To Disappointed Hollywood Liberals, Everything is Trump’s Fault

If you think enough time has passed since the election for people to have gained some perspective on the next four years, you’d be wrong.

Not only did Vox invoke Donald Trump in its review of Broadway’s A Bronx Tale; Trump essentially dominates the narrative. Here’s a sample:

As we enter a Trumpian America, the overt displays of bigotry and hate that have swept the country in the wake of his election have removed whatever comforting nostalgic distance A Bronx Tale might have had from America’s racialized, xenophobic past.

If only this were an isolated incident. Today’s arts reporters can’t help but inject Trump into their reviews, even if the content has no direct or indirect ties to our next president. Of course, the references are rarely kind.

The real question is, why aren’t these critics and reporters doing their real jobs? Aren’t reviews meant to inform readers about the quality of a given show, not serve as a convenient soapbox?

For weeks, we were told Rogue One: A Star Wars Story might be a Trump referendum thanks to some last-minute reshoots. It didn’t matter that the film went into production before Trump won the Republican primary battle, or that Disney wouldn’t dare politicize a project that needs both red and blue state audiences to thrive.

The film itself turned out to be apolitical to its core, focusing on the same good vs. evil template that has always made the saga appealing. That didn’t stop a gaggle of critics from weighing in with their Trump-sized cudgels. claimed the film’s diverse cast was a shot across the bow of the incoming Trump administration (which includes a black man and several women in critical positions), stating that the movie’s “refreshing diversity comes across as a rebuke to President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign.”

Here’s’s take on the film’s core message, which is about hope:

With Trump entering the Oval Office, hope is dead. Or worse, right now hope looks foolish. . . . But vowing to fight because you refuse to let the bastards grind you down? That’s something we can work with in the age of Trump.

The Daily Beast attacked Trump Nation in the headline for its Hidden Figures movie review. The new film focuses on three brilliant black women who helped John Glenn orbit the earth. With the not-so-subtle headline, “Hidden Figures: The Movie Trump’s America Needs to See,” the piece states:

It’s the movie that Trump’s America—our America—needs. It’s a historical roadmap to the values required to make America great again.

Or consider Esquire’s profound assessment of Hell or High Water, the 2016 indie hit starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, and Ben Foster. The story of two brothers who resort to bank robbing to pay off medical debt was apparently all about racism, Trump style.

In that way, Hell or High Water presaged Trump’s election. It was a film, in August, that imagined the destructive lengths to which a certain set of people would go to hold onto something they’d always felt was theirs. The racialized truth of this is clear, if not spelled out by the film. It’s only two white characters left standing, after all. also wove the story of Trump’s rise into a piece celebrating two Oscar-bait films, Loving and Moonlight. The former deals with interracial marriage, while the latter showcases a gay black man’s emotional journey:

Trump’s election and the policies he will attempt to put in place are a direct assault on the spirit of human dignity and progress spoken to by films such as “Moonlight” and Loving. In Trump’s world and those of his supporters, black and brown lives are diminished; the poor are under siege and disposable; gays and lesbians are to be written out of the social contract.

This is no doubt just the beginning. The next four years will likely see an avalanche of ideologically-motivated reviews. Just as celebrities can’t finish an interview without trashing Trump, too many arts critics can’t set their disgust for him aside and just do their jobs. And that’s a shame. Because we need thoughtful critics whose judgments we can trust, and who take their role seriously—even if they might not always agree with their readers’ politics.


  • It’s all an expression of a terror which the left-liberal glitterati will not express and from which they cannot hide: the corrosive fear that the Trump Administration will be successful: that it will create a second, Reaganesque “rising tide that lifts all boats” by dismantling the dense web of incursions upon Americans’ lives, liberties and properties woven by a century of “economic management,” “social engineering,” and Establishmentarian elitism.

  • armst

    Actually, I have found that any review or comment by so called elite asswipes or their media fountains that bash something means I will love it. If they praise something, I save my money and stay home. What fools?

  • Let’s be realistic. This article is really about the fact the Democrats and extreme Leftists don’t have a clue about how or why they lost and plan on doubling down on stupid.

    This is called: Good News!

  • Deserttrek

    haven’t set foot in a theater in over 30 years, don’t know or care about 99% of sports or show biz and see most of those who do watch or work in as abusers and thieves.

  • Bandit

    Proggies have a desperate need for affirmation of their self involvement and somehow it gets fulfilled thru politics. That’s why they ‘love’ the ones who they usually mistakenly identify with their POV – then they ‘hate’ whoever is the opposition. It’s all about sanctimony and self involvement.

  • A Smith

    But finally, liberals have a chance to explode with the hatred they’ve always had for the USA and its values–ie, the Bill of Rights, respect for other opinions, etc. Trump has turned over the rock, and the roaches are scurrying… happily.

  • halevi

    In the next four years, the left will turn off so many people that the Democrat party will shrink even more!

  • Vindicated

    As I mentioned in another blog yesterday, this is the EXACT same thing these same bedwetters tried to do to Reagan. The difference being there was exactly zero right wing media in the 80’s.

    All there was was National Review or some such nonsense, read by a few thousand people.

    It blew up in their faces then. It’s going to go Nuclear this time around.

    • The Oatmeal Savage

      Mock the media and mock anyone who still gives them any credibility.

  • MrJimm

    The Chicago Tribune published a news story a few days ago headlined as follows :

    “Grizzly bears come roaring back. Can humans — Trump & Co. included — make room?”

    They also banned comments on their website from all versions of the recent story about the video-torture case, for fear that someone might post a comment comparing the teens’, um, commentary about white people in general and Trump in particular, to the Tribune’s daily vitriolic commentary about Mr. Trump.

  • Seanzorelli

    Citing Salon? Does anyone read that site any more, except to find material to ridicule?

  • Pat443

    Even as mainstream a publication as Entertainment Weekly can’t help slipping in constant political references. For eight years, I couldn’t read a review of a movie or a TV show without hearing incongruous asides about how awful Bush was, and now, they’re going to insert their anti-Trump derangement into every inappropriate slot. During the Obama years, all they could do was stick in references to how cool he was and obsesses endlessly and inappropriately over the cancellation of “Arrested Development.” I think they’re all cases of arrested development.

    In their year-end issue, they saluted the funny people who helped us get through the election year, and of course, they were all Comedy Central-style liberal blowhards whose entire act is to lecture us with SJW talking points while occasionally making snarky remarks about Republicans to remind us that it’s “comedy.” You know the type: Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, ad nauseum. EW praised them all for being so “whip-smart!” Certainly not like the completely unmentioned wits who didn’t toe the PC-left line: Greg Gutfeld, Mark Steyn, Dennis Miller, Matt Stone & Trey Parker, Mark Dice, Michael Loftus, etc. I’d love to ask them why, if all those people they praised are so “whip-smart,” every last one of them was 100% WRONG about the election. And not only wrong, but so wrong, they were stunned into incoherence and tears by learning how wrong they were.

  • brian mckim

    I stopped reading reviews many years ago. I stopped going to the movies years ago. I am no less better off.

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