Jesuits run the world, Hollywood is just one of their tools.
        notice how Hollywood and all leftists attack people from traditionally protestant countries?
        anglo, german, dutch = all evil… because they were the bedrock of the reformation.

        Whties who are spanish, italian are ok because they’re from catholic nations.

  47. I saw the movie (twice) and did not see the problem.

    The religous, pro-liberty, armed collection of rebels against the atheistic, intolerant, uniformed empire.

    Regardless of intent,  one cannot help but see the American Revolution parallels. (At one point,  we see the rebels version of Articles of the Confederation fail,  for the same reasons the real thing did.)

     Also the conservative values of the rebels stood out. The writers could not disguise or hide that or  else no one would feel anything worthwhile for the rebels.

    The Battle scenes were heavily borrowed from WWII movies and  Iraqi war newsfeeds, all mixed around.

    As far as classifying people by skin color in order to make bigoted judgements about those skin colors — it is an old (and current) game of racism that liberals enjoy.  Don’t play with them.  See everyone in the movie as a human being as opposed to a skin color.

    The movie,  especially how it eneded, really worked for me.

  48. It is a good example of anti white man racism in Hollywood. This has been going on for a long time now. All the evil guys are always white men in 99% of the movies, and the good guys always have black guys, women, or middle easterners in them especially lately.

    It isn’t even a debate, it is a flat out fact, just survey the movies in say the last 10 years, and see how many evil bad guys are black compared to white men?
    How often lately are women in dominate roles shown as fighters and strong heroes? Where the white man takes a backseat if he is even a good guy at all.

    It is just more anti- white man hate from the left.

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  54. I definitely found the original Star Wars movies to have a left wing theme. I always sort of figured the rebels were metaphors for guerrillas like Che Guevara or the Vietcong and the evil empire could stand in for the US or the British Empire or any other oppressive empire. That’s kind of the beauty of Sci Fi, you can make a point in a universal way without having to be too specific. Of course the director and the owners of Disney are white guys and historically that’s been a pretty racist corporation so there’s a big element of hypocrisy here. Affluent rich white people playing around with a self deprecating politics that serves to make them look virtuous while not costing then a dime. Wanna make a real gesture donate ALL the profits you made off this film to building some quality low income housing in the Black and Lation community or something. I’m all for more diversity but why can’t white guys be part of the rainbow too? What’s perhaps most disturbing is that perhaps the characters young white boys are supposed to relate to are the bad guys. If one really is trying to push an anti racist anti Trumpism agenda which I am not totally opposed to why not give them at least one role model that is a part of that. It’s as if the ruling class is deliberately playing divide and conquer. This fashionable identity politics noise is not real left wing politics, thats usually got something to do with class and a critique of capitalism and the elites.

  55. Who cares? It’s not like race won’t continue to be an issue in the US. It’s a fictional movie for christ’s sake.

    1. Well go read george orwell books or even just google about it. Media is very powerful tool that can change the narrative of entire population. Thats how they got the asian men. In west i mean.

  56. Star Wars was metaphor for the American civil war. That’s why everyone in the Empire had english accents and the rebels had American accents. That’s why the Empire was so powerful and huge.
    Come on.

  57. Diego Luna IS White, you fools! Just because he’s Mexican doesn’t make him Non-White! Millions of Mexicans are, in fact, White! Guillermo Del Toro, Salma Hayek, the late Ricardo Montalban, and Diego Luna are but a handful of White Mexicans! There are some White Mexicans who are fairer than some White Americans and Canadians! When are America’s idiots going to learn this FACT! And what’s with this Non-Hispanic White nonsense? Why are White people with Spanish names singled out amongst all other White folks? I don’t see Whites of French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Irish, Greek, Swedish, Russian, Polish, etc., etc., etc., singled out and separated! Not even Middle Eastern Whites are singled out to this level. Victor Tayback, Ralph Nader, Adam Sandler, Tony Shalhoub, Jamie Farr, Danny Thomas, and Sammy Hagar are all of Middle Eastern origin and are generally considered White! Most of Rogue One’s actors are British, Australian, or New Zealander it seems. Riz Ahmed is British! I don’t care where his mammy and pappy came from! He is British, period, and White in race — Mediterranean-White, but White nonetheless! Look folks! Mexican is a nationality, not a race! Hispanic means Spanish-speaking, not a race! Latino means Latin, a language family and ancient Italian tribe, also called Italic, not a race! Wake up people! This is really simple stuff! It ain’t rocket science! I mean seriously, if Diego Luna was born in the USA, Canada, or Britain, with the name Jacob Moon, but, looked exactly as he does now, nobody would be saying he isn’t White! Why is this topic so damn hard for seemingly otherwise intelligent people to understand? Taking a bunch of White people, then arbitrarily cherry-picking which Whites are White and which Whites are not, ranks right up there with studying animal farts and shrimp on treadmills!

    1. Luna is a white but leftists differetiate between whites who are anglo, germanic, frankish, danish, and nordic. Any whites of non spanish/non greek/non italian blood are considered the enemy. They are being called to be genocided by liberals.

      So Luna is consiered politically correct by leftists even though he is as caucasian as myself who is german, scottish and english. Someone of my blood is considered the white devil, even though I personally never had a thing handed to me in my life and my ancestors work on bridges, and blacksmith shops.

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