Houston Rescuers Prove the Lie of ‘Toxic Masculinity’

Men. We are just the worst, with our toxic masculinity and patriarchal privilege. We are the source of literally all the world’s problems, from war, income inequality, and “rape culture” to the misogynistic microaggressions of “mansplaining” and “manspreading.” If we are ever to create a nonviolent, truly gender-equal world, we must rip away the false, culturally-constructed façade of masculinity. We must free ourselves from the strictures of macho posturing, embrace vulnerability, and redefine what it means to be strong.

That is the message being promoted incessantly today from celebrities like John Legend to the halls of academia to media outlets such as Slate, Salon, and HuffPost. Seemingly overnight, our culture has unquestioningly embraced the term “toxic masculinity.” Male nature itself is the problem, we are told, and the solution is the deconstruction of our understanding of what it means to be a man. But photos and news reports coming out of the devastation wreaked in Texas by Hurricane Harvey are putting the lie to this subversive idea.

In addition to the men among law enforcement and first responders, whose daily mission it is “to serve and protect” while putting their own lives on the line, thousands of volunteers among regular citizens have stepped up and made their way to the region to bring aid to those endangered by Harvey. Some examples among them, which the media singled out:

The Cajun Navy, a network of volunteers with their own boats who trace their origins back to Hurricane Katrina, battled the elements and exhaustion to help anyone they could.

Another ordinary guy who brought his personal boat to the stricken area was asked by a reporter what he intended to do with it, and the fellow replied matter-of-factly, “I’m gonna try to save some lives.” There was no boasting or posturing or “mansplaining” about it; he was simply doing what good men do.

The UK Daily Mail published this photo of the Houston Fire Department’s Dive Team in a motorboat searching for people who needed rescuing. Bitter feminists at Salon will no doubt complain that they seem to be “manspreading” on that raft, but these men don’t have time for that nonsense and neither do Hurricane Harvey’s victims.

Local station KPRC spoke with another man who was leading a volunteer rescue crew. “It’s just the way I was raised up,” he said. “Everybody else comes before me.” That simple, humble assertion is the very essence of chivalric masculinity: service before self, the defense of the defenseless.

Sometimes that service demands heroic sacrifice. Houston police Sgt. Steve Perez, 60, was caught in the floodwaters trying to get to work and lost his life. His wife had urged him to reconsider reporting for duty, but he told her, “I’ve got work to do.” The next time someone dares to use the insulting term “male privilege,” tell them about Sgt. Perez.

This photo captured Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Johnson, the father of four and a veteran of Iraq and Kuwait, going door-to-door in Cypress, Texas, along with his colleagues, trying to bring people to safety. In the picture he is carrying two children to a boat as their parents gathered up important documents. “I’ve always liked helping people out,” Johnson said simply. How toxic of him.

But the image that most represents the spirit of men coming to the rescue in Texas is this one, of a Houston SWAT member carrying a young woman and her child Sunday afternoon. One woman named Renna who tweeted the photo sarcastically captioned it, “Toxic masculinity and privilege,” and many commenters chimed in, praising masculinity.

“A man, behaving as a man, a real man. Thank goodness for men like him,” tweeted one.

Another tweeted, “Remember this the next time self-righteous women talk about ‘toxic masculinity.’ Thank you brave heroes of #Houston and God bless our troops.”

Yet another Twitterer juxtaposed the photo with that of the Democrat Party’s “Pajama Boy,” with this caption that perfectly summed up our current cultural dissonance about manhood: “What sitcoms, media, and professors tell you she wants vs. what she actually wants.”

That man was later identified as officer Daryl Hudeck, carrying Catherine Pham and her thirteen-month-old son Aiden through knee-deep water covering Interstate 610 in southwest Houston. “If he’s still single by nightfall, I’ll be disappointed in you Texas ladies,” Renna tweeted.

Another photo making the rounds showed a handsome man in a wetsuit paddle-boarding a 4-year-old through flooded streets. The poster captioned it, “More toxicity. When will it end?”

Some will (and did) complain that such reports were not examples of toxic masculinity. Of course not—that is the point. These stories and photos in the news media depicted the true chivalric nature of masculinity: men acting upon their natural responsibility as protectors, stepping up at risk to their own lives to help those unable to help themselves. It is this aspect of manhood for which men are never given credit by those deconstructionists in the culture and in academia who view masculinity as an obstacle to their agenda. Misandrist activists and intellectuals never acknowledge that there are positive aspects to masculine strength or that women want traditionally masculine men.

The heroic efforts of the men battling Hurricane Harvey reveal the hollowness of this subversive idea. As one woman tweeted in response to the photo of SWAT officer Daryl Hudeck, “It’s not that women aren’t brave. They are. But this is just what men do. Great, gloriously toxic men. Love them to death.”

Image: A Texas National Guardsman carries a resident from her flooded home following Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Aug. 27, 2017. Army National Guard photo by Lt. Zachary West

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15 responses to “Houston Rescuers Prove the Lie of ‘Toxic Masculinity’

  1. I love
    how this pretends there aren’t women in the police force, there aren’t
    women serving on rescue boats, there aren’t women piloting the
    helicopters, and that women don’t make up the bulk of the medical
    personnel keeping people alive. All this proves is that toxic
    masculinity is happy to continue taking credit for the work women do
    alongside men.

    And for that matter, I don’t think women would call most of the examples posed here “toxic.” Toxic is you erasing women and pretending we should take all the credit. How dare you erase half the people helping in this tragedy to make such a weak and hateful argument.

    1. Nonsense… there’s not a single sentence in the article that dismissed or denigrated the deeds of women who are participating in the rescue efforts.

      It was an article about the thousands of men who willingly risked their lives to save others, who just disproved the widely held feminist dogma that masculinity in and of itself is all about hate, oppression and dominance.

      And before you whine stupidly that this is not the case, I invite you to read any feminist writing about men and masculinity. If you want to know the definition of weak and hateful arguments, start there.

      And on that note, how dare you attempt to make yourself appear virtuous by falsely impugning the author’s motives? Why are you so full of hate that you feel the need to lie?

  2. “Texan men are true heroes!” And now the author takes his chance to heroically whine about all those nasty old feminists who never pay any attention to all us *good* men.

    Oh, how tragically oppressed is the modern American male, what with his guns and pickup trucks and higher salaries and blissful freedom from sexual harassment!

    Enough with the kvetching and the identity politics already. It’s extremely unmanly.

  3. “These men are true heroes!” And now the author will heroically whine about all those mean old feminists who never pay any attention to all us *good* men.

    Oh, how tragically oppressed is the modern American male! Those nasty old feminazis act as if the vast majority of sexual assaults and other violent crimes were committed by *men* or something!

    But seriously, enough with the sob stories and identity politics already. It’s extremely unmanly.

    1. So where does the toxic masculinity come from in an abusive l3sb!an relationship?

      And there are apparently a greater proportion of abusive relationships among l3sb!ans than straights!!!

      And while we’re on the subject, unbiased researchers without an agenda, as opposed to wimmins and gender “studies” professors, reckon there are almost as many, if not as many, abused men as there are abused women.

      It’s just that, at best, no one cares about the abused men, at worst the feminists try to hide the abuse of men, and ensure, eg funding to any body that tries to set up refuges for men is cut or withdrawn!!!

        1. As women are supposed to be better with words and language than men, and their IQs are supposedly clustered closer to the mean, you are clearly a White Knight SJW Snowflake at the r3tard tail of the male distribution still living with his mum.

          So get her to read what I actually wrote to you and explain what I said!

          Then she can go on to this:

          If you don’t exclusively define r-pe as a man forcing his pen!s into a woman without c0nsent then proper scientific researchers as, opposed to wimmins “studies” profs, have found that men are r-ped almost as often as women are.

          Then there’s the fact that several times as many men as women die early, are k!lled at work, in the forces, commit su!cide, are homeless, lose their kids…….

          Oh, and when you actually compare the same jobs, experience and qualifications, women have earned far more than men for ages.

          It’s only when the fem!naz!s and their male supporters like yourself (did it actually ever get you la!d, s-cker, talking of which, are you still on the t3at?!) who lump into the comparison women who take part time, flexible, low commitment, low responsibility, family friendly female jobs (and ignore the fact that almost all the heavy, d!rty, high risk, etc, jobs are done by men*) that a supposed wage “gap” appears!

          As for your wah, wah, wah, is it your feeding time already?!

          You’re the whining, pathetic loser who quit because you were too scrawny to fight off angry “wimmins” and joined them in blaming all the dead and dying men for some evil oppressive patriarchal conspiracy!

          Yeah, all those men sleeping in shop doorways, being s1aughtered in wars (and before claiming men start them, research what Suffragettes used to spend their spare time doing in between Suffragetting!), dying down the pit, lumberjacking, or when their trawler sinks, slitting their wrists, or being driven to an early death, are part of some privileged patriarchy oppressing wimmin and “minorities”!!

          I’d tell you to man-up, but you clearly aren’t capable!!!

          * don’t know where you are (apart from your mother’s basement) and don’t care, but (female) local council cleaners here were recently jud ged to be entitled to the same level of pay as (male) council sewer workers because they both had to work with fa3ces.

          Except that the women sometimes had to clean some kids p00 off a toilet seat in a school lav.

          While the men were wading in it, plus animal waste, and rats’ infected ur!ne, chest deep, in breathing apparatus and using spark-free tools, with an emergency top man to help rescue them, and the emergency services warned of the location of their work, because the work was in a poisonous and explosive atmosphere!

  4. The author has completely misinterpreted what the phrase “toxic masculinity” actually means, maybe intentionally. Either way, he has made an absurdly reductive argument. He equates the concept of toxic masculinity to simply believing that masculinity in general is toxic. Thus, he thinks he can disprove the idea of toxic masculinity with an example of chivalrous masculinity. However, the existence of chivalrous masculinity does not automatically negate the existence of toxic masculinity.

    1. Tell us when you were alone in a flooded house, and no stronk independent weemean (antifa/blm/dems) are over there.

    2. “The phrase ‘tuna fish sandwich’ is degrading to all the *real* deli meats out there. Verily, I present to you this totally non-tuna sandwich my wife just made me…with ham! Clearly the notion of tuna fish sandwiches is a heinous fraud perpetrated by hateful purveyors of anti-ham propaganda.”

  5. This article doesn’t take away from the women that participated in the relief efforts. The author was making a very specific point. “Toxic masculinity” is, simply not real. A few bad apples shouldn’t spoil the bunch… for either gender.

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