Liberal Media Rejoices When Christian Mommy Blogger Leaves Family to Marry Another Woman

Bestselling author, mother of three, Christian blogger, and motivational speaker Glennon Doyle Melton has married soccer star Abby Wambach. Melton’s new lifestyle is being celebrated in the media, particularly in a gushing new profile in Elle called, “The Gospel According to Glennon.” (The story is not yet available online).

The problem isn’t Melton’s homosexuality or that she came to understand it late in life. It’s the glib way the media is celebrating the destruction of her marriage. In an age of narcissistic self-empowerment, husbands and children are an afterthought. And in the name of political correctness, men in particular too often meekly accept their demoted status.

Indeed, the worst part of the Glennon Melton affair is how Melton’s ex-husband, Craig, has quietly acquiesced to his own neutering. It’s reminiscent of the Georgetown University student who in 2014 said he understood why he was mugged because he lived “from a perch of privilege.” The dogma of political correctness and the enabling Cult of Oprah and Self-Affirmation are just too powerful to resist, even at the cost of your manhood.

Glennon Melton became popular in 2011 writing Momastery, a Christian “mommy blog.” She authored two memoirs: Carry On, Warrior, about her decades-long battles with substance abuse and bulimia; and Love Warrior, about the disintegration of her marriage to Craig Melton, with whom she has three children. Glennon Melton is extremely popular on the self-help lecture circuit and is friends with Oprah. She met Wambach in 2016—“I’ve never believed in or understood romantic love,” Melton told Elle. “Love at first sight has always been a complete joke to me. But when Abby walked into that room, I actually felt the words There she is. This was just an absolute recognizing of the person I was supposed to be with forever.”

Elle isn’t the only media outlet celebrating Melton’s newfound love; a media party has broken out, with People magazine, New York magazine, and many other outlets enthusing over the wedding news. Elizabeth Gilbert, self-help guru and author of Eat, Pray, Love—and someone who also left her husband for a woman—called Melton, who is now heavily into liberal activist causes, “the next Gloria Steinem.” Elle notes that one fan even compared Melton to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Elle profile does contain a few brief paragraphs expressing doubt about “The Gospel According to Glennon.” The piece introduces us to some heretics, people who say Glennon has “a fame addiction” and a messiah complex. Christianity Today accused her of preaching “the gospel of self-fulfillment.” They’re probably correct. As the piece notes, Glennon picked a rather selfish and twenty-first century way to end her marriage. Craig Melton describes getting an urgent text from Glennon saying she had news for him, which turned out to be a revelation about her homosexuality:

When he found out it wasn’t cancer, “I hit the floor bawling,” he says. “I was just so happy she wasn’t going to die.” Then came a wave of “sadness, confusion, and anger,” he says. “I thought we had been doing things the right way. Both of us had been working on ourselves. We entered a phase that was supposed to be a new life for us. It was a shock. It felt like the end of the world.”

But eventually, Craig says, he felt he had no choice but to accept his new reality. Glennon and Abby are, after all, “two women following their hearts,” he says, slipping into Glennon-speak. “Isn’t that what life is all about? Finding true love? If Glennon is happy, and Abby is happy, and the kids are thriving, what’s wrong with that?”

To which one might respond: For God’s sake, man! Glennon is not my wife—thank God—but Craig Melton’s acceptance is pathetic. He did have a choice about this “new reality.” As any man in love with a woman who is the mother of his children would do, he could have questioned how good Glennon’s new life is for their kids, or even herself. He could have gotten drunk for three days or bought a Porsche or bought a club in Casablanca and nursed a resentment for a good long time. At the very least, Craig Melton could have expressed the one thing about his wife’s self-actualized lesbian Valhalla that the Cult of Oprah won’t tolerate: Doubt.

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10 responses to “Liberal Media Rejoices When Christian Mommy Blogger Leaves Family to Marry Another Woman

  1. Of course the crowd that adores Oprah and Gilbert loves this story, because it affirms their decisions too. What these people revel in is personal happiness, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. “Be yourself.” “You deserve to be happy.” This is their mantra. Gilbert leaves her husband because she’s unhappy and goes traveling. She meets another man and marries him. Then she ditches him to get involved with a woman. And she’s celebrated for this. Melton is on the same track.

    What I can’t stand is Christians celebrating this stuff. This is not Christianity. Hopefully Melton loses her cache among Christian women and goes off to Oprah and Rob Bell land of “be yourself” religion.

  2. Someone with as many issues she’s admitted to & she’s wiling to “struggle” with, isn’t going to find “true love”. She’s just got a new struggle plaything. Guarantee this “phase” doesn’t last either. I am deeply sad for her children though. They will grow up wondering WTH about so much.

  3. It sounds like she’s more in love with the idea of being famous. If you want to get noticed, do something different. Being a “Christian” mommy blogger who comes out as gay definitely falls into that category. The fact that she and her husband met while drunk and married ten days later speaks volumes about their commitment to each other and their children. I’ve heard in another article that he stepped out on her before, so he’s not completely innocent in this, but I don’t think people consider the people around them when faced with “Their happiness” or “Their Truth.”
    When Jesus said to take up your cross and follow him, he meant it. Put Jesus ahead of your own wants and desires to make HIS wants and desires yours.

    1. Sometimes people deliberately make choices that land them in the middle of their own personal dramas – victims of abusers, people who run up mad debt, non-alcoholics who drive drunk. They are addicted to the sympathy delivered up to those who suffer.

      I avoid including these people in my life. They are welcome to torment one another and other soft-hearted, soft-headed people who will learn their error soon enough.

  4. Look, having your wife leave you for another woman is utterly emasculating and demoralizing. It happened to me as well and I can tell you that sentences like this “Indeed, the worst part of the Glennon Melton affair is how Melton’s ex-husband, Craig, has quietly acquiesced to his own neutering.” are preposterous and insulting.

    What exactly was he supposed to do? Don’t they have children together? Even the slightest word against this union in this environment would launch such a litany of criticism that I cannot even imagine. He is in the middle of DIVORCE AND CUSTODY issues. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

    I made it clear that I did not approve of this behavior, thought it was damaging to the kids and to herself and then I accepted it because I had no choice.

    When multiple conservative clergy, when pressed for advice on what to do in this situation, told me “I have no idea how you should handle this, other than forgive her and pray for her”, I think a little more respect for the impossible position he has been put in is warranted.

    1. I think you make some good points about the word choices used by the author of this article to describe the reaction of the husband to the situation. He might just be saying things (or not saying things) that will allow him to retain partial custody of his children. Thank you for this perspective. But that also doesn’t mean he needs to say nonsense like this:

      “Isn’t that what life is all about? Finding true love? If Glennon is happy, and Abby is happy, and the kids are thriving, what’s wrong with that?”

      I’ll cut him a little slack though that he’s probably going through a lot right now.

  5. First Peter you need to know the facts. Her husband had been cheating on her for the whole of their marriage. They separated and then reconciled. It did not work. She did not leave her family. They still parent together and still love one another. Get a freaking grip.

    1. What exactly does any of that have to do with my comment about this publication’s derision for his handling of the situation?

      My knowledge of this situation is exactly what was printed in the article and the occasional shot across the bow on social media.

      I take exception to is Acculturated criticizing him by saying things like ‘quietly acquiesced to his own neutering.”

      I never said she left her family. This publication did.

      I am unclear exactly what you are incensed about. Are you defending Acculturated for their own sweeping generalizations in this matter?

      I have no idea of their relationship pre or post this revelation, nor do I care. I simply want to point out that calling a man “pathetic” for his apparent neutrality or quiet acceptance of the situation itself fails to take into account external realities that we are not privy to.

      Maybe you should work on reading comprehension instead of reflexively stating that “I need to get a grip”

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