The Left is Now Attacking Trump’s Unborn Grandchildren

A thought experiment that doesn’t even have to be a thought experiment: What would the press and public response be to an open attack on one of the Obama daughters or Clinton grandchildren look like? Thanks to the media feeding frenzy over the former and a total lack of any public figure ever taking aim at the latter, we know the answer. When a minor Capitol Hill staffer, Elizabeth Lauten, criticized the behavior of the Obama daughters at a White House event late in their father’s Presidency (in a Facebook post with privacy settings set to “friends-only”) her life, both professional and private, went up in flames. Reporters staked out her parents’ house, she was forced to resign from her job, and even over a year later she still receives death threats in the form of Facebook messages from strangers about the comments. The children of former first daughter Chelsea Clinton have barely even been photographed, let alone discussed, in the public realm.

Compare this treatment, for a moment, with that of the Trump family. Beginning on Election Night, Trump’s youngest son Barron, not even in middle school, was the subject of public scorn for daring to appear tired in the wee hours of the morning when his father declared victory on national television. Comedienne turned raving lunatic Rosie O’Donnell began publicly questioning if the young boy had autism or another spectrum disorder. Another comedienne, a writer for Saturday Night Live, tweeted about the young boy becoming the country’s first “homeschool shooter,” which led even former First Kid Chelsea Clinton to weigh in on Facebook, asking those in media and entertainment to just leave the kid alone. She couldn’t, of course, resist taking a dig at Barron’s father in the process, thereby basically doing exactly what she implored others not to—attacking the President by bringing his young child into the argument.

This week another comedienne (what is it with comedy these days?) took aim not at Barron, but an even smaller Trump. One of the President’s adult sons, Eric, announced his wife Lara’s pregnancy, which led Chelsea Handler to tweet the following:


One would think outrage would ensue, as this Trump child is barely the size of a lemon. It did not, and the only thing resembling an apology came in the form of a subsequent tweet from Handler with a grammar correction:



This exercise, of pointing out the double standard between liberals and conservatives, between Democrats and Republicans, between any other politician and the Trumps, is becoming a tired exercise. The American people either don’t realize the double standard if they find themselves opposing Trump, or they are well aware of it if they are in any way supportive of the President. So why bother continuing to point it out?

During this past election year, more than perhaps any other, Americans realized just how little they understand those whose opinions differ from their own. Trump voters were so misunderstood, and so vilified by the media and entertainment wing of the country, that they were undercounted by pollsters. The people who control the media megaphone were in denial that there might be others out there who disagreed with them over the future of our country. They did so by pointing out, tirelessly, the higher moral ground they supposedly stood on by opposing Donald Trump. Trump was a racist, an anti-Semite, a misogynist, and anyone who voted for him was complicit in “normalizing” this behavior.

In “resisting” the President at every turn, many on the Left have engaged in these same behaviors. Those who claimed they could never support Trump because of his documented history of misogyny then went on to engage in the same practice while smearing White House Special Advisor Kellyanne Conway and first daughter Ivanka Trump. Those who spent eight years ignoring the elevation of anti-Semitism on American college campuses and the long history of anti-Semitic vandalism are now suddenly reporting on just the latter with bated breath.

Where this supposed higher ground looks especially muddy is the earth beneath those like Chelsea Handler and her many friends who in the face of such vile pronouncements remain silent. Hollywood spent an entire awards season lecturing Americans, and has hardly batted an eye when one of their own opened rhetorical fire on an unborn child. If celebrities wonder why so many Americans ignored their hectoring over the last year, and why so many refuse to take their pronouncements about the hatred in Donald Trump’s heart seriously, incidents like these are the reason. They may not be able to see the humanity in Donald, but if they have any prayer of being taken seriously by half of America, they might want to start trying to see it in the person of a ten-year-old boy and an unborn child.



20 responses to “The Left is Now Attacking Trump’s Unborn Grandchildren

  1. When it comes to the press, if it was for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

  2. All it amounts to is the Anti-Obama folks have more restraint and are more polite than the Anti-Trumpers. Impulse control – hey lefties, give it a try.

  3. The ctrl-left is defined by their hatred and whom they hate. It’s folly to think that they have any other motive or goal.

      1. Frau Hussein, like other cells of the Left, wants to pervert your country, subvert your children, and abort your grandchildren. That puts Frau Hussein right in line with the title of the article being commented upon here.

        1. So, IOW, it has nothing to do with her, you’ve been triggered like the delicate snowflake you are, and you need to get back to your safe space.

          Why didn’t you just say so?

  4. We have been in a cold civil war for a generation. Its now heating up as the left fears its loss of control slipping from their fingers.

  5. The democrats modus operandi has had an unexpected consequence. More and more people are voting with their tribe, just like good democrats are taught to do.

  6. The Gorsuch nomination needs to proceed. The Supreme Court needs to end compulsory public sector union service fees. The Congress needs to cap and otherwise end student loans at $5k. The rest of the program should go to housing and other real estate loans for young marrieds. Immigration of the poor needs to be blocked. The voting rolls need to be cleansed and proper i.d. for voting needs to be introduced. Do the above and there will never again be a liberal president.

  7. Double standards and hypocrisy by Democrats is just the way of the world–it’s been that way since at least the mythology of Camelot with JFK. Dems have only ever cared about winning. If that includes slurring and demeaning their Rep opposition in personal attacks, well the ends justify the means, in their view. By responding to the pettiness of a 2nd rate talent as Chelsea Handler, and other 3rd rate hacks, you’re feeding the beast that lives off this invective–the narcissistic ego that live for the reaction and attention you’re rewarding them. Ignore ’em. Sticks and stones…

  8. I’m not surprised by the article’s headline. The Left thrills to pervert your country, subvert your children, and abort your grandchildren.

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