Are People Who Don’t Let their Kids Choose their Gender Unfit Parents?

How many steps away are we from civil war in the ongoing culture war over transgenderism? On days like today, it doesn’t seem so far at all.

It’s only recently that our culture has embraced the idea that a man can decide to become a woman (and vice-versa). In earlier eras, almost anyone would have cited the science behind why it’s not possible to choose one’s gender: anatomy, chromosomes, the different bone structure of men vs. women that makes it possible for archaeologists to determine if a skeleton was a man or woman by merely examining a few bones. Now, it’s bigoted to even question the logic behind why society should play along with the whims of children, who are also known to declare themselves dinosaurs and butterflies, in addition to deciding they are the opposite gender.

This week, the Daily Signal reported that a Canadian province in Ontario:

. . . passed a law allowing state agencies to prevent families that will not affirm a child’s chosen “gender identity” from adopting or providing foster care to children.

Children in Ontario can now make life-altering decisions before the age of consent against their parents’ wishes.

But the principle in Ontario’s law has an even wider reach.

The bill’s chief advocate thinks that it is “child abuse” to deny a child’s chosen gender identity.

And it’s not just Canada that’s lost its collective mind on this issue. The same law is already in place in the state of Illinois here in the U.S. How far is our society away from concluding that all parents, not just foster parents, are unfit if they don’t play along with their kids’ gender dysphoria?

In response to the Daily Signal story, one transgender activist tweeted:

It’s not enough for adults to decide they were born the wrong gender; now a prominent transgender activist (though I’m hoping a fringe member of the progressive movement) is arguing that preventing a child from “transitioning” (which can involve taking hormone-blocking drugs and undergoing surgery) is child abuse. How long until the state embraces this view? Recall that the authors of the foster parent bill in Canada already do. And could the state use its power to remove children from parents who don’t allow them to “transition” or who teach their children that people are born either male or female? Here’s a scary thought experiment:

Recently, in Oregon, two parents saw their children removed from their home due to their own low IQs. Oregon Live has the chilling details (emphasis mine):

For nearly four years, the Redmond couple has been fighting to prove to the state of Oregon that they are intellectually capable of raising their children. The Department of Human Services has removed both of their boys, saying the parents are too mentally limited to be good parents.

Fabbrini, 31, and Ziegler, 38, lost custody of their older son, Christopher, shortly after he was born. Five months ago, the state took their second child, newborn Hunter, directly from the hospital. Both are now in foster care.

No abuse or neglect has been found, but each parent has a degree of limited cognitive abilities. Rather than build a network of support around them, the state child welfare agency has moved to terminate the couple’s parental rights and make the boys available for adoption.

Despite the fact that no state guidelines exist regarding how to measure the cognitive abilities of these parents, the state of Oregon has decided to terminate the parental rights of two people who have steady housing and high school diplomas (and who obviously love their children) because officials believe the children are better off in foster care. What may be even more disturbing is that the parents’ disabilities don’t even appear to be that profound, and they lost their children despite taking parenting classes and jumping through every bureaucratic hoop the state required of them.

In Tennessee, government officials also seem to believe they know better than citizens who should be raising children. The local news reported on a disturbing eugenics program in the prison system there:

Inmates in White County, Tennessee have been given credit for their jail time if they voluntarily agree to have a vasectomy or birth control implant, a popular new program that is being called “unconstitutional” by the ACLU.

On May 15, 2017 General Sessions Judge Sam Benningfield signed a standing order that allows inmates to receive 30 days credit toward jail time if they undergo a birth control procedure.

Government officials like social workers and judges wield an enormous amount of power over ordinary citizens. Social work programs and law schools (but especially the former) are well-known hotbeds for extreme progressive thought and belief.

Already in progressive culture it’s viewed as bigoted to question the latest trends in transgender ideology. If in just two or three years we’ve gone from “a man has a penis and a woman has a vagina” to “gender is fluid,” how many more years will it take for parents who refuse to allow their children to “transition” to be deemed unfit? Foster parents who take this view are already deemed unfit by some government officials in Canada and the United States. Is it that far-fetched to wonder when biological parents will be labeled unfit as well?

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10 responses to “Are People Who Don’t Let their Kids Choose their Gender Unfit Parents?

  1. Mommy, I think I’m a girl, but the boys in school say I’m a boy too. What am I REALLY? Why do I feel like this? Why don’t the other boys feel like I do? Am I going to grow up to be a boy or a girl? I wish someone would help me with the answers. Mommy, do YOU have the answers?

    More PC idiots with kids doing more to screw up their kids heads than doing everything they can to help them make rational decisions.

    Confused idiots raising children should not be allowed.

  2. In regards to the couple in Oregon who may have their child seized by the State because their IQs are not high enough. I wonder how many refugees from Somalia that Oregon officials have welcomed to state and made room for in their public schools? This is a pertinent question because the median IQ of Somalians is 68 which is 4 points lower than the father of this child.

    Moreover there are over 30 countries in the world with median IQs lower than that of the father. I wonder how many immigrants Oregon has welcomed from any of these countries. I wonder if Oregon officials would dare remove any refugee children from their parents on the basis of their IQ.

    1. This gets even scarier when you carry it to its logical conclusion: the state decides who gets to breed and who doesn’t. Add in forced abortions for Undesirable Fetal Tissue( won’t be allowed to call them babies) and you can have racial genocide in a nice clean manner. No more pictures of prison camps, no mass graves, no great outcry of horror. Just a generation away from the desired Progressive goal of eliminating troublesome groups.

  3. A clinic in Scandinavia that specializes in gender dysphoria has seen the number of referrals to them go up twenty fold in the past two years. Apparently it’s easy for us to confuse the children on such a simple question. Given that the number of transgendered is currently put at about 0.3%, the Scandinavian evidence might see it rise to 6%, Of those, about forty percent will try to commit suicide, so we’re creating a much, much larger problem.

  4. A parent who indulges their child’s gender confusion to the point of deepening their gender dysphoria is engaged in child abuse.

    In particular, it is frightening to think they will take a confused child and pump them with hormones to change them from what their DNA is telling their body to be. That’s going to war with a child’s own biology.

    What is truly sick about this trend therefore is those parents who do NOT abuse their children by not participating in the fairy tale will be called ‘abusers’.

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